Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Egg and I

This adorable movie came out in 1947
and it is sooo cute.

I think you can still order it off Amazon and I am going to order it soon....

I'm thinking the grandgirls might like to watch it..

 and...we have a restaurant here ..THE EGG & I

the other day, a friend of mine ate there and when she ordered
Scrambled eggs and toast,
the waiter said, "Oh, I'm sorry....WE ARE OUT OF EGGS..."
most ironic thing I've ever heard of.....

These Ham and Cheese
     Egg   Muffins

looked so good to me this morning, I had to make some for
Mr. Sweet and my hungry self...

The photo on the left is from her web site.

As we all know, this is the type recipe that you can add absolutely
ANYthing that you love with eggs...

chipped beef.....(ummmm)
 chopped green onions....
diced peppers...
many MANY options here...

SOOO, I decided I had better make these luscious tidbits right away.

Mr. Sweet was away...
working out in the gym...
and he would need a muffin full of protein when he came home...

I got out one the the prettiest things in my kitchen,...

 Last year, my sweet blogging friend, PATTI,
sent this beautiful ceramic muffin dish to me.
I just love it to pieces and use it as often as I can...
Thank you again, Patti

Regardless of what any one might say,
muffins of ANY kind just taste better made in such a work of art as this pretty dish.....

...a cute little owl, holding my cooking spoons....

sale at Pier 1...

bacon pieces
chili sauce
hot pepper sauce
garlic powder
4 eggs
sour cream and a bit of milk

hot out of the oven and begging to be eaten.... must admit that this is a good looking


  1. Oh dear bj! I might just have to make those while we are here at our sons and the chickens out in his coup are laying away. That is the most amazing thing I've ever heard that a restaurant called the Egg and I would run out of eggs!!

  2. Those look awesome. They would be perfect for our Sunday brunch.

    God bless.

  3. Oh! Such a beautiful dish - I would find myself making up recipes just to show it off!

  4. Those look really good! I want to try them the next time we have breakfast for dinner!

  5. That looks delicious!
    I remember that movie, but I read the book first, as a girl. It was in our local library. I remember my mum calling us downstairs one night because the movie was on TV (remember when there was 'Saturday night movie' on TV or 'Sunday afternoon movie'?) I'll bet that movie is as funny today as it was back then!

  6. Hello bj!! Long time no see.
    Oh my those muffins look sooooooooo delicious.

    Funny 'bout the restaurant with no eggs?!! Was that being sarcastic or truthful? How on earth can a restaurant exist without closing the doors with NO EGGS?

    ps...the muffin pan is attractive too.

  7. That is odd about a breakfast establishment being out of eggs. You Tube has the full movie...I bookmarked it
    because I am ready for some laughs Ma and Pa Kettle style. Thanks for the recommendation.

  8. Loved this one BJ. And I suppose you know that cute movie was based on a novel of the same name? "The Egg and I, first published in 1945, is a humorous memoir by American author Betty MacDonald about her adventures and travels as a young wife on a chicken farm on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state." They have turned her farm into a tourist attraction and I believe they even have overnight accommodations there now -- one of these days I plan to visit!

  9. BJ, even though I don't have that beautiful muffin dish, I'm going to make this for my next gluten-free breakfast. I know so many people who have gone GF, and most breakfast casserole things have bread in them.

  10. I loved that movie, remember it well. Your egg muffins look delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. Ha! I have an "eggy" post in the making...Love that muffin pan! so pretty. Im on a search for one now. Any suggestions?

  12. Ha! I have an "eggy" post in the making...Love that muffin pan! so pretty. Im on a search for one now. Any suggestions?

  13. haha, how can The Egg & I be out of eggs? too funny! The egg muffins look yummy and that pan is too cute! I'm now following you.

  14. Yummy. I have to go to a ladies breakfast at church on Sat. This would be good to take.

  15. BJ, That's so crazy for an egg place to be out of eggs...who's in charge? LOL Those egg muffins looks delicious. Sounds good too. I might make Teddy Bear and I some tomorrow. Love the muffin pan. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  16. Like the movie; love the muffins. 'out of eggs', what?

  17. Happy to see that you are enjoying it...and the eggs look so delicious!!

  18. Looks so yummy. I will remember this for Christmas brunch this year. Thanks
    Audrey Z.

  19. Oh dear, I haven't made them forever . . .
    Guess what I will be making in the next few days . . .
    Egg Cups . . . Love your decorative muffin baking piece . . .

  20. I remember that cute muffin pan, bj, and doesn't it look perfect with your owl? Those little egg muffins look so tasty. I'll bet Mr. Sweet enjoyed every bite full.
    How can an Egg and I restaurant be out of eggs????

  21. I love eggs!! Now I am hungry.

    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  22. Thanks for the reminder about that wonderful movie that I watched again and again when I was a kid. We have Egg and I restaurants here as well, but I have never been to one, and now I must go. That muffin tin is a real treasure, and the egg cups look yummy. Maybe I should have some breakfast! Have a great weekend, BJ!

  23. I will have to make this. Thanks for the ides, BJ. I have a ceramic muffin pan similar to that...Christine

  24. Hi LV, Thanks for your comment on my cousin's art. I am not blessed with talent for art but I too admire her lovely paintings. She gave me one that I will share soon.

    Your ceramic muffin pan that Patti gave you 'IS' pretty and your muffins look so tasty. How do you stay so thin with all the baking you do? You are a photo artist my sister friend. Your posts are always a delight to see and read.

    Love, Jeanne

  25. Oh my gosh bj, you can tell it is late and I am tired. I just wrote LV's name instead of bj. I just finished a comment to LV. My brain just left me for a moment. Please forgive me. HA!
    I am going to bed.
    xoxo, Jeanne


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