Saturday, January 14, 2017

Semi-Homemade Muffin Luv

My good blogging friend,
Sheila at My Kentucky Living Blog
posted about making
well.....I just had to make some, too.

THEN...while preparing my post,
I began to have Daja-Vu..

so I went back and looked at a few muffin posts..
and sure 'nuf, I had made these before and not only that,
but I had posted about them...
♥ ♥ ♥
So if it seems you've "seen this before"
it really is all new photos...
just same ole muffins... 

I just love cuteness and try for in most every thing I do...

 Our daughter in law, KATHY,
always finds the cutest napkins
and I always steal a few to take photos of....

and the following is my favorite...

...and in other news

this is my cutie-pie rug from the Pioneer Woman collection at WalMart..
so cheerful and full of color
and perfect for a cloudy, rainy day in West Texas..

 January Party


  1. Those muffins do look good and I love your happy pics. I've done the same thing, thinking about making a post and realizing I already shared one :). That means it's a really good recipe, right?! Fun stopping by to visit with you

  2. I was drooling over all the Pioneer Woman stuff in Walmart today but KNEW that I did not need a single thing! lol I almost caved for the little turquoise cow creamer but didn't dare touch it for fear it would leap into my basket. lol Trying to purge here, you know.

    Those muffins look luscious!!! You always do such beautiful pictures, another life you might have been a photographer----and I LOVE the napkins! xo Diana

  3. I love that cute rug! I'll look at them the next time I'm there. We have a walmart...REALLY close to us! Any muffins left? I'll make a pot of coffee! Hugs!

  4. The muffins look so delicious. The napkins with the saying are so cute. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  5. Love, love, love those napkins.

    God bless.

  6. Yummy post. I love the napkins. And the rug. Very nice. I love that collection. I guess I need to stop in Walmart!
    Have a great Sunday.

  7. We can always count on you for color and food. That rug is as cute as it can be.

  8. Those muffins look WONDERFUL!! I don't recall your previous post about it...but I do know how you feel about already posting the same topic! haha We've done this too long now, I guess! :) LOVE those napkins and WOW...I haven't seen the PW's rugs!! I must go check them out!! Ya know....maybe one day IF you decide to make a trip to her new business, I could arrange to head that way too! Wouldn't that be a blast to see The Merc and each other at the same time!! Ya never know !!

    We are getting the second round of freezing rain right now. It's now supposed to be as bad as first predicted (as in massive and prolonged power outages we had in '02) but ice is ice and now they are showing some accidents showing up......but not terribly bad yet as the KDOT and MDOT have worked hard at treating the roads.

    Anyway, the big CHIEFS game has been moved from noon to 7:20 because of the timeline of the freezing rain. Hopefully, people will be smart and safe!!

    Have a great weekend!! Dana

  9. I just made cramberry orange muffins but mine were Martha White ( just add milk).

    Your muffin cups though!! Darling!


  10. Muffins look delish and I adore that adorable rug!

  11. Yum. My daughter is actually in the kitchen making cranberry orange biscuits!!

  12. Happy Sunday BJ. Muffins yum and how could anyone not smile when enrobed and baked in all your adorable paper liner cups.

  13. "Follow me, I know a shortcut" -- LOL! Love it!

  14. I can count on you . . .
    for color and cuteness . . .
    Love the napkins,
    Lead me not into temptation . . .
    follow me, I know a shortcut

  15. I love, love, love cranberry orange combo in a muffin. So flippin' good.

  16. Oh, I LOVE your new rug!! How pretty! My dear, sweet husband and son bought me the Pioneer Woman's paper towel holder. Have you seen it? It is adorable and has a pretty, little butterfly topper that is just darling. I love her and her stuff. It is so pretty and colorful! God bless you, sweet friend. ;)

  17. Very fun muffin story! They look like amazing and wonderful muffins. Such a fun rug you found, I do so love the Pioneer Woman's line. I have her butter dish and it is the cutest addition to my kitchen. So happy to meet you today. Hugs, with a dash of snow.. from North Idaho :)

  18. Haha love that last napkin! Baking in the cold winter months keeps me warm, cozy and happy. There is nothing like filling the house with the scent of something yummy in the oven and the extra heat in the kitchen doesn't hurt either!

  19. I love this! I love every cute cup, I love -- no, I adore! -- your new rug! That is so darned cheerful I almost can't stand it!

  20. THose muffins looks delish! I love those napkins. I also am in love with the Pioneer Woman collection at WM. Cute rug!

  21. Those muffins look so delicious. And adore the message about alcohol and salads.

  22. Your muffins look delicious and the new rug is so bright & cheery!

  23. Pretty muffins. Love the paper cases and those serviettes are something else. Love them.

  24. We can count on you for good cheer, beautiful colors, and something yummy to eat. PW's collection really is great!

  25. Your bright, happy post from rainy Texas brought sunshine into my day in rainy Normandy so thank you! Now if I only had one of those delicious looking muffins to eat my da would be even better.
    Thanks for cheering us up at Mosaic Monday this week, bj.

  26. BJ Hi! Your muffins look amazing. Those party napkins are so cute! Thanks for stopping by today. It brightened my day!


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