Saturday, January 7, 2017

First Snow...1/6/17

When I looked outside my door this morning and saw the little waterfall from the small hot tub into the pool, it was FROZEN...

and it was spitting a small amount of snow...

icy snow

 AND, it wasn't long until
was falling much heavier....

We don't have a fireplace in the Summer House...
and altho, at times I do miss a big, roaring fire,
I don't miss taking out ashes and hauling wood inside.

But on days like this...SNOW DAYS ...

I do enjoy the ambiance of flickering flames made with candles in my fireplace candle logs...

I love the logs and the candles.
This vintage fireplace is one of my very favorite things I've ever bought, I think.

This photo of it was taken back in the summertime...

but it shows the fireplace pretty well...

I know it's country...

I know it isn't what most people would like...

I know it reminds me of one my Aunt Lillian had when I was little and I guess that's why I love it to pieces...

Aunt Lillian had gas logs in her vintage, wooden fireplace...
but she would have loved these candles, too, I think.
I sure do miss my Aunt Lillian...

This little foot stool that Mr. Sweet built a few years back and we covered the top in a
burlap coffee sack,
makes the best little place to serve a cup of hot tea or coffee in front of "the fire".

He is so good at building things...

he sure makes me happy with the things I couldn't buy because they are too expensive...

He just looks at the photo of it and away he goes...

So on this cold but pretty snow day,
I lit the candles and baked...


and hot Dunkin Donuts coffee...
my favorite..
and I'm sayin' that RASPBERRIES are healthy !!

I just move my furniture around.....a lot...
but the little wooden vintage fireplace stays right where it is all the time.

I just pulled the little BILL-MADE-THIS footstool right up by the fire,

Of COURSE I will share the recipe with you...

You must know by now that I am so a
SEMI-HOMEMADE kind of girl...😆
♥ ♥ 

I like crumbles.....a LOT...
so I made some extra and sprinkled it on top of the raspberries.
...nothing fancy...
just a cup of light brown sugar
one cup flour
1/2 stick butter, small cubes
and mix it all together and sprinkle on whatever you want.
Cinnamon is good in it, too.

and now, I am warm....
and full...
and......sleepy....time for a nap....

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  1. Love your fireplace. I have one also and it is so warm and cozy. Mine has a electric heater in it and looks like flames, but sure keep the room warm.

    Your raseberry bars sure look good, wish I had one right now.

    Have a great week BJ. We are having ltos of rain and I am loving it.


  2. That looks like a great recipe. I think your fireplace is inspired and lots better than a DVD in the tv like I must resort to on such bitterly cold days.

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  4. Sorry I mess up
    You make it look so cozy and warm
    Enjoy your bars and tea

  5. Lovely decorations and delicious food. Wishing you all the best for the new year!

  6. Ah of how cosy your house is I love the fireplace idea with candles so so cute !! would love to come around for a cup of tea !! :-D and I cant believe how the water froze !! and u captured the snow so beautifully!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Happy New Year to you and your family!! Dominica from

  7. Great fireplace!! Happy to see you got a little snow - just a taste of what I see almost every day! yesterday we could see grass, this morning it is all white again. Stay warm and cozy by that fabulous fireplace you have!!!

  8. It looks very cozy and inviting this morning. It's even cold here in Florida! Enjoy your day...and pass the raspberries! Hugs, Diane

  9. We have a real fireplace that we almost never use...I'm thinking some tealights in there would be so cozy! And BTW, anything you make at home, well it's technically "homemade"!

  10. Looks like you are well prepared for the snow :)

  11. I envision your house as always being cozy, with or without a fireplace, as I think it is your love of your family and life that brings a special warmth to it! xxxx J.

  12. I like your black-and-white patterned chairs in front of the fireplace. Very elegant!

  13. A very nice post. Your photos are great. On these cold days I wish I had a fireplace. I do have a franklin stove but due to a chimney fire and my husband took out the stove pipe it is used only as a decoration with fake electric logs in it. Stay warm bj and have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Oh My! I'm headed to Dallas in two weeks. I don't know if they got snow but all I hope for is that going south will be a reprieve from the cold northern winter!

    I adore Krusteaz anything. Best mixes ever. They would have to go far to beat Ina's raspberry crumble bars (super easy to make) but I'll bet they are contenders. I live on their crumb cake in a pinch!

  15. Your fireplace looks marvelous. Love those candle logs.

    God bless.

  16. The snowfall is so pretty. I love the candle logs. Makes everything so cozy.

  17. Sounds like your having the perfect snow day. I use candle in a fireplace too. Suprisingly, it does let off a little heat. The old house we used to live in had 3 old fireplaces. Loved them.

  18. Snow, a sweet fireplace with logs and candles and raspberry bars...perfection!

  19. Snow looks so pretty ... no snow here, but COLD. We have been sitting close to the fireplace and watching football today. Several years ago, we converted our wood fireplace to butane and so nice not to have to mess with the dirty wood. Take care and stay warm.
    Audrey Z.

  20. OH yum! I made some of the orange and cranberry muffins of this brand...and they were delicious! Sheila

  21. Only Mr. Freeze is showing up to that pool party

  22. I would love to reach in and eat one of those yummy treats. Loved seeing the ice. Wow.

  23. I don't know why anyone wouldn't like that warm and cozy, country fireplace! So welcoming and homey!!

  24. Very lovely post. What a comfy home you have, Bj.
    Like seeing every pic.
    Stay warm :)

  25. Oh so cute and comfy. Love your style BJ.
    Now here's cold. We've had snow since November and lots of it. But
    we're climatized living here in Canada. Today may be one of the coldest at minus 15 cel.
    So our fireplace is going steady. All the best in 2017.

  26. Your home looks so warm and cozy for your first snowfall! The raspberry bars look delicious and perfect to enjoy in front of your fireplace...I'm loving the logs with candles! What a great idea.
    Mary Alice

  27. Oh yum, I definitely have to try that mix, they look delicious! Such a pretty post.
    Joy @ Books and Life

  28. Enjoy your snow! It must be a real treat down there. I love that little fireplace, it looks so cute and cozy and makes a great focal point in your seating area. Enjoy your nap, that's about all I want to do in the winter too!

  29. It looks like a wonderful snow day. The raspberry bars look delicious.

  30. I enjoyed reading your work. I'll come back for more

    Keep up the good work :) from, Home Buys Plus


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