Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"

Some of my friends might remember when THIS happened a couple of years ago...

 I loved my sweet little table, chairs and especially 

However...our West Texas wind wanted it to ...

Boo !!

 David and Mr. Sweet to the rescue...

Athena watched every move they made...
and the table and umbrella were rescued and all was well.

 When the sky looked like this last week,
we were jumping up and down that RAIN was in the forecast.
Oh, how we needed it.

We got a great rain...
a lovely rain....
a delightful rain...

and then the infamous WIND hit.
40 miles per hour with gusts over 50.

 These loungers are HEAVY....
( pretty sure you know where this story is going by now)

they both took a nose dive into the pool,
on top of ea other
all tangled together.
and lying smack on the bottom of the pool.

 Kathy tried to retrieve them but they were just too heavy...
those long cushions full of water must have weighed a ton.

 After a brief discussion, Dave grabbed a small rope
and Kathy was going under again to tie a loop on the leg of one of the loungers.

There she goes again...

"It's ok, Athena"

She got it on...
Pull, Dave....


Seems there's never a dull moment when a swimming pool is involved.


  1. Glad they could get them out! Those were some serious winds!

  2. BJ, Everything out here in nailed down, tied down, or weighted down...or some of the big winds here will take it away. MY daughter's lawn furniture is blown away lots...she has given up on umbrellas. I try to listen to the wind warnings, then I move things in places that they are safe, hopefully. It tears our flags up. My gosh, I can't imagine having to dive to retrieve chairs and cushions. Maybe some bungee cords handy for tying to fence posts would help. Blessings to all , glad you had some needed rain. xoxo, Susie

  3. 💨 Now that is some serious wind! I am glad that the loungers went swimming instead of crashing into the house. Kathy and Dave did a great job with that rescue and you documented well. Mr. Sweet must have chuckled at that story. One of my Texas friends always closes her emails and posts with "keep yer skirt down." Perhaps it refers to big winds and not loose morals. ☺️

  4. Oh BJ! What a story! That wind sounds pretty intense!

    It's lovely to see your post and be able to comment. Sending all good thoughts your way.

  5. Good thing Athena was there to supervise both times! I bet this story made Mr Sweet laugh when you told him.

  6. That's why I never wanted a pool that badly. Too much work, and time, and MONEY

  7. Ah, good old wind and rain racing to the finish line. Stay safe, and warm greetings.

  8. Oh my goodness, bj! That must be SOME wind you all experience! I'd be anchoring those suckers to the concrete! The only time we ever had a table and chairs in the pool where used to live was when the teenage boy who lived across the street decided to have a wild party at our expense! Glad you all were able to retrieve them! Great post :D

  9. That is some strong wind to blow those in the pool!

  10. It is raining here again this morning. No wind just lots of rain. My rain gage says almost 4 inches. My flowers and shrubs are liking it. Glad they were able to get the lounge chairs out of the pool. Have a blessed day. Madeline


  12. Oh boy...now that's a strong wind. Glad they didn't get thrown into your windows. You have a nice helpers around!

  13. We have had these problems with our pool/furniture before. Not good! Glad it was all rescued!

  14. Oh my! I am glad that David and Kathy rescued them from the briney deep.

    God bless.

  15. Oh my goodness, BJ. Your family did a great job of retrieving those chaise lounges! So glad everyone is safe after such a storm. ♥

  16. So glad that you got them out of the pool. I am glad that you got your rain, but not the wind.


  17. We enjoyed your story and pictures so much! Your sense of humor serves you well!

  18. How well I remember those Lubbock winds--especially when they brought the dust with them.


  19. I remember when the umbrella took a dive:) Great way to clean the chairs, hehe! Enjoy your day my friend, HUGS!

  20. Wow! They say everything is bigger in TX and I believe it! Glad they weren't damaged or tossed into house or windows!

  21. Lord have mercy!! That mustve been some wind!!-- BOTH TIMES! I immediately Noticed your chaises because we just got two and I love them!! They were also hard to find! Yall are having a great June so far!!

  22. Oh no!!!!! I remember those days all too well...and even though it upset me to no end, I kind of miss those days. Now that we have become 'primitive' all we deal with are trees falling on our dock and potential floods ;-(.

    Keeping you in my prayers!

  23. Well Ya cant say nothing exciting happens at your house lol What an adventure. The first photo of your table and red umbrella is beautiful!

  24. LOL- Same here, bj...only ours is the bay and stuff blows UP from the water/shoreline into the yard. And it takes our umbrella for a ride, too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings. xo Diana

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  26. Trying again to comment without a heap of mistakes. I have my glasses on now.

    As a fellow-Texan, I've lost an umbrella or two myself, but never an iron lounger. Have mercy!

    I stopped by to let you know Diana had posted a prayer request for your husband and I have added him to my prayer list. God is bigger.

  27. Hilarious BJ! I enjoyed this immensely, that really must have been some kind of wind to land the lounges in the pool! My goodness!

    I am praying for your husband, Diana just let us know that his condition is tough right now. I am praying dear friend! Believing the Lord to touch his body and help him through this! Hugs :)

  28. Dang, that pool looks inviting. Guess the furniture can't be blamed for taking a plunge too.

  29. That West Texas wind! Crazy. Great way to get them out of the pool.

  30. You might have to tie things down with wind gusts like that!
    Been windy here too!

  31. Hello!! I'am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited.Thank you.


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