Tuesday, August 22, 2017


 I've had this photo and the one below in my
for several year....

I've always thought flowers in bottles
was so pretty....

This photo is from the net...

just beautiful.....
from the net...

I kept thinking that I'd come across a cute holder with pretty bottles

so I could cut flowers from our cutting garden and show them off ....

Then, during a "clean out cabinets" day,

I came across this little bottle holder and cute bottles  that had held flavoring syrups for coffee and tea...

They all labels ...

Some bottles were empty...others had only a bit left..

I washed the little bottles really good...
soaked them to get the labels off...
how cute this looks with the bright colored flowers...
and I was able to use something I already had so no extra money spent...
I just love doing that...xo

She has to be the sweetest and most patient big dog on the planet...
She's the kind of sweet dog that a little girl could put hats and shawls
 and dresses on her
and play with her all day long..💖


  1. Yes they are pretty! Simple flowers in recycled bottles make us remember that things don't have to be fancy to be pretty.

  2. I love the flowers in the bottles. So very pretty. You just gave me the best idea BJ. I will start saving my pretty bottles that my coffee syrups and etc. come in now. One more thing for me to SAVE and put back in my shed. LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Very nice BJ, glad that you had what was necessary for your masterpiece without resorting to having to spend anything.

    God bless.

  4. Very pretty and a great way to recycle. OH and Athena is amazing!

  5. Flowers in bottles are so pretty. How great to find and use something you already have. I love doing that.

  6. I too love flowers in bottles. I tend to collect glass bottles and jars. Never know when they will come in handy ;-) Your flower are beautiful.

  7. One of my favorite things!! You DO have a way with a bouquet. Way back when my children were very young and we made every penny count, my very prettiest posies from the yard were arranged in those curvy little bottles from my DMIL's 1890 French Dressing. I thought them just simply splendid, and see that I was about fifty years ahead of The Trend!! That green lacing of stems and all is part of the charm.

    It BRIGHTS me that you're here today!


  8. I love your flowers in bottles, too. Very nice.

  9. You are so clever. Turn little things into master pieces.

  10. OH, how pretty!!!! You have such a knack for making things so inviting and lovely! That Athena is something else. :) Praying for you, sweet friend.

  11. That bottle holder is perfect! You always come up with the prettiest ideas. Athena is the perfect model.

  12. Love this. BJ Athena is adorable. Reminds me of my granddog Bruce that is an all black great dane. Very sweet.

  13. Love your pretty flowers and your ingenous bottle/flower creation!
    Looks perfect!

  14. Hello BJ, this is my first visit to your blog after reading your comment to a post on Bloggoratti, who I also read. I just soent some time reading some of your older posts and can understand your sadness. This post shows beauty in nature and I hope you will be feeling better day-by-day,

  15. I love it when I'm able to re-purpose something from home! It's really beautiful BJ!

  16. Your flowers look so pretty in the curvy clear glass bottles you found. The stems do make a fresh green effect. Athena looks so patient and majestic. It was cute that she could take time from supervising the swimming pool to smell the flowers. She must know that it's always good to take time to smell the flowers.

  17. Oooohhh! I love when that happens! The flowers look perfect, as does Majestic Athena!

    1. Hi, Carol...I can never find a way to say THANK YOU for coming by with such sweet words...You are a NO REPLY emailer so I can't even send you an email...if you see this comment,please send me your email address.
      Much love to you....xoxo

  18. So cute! Better than many other options. You're a clever one with your eye for decor. Athena is an elegant creature lying there by the pool.

  19. Oh the bottle are lovely and looks so good with all the pretty flowers in them. Athena is so pretty too. She looks like a very sweet dog.

    Take care my friend and keep busy.

    Lots of hugs,


  20. Oh, I love bottles with flowers in them too!! You had the perfect set of bottles for this!!! Love the flowers..so bright and pretty!! BUT you're right Athena took the show!! Beautiful dog!!


  21. Yay for already having the basket and bottles to make such a bright display. Gotta love Dog language. So much easier to understand than humans ;)

  22. I love fresh flowers around the house, and I rarely put them in vases. I love mason jars and interesting containers for my flowers.

    Wonder what else you'll find as you explore your home?

    Keeping you in my prayers,

  23. Cute way to display pretty flowers. Have a blessed day. I am keeping you and your children in my prayers. Madeline

  24. Athena, beautiful name for as you say, a majestic dog! She's gorgeous. And I'm sure a great companion.

    Your zinnias are so pretty. And they look fabulous in the bottles. {I noticed a Shiner bottle, Texas brewed...and delicious. Got beer?}

    Hope you're having a wonderful day BJ

  25. That is absolutely perfect, bj!

  26. So cute! Looks as good as anything from a magazine or the internet!

  27. Wow! I love flowers in glass bottles too! I think it is just the blessing of the Lord that you found the cutest holder and bottles to hold your summer flowers! So funny to see Athena with the flowers... no doubt their smell is something she doesn't like, lol! She is such a majestic beautiful dog! I hope you are doing okay after the difficult season of grief you've been through! Continuing to keep you in our prayers! Hugs :)

  28. Yay, comments today!! so good to see you Miss B.J. my friend! The pictures are gorgeous, I love them---I had picked out a favorite theeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn came down to yours that you and made and quickly changed my mind....YOURS is my favorite. That is so pretty. You did a great job. OK....I dont know Athena----is she your all's dog? She is so big and so beautiful, hope you post more of her. The pool is beautiful and very inviting, are you in it much. Didn't once the lawn chairs end up at the bottom of this pool?----I think that was y'all? I remember showing Mr. Front Porch that picture, LOL

  29. BJ, I have not done much blogging for the past year and I was so sorry to hear that your sweet husband not only had been ill but had passed way. It was always evident from reading your posts how close you were and the love that was evident between both of you and your precious family. I'm sorry it's late but my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Maybe it comes from growing up in a time when we used whatever we had but I also love using jars and bottles as containers for flowers. Your flowers look beautiful and so does the lovely Athena!

  30. Love that tree with flowers around it. Great idea with the bottles and removing the labels.

  31. Love flowers in bottles too, Bj, yours are so beautiful, I agree Athena is so majestic! Think of you so often!

  32. SO many pretties:) Sending SMILES your way! Have a beautiful day my friend!

  33. I agree Athena is so majestic! Think of you so often!


  34. I have one of those squiggly IKEA vases. Hot pink, of course. Love it!

    Yes, the single flower method is a wonderful way to pull together a nice arrangement inexpensively and simply! Your photos all look great!

  35. Those little bottles fit the wire holder perfectly! What a pretty find and I love that it was free! Sending hugs (())


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