Sunday, July 22, 2018

Who Says...???

WHO says that store-bought pie isn't as 
good, if not better, sometimes,
than homemade.???

...and who says that it isn't pretty enuf to serve even the President
if he should "be in the neighborhood" and happen to stop in.
and we all know food taste better when served on one of your mama's
pretty little plates.

 and who says you can't add extra whipped cream
if you want to ??

my mama always said she could eat a cow chip if it had lots and lots of whipped cream on top...😆

I buy this pie frozen...
and keep it in my freezer 
because when it's 103 degrees outside, like today,
and you've been out watering flower gardens
and cutting a few to bring inside....

and come inside so hot and sweaty..
a piece of frozen KEY LIME PIE
sooo hits the SPOT...

and I like a big glass of milk
over ice with MY pie..♥ ♥ ♥

I buy jelly in these cute jars with handles..

 Cute jar lids from
at Walmart...they come in lots of pretty colors...

add a cute straw and I 
am happy !!

A great, satisfying  mid-afternoon snack on such a hot day 😄

Even tho I didn't have COFFEE this afternoon,
The words 
are so comforting to me.


  1. Great minds think alike! I bought a package of that same brand just yesterday only mine is the chocolate cream pie. Not bad! Milk over ice...never have tried that... You folks stay cool as you can now...🌿

  2. BJ, I wondered how you Texans were holding up under the heat...well that's the best way. Love the pretty plate. You know when we can only have a jello for dessert, add a bit of whipped cream and it is a dessert !! LOL I love those mugs and lids...I am going to be looking for those. :):) Blessings sweet lady, xoxo, Susie

  3. Would love to join you for a big slice of that pie. I buy the frozen ones too, as I do not bake anymore. We are having 112 heat most days and no relief in sight. Not safe being outside very long. Hang on.

  4. Love Key Lime pie. Used to buy the frozen ones all the time. Love it that you are blogging more. Have a blessed day and stay cool. Madeline

  5. Now I want a Key Lime pie!! I agree putting one in the freezer and having a piece now and then is so refreshing!

  6. I adore this, my friend!
    And we always have some treats in the freezer for that very same reason.
    Have a cozy Sunday, and try to stay cool!

  7. That looks delicious! The pie and the ice cold milk. I am making a peach pie today. ;)

  8. Key lime is one of my faves. Looks yummy especially with a little extra whip cream love on top. Love the cold milk along with your pie too.

  9. You absolutely don't have to slave over a hot stove to serve up a yummy dessert and yours looks wonderful, especially with the extra whip cream. Your Momma and I think alike, LOL. I love your pretty bouquet of zinnias. Mine are just starting to bloom . . . I love how happy and colorful they are and the fact that they hold up so well when picked.
    I do hope that you are having a marvelous day B.J.
    Hugs . . . is it too hot for hugs?
    Connie :)

  10. I had coffee this afternoon and it really does give you comfort! Your big glass of milk looks good too. Hugs!

  11. Great photos! I can almost taste that tart tangy pie!
    My boyfriends fav pie is Key Lime...and I make a pretty darn good one!
    Enjoy the rest of your day!
    Linda :o)

  12. PERFECTION!!! one of my favorite pies, I also buy frozen, because I can't seem to master making one.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I also enjoyed the post on your biscuit making.

  13. Darn it- Just lost my comment. Anyway- I said Key Lime Pie is one of my all time favorites. I think I was 21 and had my first taste of it in the Keys in FL. Thought I had died and gone to Key Lime Heaven. Pretty post, bj! xo Diana

  14. Perfect on a hot day:) LOVE those frozen pies! Have a blessed day dear B.J. Stay cool, HUGS!

  15. Going out to buy groceries this morning and glad I saw this first. I'm headed straight to the frozen pie section and get me one! Too hot here, too - supposed to be 108 today in Central Texas. Stay cool, BJ!!

  16. You know how to beat the heat, bj! I tasted that key lime pie at my mama's house and loved it!! I'm looking forward to our temperatures lowering to the 90's.

  17. Yum! Looks like a little bit of heaven in that slice!

  18. What a good choice for your Pie. I love Key Lime.

  19. Those dishes are the sweetest thing. I don't doubt extra whipped cream could make anything taste better, especially on those plates.

    God bless.

  20. First I have heard . . Iced Milk . . .
    Why not!!

  21. O yummy. Your photo's are delicious! I read the biscuit post too. I need your recipe
    they look so good! I need to come for a visit and get some 'Good Eats'. Thanks
    for sharing and making us drool!

  22. These pics made my mouth water!! YUM!!

  23. That sure does look good bj.Have a great day.

  24. Hi! I think of you so often and wonder how you're doing--my husband of 53 wonderful years died two years ago so I know what you're going thru. so thankful for the time we had together but sure do miss him!
    Love our blog and wonderful pics!

  25. mmmmmmm.......key lime! And you're right, the plate matters and makes things more special!

  26. This looks crazy yummy. I love pie. More than cake.

  27. Oh, my! You are a girl after my own heart!! Milk on the rocks - I absolutely love it. Not many understand and think I'm a bit 'strange' but they haven't discovered the delight it brings. And with key lime pie!!! You've sparked an idea in my head, girlfriend.


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xo bj