Sunday, July 20, 2014


Hello to all,
We are home from our very relaxing, one week long, mountain vacation.
As always, it was good to get back home.

I love the color of TURQUOISE and am using it throughout our new home.

While in New Mexico and Colorado, I discovered THEY like it, too.

This lodge was Adobe trimmed with

Remember, don't look at my UN-MADE face...(Rule #1...No Makeup Vacation)
and my poor, pitiful arms ....heavy duty blood thinners cause such ugly bruises...
but I am thankful for the meds I need.
just look at all that beautiful
TURQUOISE COLOR surrounding me.
I wanted those wall lamps....and they said NO WAY !! :(
stingy guts !! 

 Mr. Sweet is a golfer...and a pretty good one at that.

He really enjoyed playing on this most unusual and very challenging course
in Taos, NM.

They used turquoise in their club sign.

(this isn't much of a mosaic but maybe Mary will let me get by with it...)

When I was out photographing DOORS, 
I wondered what all the people around thought....:)
If there was a blogger in the group, she/he knew EXACTLY what I was doing....
hahhaa....gotta love us bloggers.

Of course, in Santa Fe, there was a LOT of turquoise color around.
Trays and trays of rings, bracelets, and necklaces...

I must say that the only thing I bought here was a 
SILVER ear cuff....

Yes, ma'am....I was a GOOD GIRL.

 Yep......this is a restroom in one of the large comfort stations in
 New Mexico.

I don't generally find restrooms worthy of picture-taking but
this one, with their bright turquoise and red tile, was just too pretty to pass up. (and did you notice how great these colors look with
BLACK & WHITE...???)

(and there wasn't another person in there at the time...if anyone had seen me doing this selfie, they would have thought I was NUTS !

I mean, REALLY...
#1..and OLDEN lady
#2..wearing a BEATLES shirt
#3..taking a photo of herself in a

Even a TURQUOISE boxcar on a train
is beautiful.

And, by now , it was breakfast time...

and, LOOK....there's a DENNY'S  restaurant ....
I'm almost ashamed to show you what I ordered....


Caramel Cream Cheese Pancakes
(have u ever seen such a beautiful pancake in your whole life...?  Meee, either !)
Fruit Cup
3 cups of Coffee

Would you believe me if I said I didn't eat it all.....??

I didn't think so. !!!



  1. There's some really fun shots here, BJ. I'm with you on the it so much. And there's something I don't have in my wardrobe that I should look for...a Beatles t. :) Glad you enjoyed your holiday. Deb

  2. i love turquoise too. I think it's a great color for us gray heads.

  3. Sounds and looks like y'all had an enjoyable time. I can relate to the bruises as I take an aspirin every day.:/
    I could handle the bacon, fruit and about 1/4 of the pancake. LOL
    Road trips are fun, but always nice to be back home.
    Have a great week!

  4. I'm soooo envious of your adventure, BJ! Why, my hometown lies just north of Santa Fe, south of Taos. Funny, but I don't recall any public bathrooms looking so cute in my growing-up years. So happy you and your hubby made it home safely!

  5. you were in turquoise heaven. :)

  6. Turquoise (or is it aqua?) has become popular and I've added some in our home too. Now in the garden, that's a different story because I've been spray painting lots of things and it stands out really well.
    I like the inside of the dark cabinet with the turquoise, seems to be the thing to do.
    Fun selfie in the bathroom, and that pancake looks so yummy!

  7. I haven't golfed in years, I was very bad at it. When a pond was in the way no matter how far or near, as soon as I hit the ball "splash".

  8. I love the turquoise too!!! You really had a great time didn't you!

  9. The turquoise looks gorgeous, everywhere.
    It looks like you've had a great break - did you get to go fishing?


  10. I'm a turquoise blue girl too BJ!
    Love all your photos - you look great!
    I love going away for a break and I love coming back to home too!!

  11. Hello Bj, I love the turquoise too. Love all the pretty photos, especially the selfie.. Cool Beatles shirt.. Have a happy day!

  12. I think we all love turquoise, Bj. looks like you had a fun vacation. Loved all your photos and that bathroom IS really a pretty one!

  13. Glad you are home safe and sound. The color turquoise goes very well with the adobe building in New Mexico. That breakfast looks so good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. I am still laughing over your bathroom photo - you are too funny. What a fun post! Love your hutch with your towels - so pretty!!

  15. Hi BJ,

    Of course you love turquoise; everyone does! That bathroom reminds me of Sheila's Bathroom Beauty Snapper. Did you do that? I did.

    Now, about your arms. I think we match so don't think another thing about it.

    Isn’t it fun finding blue? Happy Blue Monday!

  16. ah...the Land of Enchantment....indeed! Love that Taos Golf Course too!

  17. You really found some fabulous turquoise. Love your mirror selfie, funny girl. I love the vacation from makeup, too. Of course I only put on makeup for weddings...I'm lazy that way.
    Glad I already had breakfast. Have a wonderful Monday bj!

  18. I knew you were leaving my house for the land of turquoise, but thought you would go home with more jewelry -- it looks so good on you!!! Great pictures. Sally

  19. it sure is a pretty color and you decorate beautifully with it and wear it beautifully. (I have a turquoise apron and that's all that I have with the color. )

  20. I have always had something turquoise in my wardrobe...I love the color! Love turquoise jewelry, too. Glad you had a fun time with all your turquoise finds!

  21. You crack me up, bj! I love turquoise myself, in fact I'm wearing it now! What great examples of turqouise you found on your trip...and I LOVE that restroom! What a fun post :)

  22. Taos and Sante Fe! ~swoon~ We thoroughly enjoyed our NM trip there a couple of years ago and would go back in a heartbeat. Glad you had a great time. I laughed about your selfie too!

  23. Now that is my kind of breakfast! and no, I don't believe you didn't eat it all ;>) I love turquoise too, I would have been terribly tempted by that jewelry.

  24. It. Never. Fails.

    You never, ever fail to make me smile. When I say smile, I mean BIG one, too. It started with the whole "no make up vacation" part, and it continued right on through to the olden lady in the Beatles shirt taking a selfie. LOLOL. You are priceless!

    (And all that turquoise? Loving it!)

  25. I scrolled quickly past the food- for my sake. When we lived in our 3-story Federal home in the country, I painted our front door teal (tourquoise?). I loved seeing it when we arrived home. I wonder if that's another thing that the now-owners changed. I daren't visit because I loved that home with its multi-shaded brick which I was told they put siding over it. The bricks were not standard in color because they were made on the site sometime in the mid-1800s. Foolish people!
    Do me a favor, stop worrying about your choice not to wear make-up. I don't ever wear it, and you are so naturally beautiful.

  26. What a fun trip "bj". Sounds like you and Mr. Sweet had a wonderful time and coming home all inspired, fresh and renewed to continue enjoying your beautiful home. I agree; turquoise is a beautiful color, but I have yet to use that color.
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  27. We lived in Albuquerque for several years and our house was adobe. The charm of the area is magical--we love Santa Fe, went there a couple of times. Looks like a really fun trip. That bathroom is spectacular, don't see that too often.

  28. That breakfast looks so yummy!! I love turquoise too!

  29. I love the turquoise - especially in your home. The photo of your loveseat with the bookshelves nearby makes me just want to drop by for a chat, a cuppa something and maybe time to read a good book while I'm there!

  30. I love turquoise! My husband doesn't though... he likes neutrals mostly.

  31. Looks like you had fun! I wish I had the recipe for those pancakes!

  32. Turquoise is definitely favorite worthy. Love all your great spottings.

    Did you really eat it all???

  33. A SASSY Tourquoise post to go with a very fine SASSY lady!

  34. I think it is Turquoise . . . oops!

  35. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of turquoise pretties as well as your humor. A smile is a nice thing to wake up with BJ, you are funny! Please join us again on the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)


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