Monday, April 16, 2018's been a crazy Spring....

We are having 40 degree weather one day
and 90 degrees the next.

We are having plenty of SUNSHINE....

and all my indoor plants are thriving.....

and the new pool is looking beautiful...
(I especially love this reflection of the palm tree in the water)

we always have wind during the spring..
but this year it has OUTDONE itself....

While the weather isn't allowing us to take plants and flowers
out of the greenhouse yet,
I couldn't wait to work on my tiny patio last week....

....after yesterday's wind throwing a temper tantrum....
nothing really hurt...
just messed up....BIG TIME

After seeing that patio in such a mess,
I just went back inside and looked at my pretty roses
and tried to remember that I'd rather have that wind
than fires and mudslides.


  1. Good morning BJ, we’ve had wind here in Missouri too. Your flowers are so pretty! We won’t open our pool until Memorial Day but I do have my outside fountain running, love that sound. Have a great day! ~jackie~

  2. Yes it has been terrible here too! Our son is stationed in El Paso now and they had sandstorms last Friday...then Saturday our sky was brownish and we thought the sand had arrived here in Dallas!

  3. Oh my goodness, we had wind here in s.e. Fl yesterday too. Then heavy rains last evening, which brought cooler temps this morning. The reflection in your pool is lovely and your patio set up is very nice.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Hang on to something -- don't blow away!

  5. that is a nice looking pool

  6. We are having the cool wind today! I hope your day is nicer! Love your beautiful roses and indoor plants. Take care sweet lady!

  7. That pool is beautiful! Boy you had some wind there!!

  8. BJ, Winter doesn't want to give up here either. It will be a nice day, then rain, snow or wind. It is cold here this morning , a high of 38 this afternoon. I love you patio and the pool . That is a great shot of the palm tree reflection. Wishing you nie days this week. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  9. Hello!
    What a beautiful space you have!!!
    I hope you are able to enjoy it soon!!
    We have rain and cold today here in Pa!

  10. Our weather here has been crazy also 40 degrees one day then 70 degrees the next and it is also windy here. Saturday and Sunday we got 4 and 1/2 inches of rain. The pool looks great. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. Same here friend. But, I will say I remember those spring winds when visiting our daughter in Texas. Here's hoping the warmer temps are on their way for good.

  12. We have had big time winds . . .
    And ice and snow . . .
    Moving four inches of thick ice calls for a plow truck!

    Love your pool area . . . beautiful . . . nice palm tree and reflection too.

  13. Oh it is rotten and foul all over! I am sorry that you are dealing with a climate in need of prozac. I feel similarly about mine. (Freezing rain here today. 28°. Stinkin’ unbelievable.

    Now that view of the palm tree is stellar! And those roses...the color...make me grin.

  14. close parens first paragraph...can’t give up correcting myself. 🙃

  15. Beauty surrounds you, you beautiful person. 😊

  16. Your rug under the white chair is BEAUTIFUL! the roses are wondrous, and the pool is stunning.

    1. Hi, Carol...I am having a time trying to find a place to leave a comment and you are a NO REPLY emailer so I can't leave you a reply there.
      Thanks so much for coming by and leaving a nice comment.....

  17. BJ, our weather is crazy. It was cold this morning and getting up to 64 later in day. Rain like crazy yesterday. WIND is horrible today. As my granny would have said, That wind has a bad breath to it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  18. I agree with you about the weather. It hasn't even really been spring yet in NJ. Friday and Saturday were 82 degrees and yesterday and the rest of the week cold and rain on and off

    We had four Nor'easters a month ago. We rarely have seen the sun. They are saying we are going to have a bomb cyclone of pollen when it does get warm.

    In the grand scheme of things it's annoying. No flooding, hurricane or tornado, so it's inconvenient and a bummer.


  19. That wind did do a number on your porch, didn't it? We're just cold and icy, but not too much wind today. Longing for spring -- you're right; it's a crazy year.

  20. Oh my gosh BJ that pool is gorgeous and the reflection of the palm trees is beautiful. Don't be surprised if you look outside some day and I am floating in your pool. We are still looking at snow ugh!!
    Happy New Week.

  21. It's crazy here in North Carolina too! We have 80 degree weather on day and cold the next. Just as I was reading your post, I got a "frost warning" on my phone and its currently 57 degree. Just crazy, but it could be worst.

  22. The pool is gorgeous! I think you have a great view out your windows!

  23. Hi bj...
    What a gorgeous pool....can’t wait to open ours for another fun season with my eldest granddaughter!
    The wind has been crazy here too! Enough I say.....e n o u g h ! 😂
    Enjoy your week!
    Linda :o)

    ps....are you on Instagram?

  24. We are still getting snow, so I will trade you! lol

  25. Love the color on your patio! Sorry the wind mussed it up, but like you said... it could be worse! Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  26. Love your patio!! we had terrible wind here , blowing roofs off of buildings and then sow showers today!!

  27. We've had some mighty gusts of wind here in these parts, too. Love that shot of the pool with the reflection of the palms. Beautiful!

  28. your flowers are so pretty and colorful, very cheery! Wow, the wind did a number out there didn't it? Hope your week is going well my friend!

  29. Oh my! The mess of your patio is much worse than me having to chase the garbage bin down the road as the wind took it for a ride.

    Love the pool.

    God bless.

  30. Misery loves company so I am (sad to say) 'happy' to hear we aren't alone in the wind storms. We've had a couple that have knocked over potted plants, broken others and have dumped plenty of African sand on our outdoor surfaces. As you said of there, we have had wind before, but nothing like the sandstorms (continual) that we've had this year. My roses are little troopers though, battered around as they are, they manage to keep blooming. Hope spring finally becomes a lamb in your world. xxx J

  31. Oh wow, that was some temper tantrum! I love your before or was it after pictures with the wonderful colours on your patio area, great colours. Here's sending you some Thai Zen.
    Wren x


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