Sunday, October 23, 2016

Let my little light shine....

I often wonder if most of you love blogging as I do...
I just bet you do because you have such lovely blogs...
and lovely things to blog ABOUT...

Some of my friends will remember that I bought these 2
non-matching brass lamps at ♪♪ Mr. Goodwill ♪♫♫ last summer...
$5 for the pair...

I am not crazy nuts for brass but these were in great shape...(they look silver here)
and since I wasn't using them on the same table,
mismatched didn't bother me a single bit... 

I've used them for a year now and as I pulled more gray
into the room....
the less I liked the brass.. most of you,
once I decide I really don't much like it...
it's paintable....


 it's going to get painted...

 I think I'm going to like them being white a lot...

their painted selves seem to change the whole demeanor of the room...

I just cleaned them good,
used a white spray primer and when they were dry,
used a Gloss White spray paint...

they almost look ceramic....
and I like that...

I'm thinking when I get tired of the gray shades, how cute black and white checks would look with the white lamp base...

this one is ok but not what I'd purchase...

this one makes me drunk just to look at the PICTURE...

bet if it were on 2 lamps in the same room, you'd think you were in one of those crazy houses....:)

 HAHHAA....wouldn't this one freak you out...

 I THINK I might like a stripe...

and, hey...
this one would match those pink flamingos out by the pool...

hahhaaaaa...too funny, but bet they could be really cute in the right type room.
 This plain and simple one is what I would most likely choose
if ever I want to change the shades...

but for now, I am happy with just the change of the brass to white.

 Pier 1 sachet, SEA AIR, smells so fresh and good.
This little one hanging here is from last year and looks a little beat up
but it still smells really good.
I love having them to hang on lamps or drawer knobs...
I need to check out Pier 1's new ones for this season.

No food for you today....
but I am going to use these ingredients to make something


THE WINNER of the beautiful RAMSIGN is......


I'll be in touch....xoxoxo

I so appreciate all the wonderful comments YOU left on this giveaway.

I am hoping to have another giveaway soon and I wish YOU tons of luck.
xoxo, bj
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  1. I love the lamp painted white and the shade you have on it, good job!

  2. Wow! Painting the brass white was DEFINITELY the way to go! It looks like a million bucks!

  3. You are such a little decorating genius recycler fun kind of gal . . .
    Whew . . . that was a mouthful . . .
    Maybe I should think about a one word comment . . .
    Love your lamp make over and a black and white shade might fit in perfectly
    with your other black and white checked things.
    Congratulations to the winner . . .
    She will love her new number signage, I am sure . . .

  4. BJ, When you tire of those shades....just paint them too. :):) I really do like those lamps white. You always do a fine job when you paint things. Happy for Kathy.:):) Blessings for a sweet Sunday. xoxo, Susie

  5. I do,I do! I love blogging and my blog friends! And you rocked it with that paint switch on the brass. It looks terrific!

  6. Really liking the LAMPS, especially the one with the pale pink cast in the light. Just found two white kinda blowsy bosomy silky shades with fringe at THE BIG G, and love them both on some white lamps which usually sport burgundy shades.

    Your groceries remind me that we had that dish yesterday at a wonderful local family restaurant---they have three branches and the food is outstanding. We went to see the new REACHER movie and then out to lunch. I'd seen "Hot Brown" sandwiches on several menus online, especially on Friendship Tea at the old Tavern Hotel, so I tried it and it was wonderful---stacked turkey and ham and tomato slices on a hearty piece of toast, with a velvety cloak of melted cheddar.

    We had a little serving of their "cornbread casserole" for the table, and all took little fork-dips from time to time. Lovely taste of the season. One of our daughters always wants it at Thanksgiving on the table with the dressing, as well.

    And you're the only one but me who puts in a can of whole kernel to sweeten the pot, as they say. I know you're feeling the stirring of time to cook casseroles and oven-dinners and things that take TIME, for the cool brings out the nesting gene in us.


  7. Unbelievable transformation on the lamp. The RG would think he was blissfully dreaming with the fish lampshade--yikes.

  8. Yep- I'm with you! Don't like the color? Paint it! Remember when I spray painted my little black TV white? 3 or 4 years ago and still going strong. I like the striped shade and the last one the best, too. I don't think a lamp shade is the first thing you should notice when you walk into a room and some of those are attention grabbers. lol

    Congrats to Kathy. I am sure she is just thrilled. xo Diana

  9. Your lamps sure look nice white, BJ. A really lovely lampshade certainly makes or breaks the look of a lamp. I'm looking forward to what you're going to share from your kitchen. Have a nice afternoon! ♥

  10. Nice post of lamp shades. Congratulations to Kathy for winning the sign. Looking forward to the cooking post tomorrow. Hope your husband gets to feeling better real soon. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. The painted lamps look great bj. If you like the style of the shade you have ... just paint it and glue a black ribbon around the top and bottom like the last shade you show. Enjoy your cool weather. Very nice here.
    Audrey Z.

  12. Love the re love of your lamps bj. It is amazing what a little spray paint can do. Have a great week ahead.

  13. Congrats to Kathy! Darn for me! The lamps look incredible painted white. Lovely. The shades look paintable with Amy Howard's One-Step paint (it will stick to anything) so if you tire of them you could paint them white and, after they dry, tape them and make the black stripes just like your favorite ones in the post.

  14. Hey girly! Oh, I love what you did with your lamps and they do look ceramic! I need some lamps and I'm probably passing up some like this at GW so I'll keep my baby blues open! Now I'm sure something tasty is going to come out of these ingredients! Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. WOW, 5 bucks??? You got a steal and they look fabulous white!

  16. BJ,
    Your lamp looks amazing painted white, dear friend!
    LOVE the white shade with the black trim top and bottom. . .a timeless classic look!

  17. The lamps look good. How much of a challenge was it to get painted? Do you worry about getting paint in the electrical bits? Yay for Kathy! She's going to love her sign!

  18. Great looking lamps. I love white. On your signs, the one you had posted 285 was my last address before moving to town....I MISSED YOUR GIVE AWAY. I like the black and white checked lamp shade you have.

  19. Thank you so much BJ! I'm so excited to have won the sign, it's been ages since I won anything.

    I love the transformation of the lamps. I thought they looked great in Brass, but the white is even prettier. I covered an old shade with black and white ticking and it looks so cute on my white lamp.

    I'm wondering if you will be making corn fritters? Looking forward to seeing what's on the menu.

    Thanks again for hosting the giveaway. I have been wanting one of those since the first time I saw one :)

  20. The white is just perfect and they do look ceramic.

    God bless.

  21. Very nice transformation...I didn't think you could paint brass...they came out great. My pick for the shades is either the black/white stripes or the white with black band...great finds for sure.

  22. I can't wait to get 'caught up' so I can go thriftin'. Your lamps turned out so great! I need lamps in the worst way. We got the mantle up today in the new sewing room! Yea. I threw a Fall theme together on it. Still minus those pumpkins!
    Thanks for coming over. Have a good week!

  23. Oh what a beautiful transformation. Loved those lamps. Wish we had such a thing in Greece as thrift stores but we don't. I hear there are some who are 'dumpster divers' in our area and will go through garbage bins looking for treasures but I am not there yet!! Have a great week! xxxx J.

  24. SO cute! I would have never considered painting them but they're gorgeous!

  25. Some of those lampshades are so pretty. Great makeover for the brass lamps.

  26. What a transformation, BJ! You have a lovely house...Christine

  27. Hi BJ, I think your lamp bases look amazing, I also think you were very brave to paint them! You really have a good eye for what works. They look fab!
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  28. I do like your painted lamps for sure. You are very resourceful. I'm looking at those ingredients knowing I'll love what you make with them!

  29. Painting a lamp is the best trick ever! I love the little heart hanging too.

    Dadgum, I missed the Ramsign giveaway.

  30. Lucky Kathy! Love the lamps. I have some like that were touch tone. I never thought about painting them but
    they look very cute. :)

  31. I love how you painted these! I like the plain drum shade best and you could even ad some black stencil to it.
    Congratulations Kathy! I wanted to get in on the giveaway but had no idea where id use one of these right now. I think it will be beautiful in a country cottage!

  32. Hello bj, I do like blogging but I have found we need to slow down from traveling so much so I have more time on my computer. One day!!!

    Love all of your pics and especially your candlesticks painted white. I didn't think I would but I was wrong. They look wonderful. Clever you. Smile.
    Happy Blue Monday and thank you for joining in each Monday.
    Love, Jeanne

  33. I too love blogging. I can share my thoughts and no more about all over the world. It gives me good friends. Loved all your things...

  34. Very nicely done and presented. Thrift stores are often the best places to find bargains for re-purpose projects.

  35. Love the lamps, bj. I love how you're not afraid to paint anything. Can't wait to see what you're cooking up next time! Have a good week!

  36. Always nice when you can make a big change with small means :)

  37. Love the painted lamps! So easy and if you get tired of them you can paint them again. Gotta love spray paint eh? Those are fun lampshades. Have a good week!

  38. Can't wait to see what you whip up with all those ingredients!

  39. I have a brand new, kind of expensive chandelier that I love, but the color isn't quite right. I'm so afraid to paint it, but I really want it, just in black and not a bronze-black. Will you come and do it for me, haha! Your lamps look great!


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