Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Time for BITS & BOBS around the Summer House

Ever so often,
I go thru my Photo File
and have photos but no story...
they go into my occasional posts
commonly known as

 I love sleep shirts with a passion....so comfortable.
Stacy gave me the black one  and it is so comfy,
I ordered a few more.

I live so far behind "times" that I had never heard of this brand before.
If it weren't for my girl and all the grandgirls,
I might well still be wearing powder blue polyester....

This brand is pricey.....
but when they have a sale, it is THE BEST.

A few of my friends may remember that I MADE, 
ok......PUT together flower pots to create a cute little fun birdbath.

It looked so cute on our patio in the summertime....

I was worried all the cold weather might make the paint start chipping off,

so I moved it inside to our sunny dining room
and put a pot of ivy on her....
I just KNOW this will save me a paint job come summertime...
and besides,
I still love looking at it. 💖

No matter which way I look at it, tho...

THIS is where it looks best...

OOO, hurry up spring.....

hurry up,
Sometimes, I have more fun with my photos....

Who stages apples...??

Taking the spotlight from the beautiful apples,
I bought this adorable ROSEMARY burlap and glass from
LaurieAnna's in CANNON, TX.
Wow...what a fun place to shop...
Next on my "I wanna go" list is
MAGNOLIA in  Waco, Tx. 😍 😍

Inside the burlap bag is a glass tube..

I use it a lot to get roots started for another new plant.

I'm starting this one for a friend and it's just about ready to plant into a pot for her.

At this time, I have it hanging from the knob on my
French Country Rooster chest...
back to the apple

some of you may know where I am going with this beautiful Fuji apple...

I love caramelized apples as much as I love baked apples...

 Once, when I needed CINNAMON,
I grabbed the

the shakers look the very same...

thankfully, I noticed the strong smell with the first shake.....

needless to say, I separated those babies....

Caramelized apples are sooo good for breakfast with a good muffin.....or two.
(I love my laptop....It can have breakfast with me when I want)

Thankful Thurs.
Foodie Friday
Pink Sat


  1. I love your flower pot stand, I do remember it! Also I LOVE Caramel Apples...can I have a bite if I promise to take only one bite!

  2. BJ, You just make me smile or laugh when I come visit. I loved that bird bath you made...I need to make one for the porch. I love the pepper apples story. I think many of us have grabbed the wrong shaker at times. I shook cinnamon into my chili once...thankfully only a shake I scooped out what I could and made the chili anyway. I am thinking maybe a pepper shake mixed with plenty of cinnamon and sugar...might be tasty. :) Blessings, xoxo, 62 more days till spring. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I remember the flower pot bird bath- I loved it then and it still is looking great. I think you are smart to bring it indoors because the weather will sure do a number on the paint. Have a blessed day!

  4. It all looks very cheerful -- and I LOVE your staging the apples! Wish I could taste the finished product!

  5. Fun post. I love the light root starting tube. So cute hanging on the little knob.
    So glad you realized you had chili powder. I use the same brand. I can see how it could get mixed up.
    I enjoy visiting today. I love your stag photo's!

  6. Your birdbath is so cute and I love your apple pics! I may have to copy your yellow pot with geraniums and cannas next year - beautiful!

    1. Dear jc...(I am also a jc sometimes) thanks so much for coming by to visit...no blog and you are a No Reply emailer so this is the only place to say THANK YOU.

  7. Okay I love your bits and bobs as each is a refreshing and fun look at your life in the summer house. Soma is great (especially when they have sales!!!)

  8. I think I've heard of Soma maybe. I looked it up and there is a store nearby us in the city near the east and a outlet mall. So I'm guessing maybe that's where I heard it

  9. That's the cutest flower pot stand BJ! It looks so simple that even I might could create one. Loved this post. Hugs and blessings Cindy

  10. I have mixed up spices too....good idea to put them on different shelves!!

  11. Glad you noticed the cayenne smell. Love the pots and jammie tops, is that what they are? If so, love super comfy stuff like that.

  12. Your apples look so good! Especially the baked ones. I also like that little burlap bag with the plant in it. So cute!

  13. I love apples and they are so good for you. I dice some up in my oatmeal in the morning and cook it all together! Sprinkle cinnamon, add a little milk...SO good! You take the best pics my friend. Hugs!

  14. "Bits and Bobs" post was perfect . . .
    I like SOMA too . . .
    I agree, their sales are great.

  15. What a fun post! But, then it is always fun when I come here! It always, always lifts my spirits. Thank you, sweet friend. :)

  16. Cinnamon is my favorite spice. In oatmeal, on toast, apples, boiled on the stove with cloves to make the house smell like Christmas... it's the best! Good thing you separated it from the cayenne pepper!

  17. I remember when you first posted about that birdbath. Lovely! You and sleep shirts have the same relationship me and sleep pants have. Ha.
    My ipad sits beside my breakfast plate every morning....and on my lap all evenig after work. Ha. I need to break it off so I can get some closet cleaning done.

  18. The birdbath post I remember. You did a great job on it. Your photos are great. I love your sleep shirts. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  19. Love the idea of the birdbaths!


  20. Your Birdbaths are adorable. and that grass/yard wow!

  21. Your jammie tops are so cute! I would love some jammie pants like that! How cute is your flower pot birdbath. Love the colors. I can't wait for Spring again...it is just so dreary around here. My daughter is good at starting plants...not me so much. That is a cute little burlap bag. And oh, carmelized apples sound so good!

  22. Good idea to separate those two! You're making me wish that I had an apple to caramalize. The bird bath looks great in the house as a plant stand! I do that sometimes, too, but my birdbath is not quite as colorful and cheery as yours!

  23. Sorry to say I didn't know what you were talking about on the Soma sleep shirts, but thank God for google. Things look good around your place.

  24. And here I thought I was about to get an amazing cayenne apple recipe! Lol. The little rooting vase in burlap is adorable. It looks so cute hanging with the plant inside. I agree, I want Spring to hurry up and get here!

  25. I've always loved the birdbath and the colors you chose for it. Beautiful post!

  26. Thanks for linking up today, BJ! I hope to see you again next week!

  27. I love what you did with the flowerpots...I am going to try my best to remember that. The coolest idea I have seen in a long time.

  28. BJ,
    Thanks os much for stopping by!!
    Love that bird bath!! So pretty!!

  29. I LOVE that birdbath, the colors in particular. This is something I just may do this year. I left behind a ceramic blue birdbath when I moved five years ago and have missed it ever since. Great post!

  30. This was a very fun post! I shared your story about the cayenne pepper and cinnamon with my sweetheart. He laughed and said he would LOVE the cayenne pepper on his apples. He loves hot things so I imagine he would find that a real treat!


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