Monday, July 25, 2016

A little tiny makeover....

that should have taken me a couple hours
but took 8.....
by the time I work a little...
sit down and rest a LOT...
and have a vanilla milkshake,
it just takes all day to do a job that should be done MUCHO sooner.

Oh, well...I'm thankful I can still do things even if I am slow.
I was getting tired of the way our dining room, so full of fun and light,
was looking...
I like to use things awhile and then put them into my DECORATOR HUTCH
and pull out something new.
Seems to me, just a few things removed and something different added
can change the whole personality of the room...
and I was ready for some NEW personality.
The first thing I did...
and it's probably going to sound sooo RED NECK to every one...

I stacked two wooden benches that Mr. Sweet made several years ago..
filled them with plants and sit it in front of one set of
French doors that we don't use.
(horrible picture shooting into the sun)

I needed shelf space for some of my plants...
and Social Security Budget isn't allowing for a pretty BACKERS RACK right now.

I want one with open back so it won't block the light from the door..
and I'm stalking CRAIG'S LIST for a good buy

It looks quite nice...
gave me the space I needed
and a way to keep the benches out of the way...
when we have big family dinners, we use them at our table.

Yes, sir...for now I am happy with it.
O, and those 3 little bottles on the floor
holding a green stem...
3 friends wanted a starter from one of my plants
and I sure hope they will root....

I'd been wanting to turn my little glass-topped table out into the room
instead of it being flat up against the wall.
I wanted to try it for a desk of sorts....a cute spot
for my computer work.

and I'm excited about it because it looks cute
and I think it's going to work just great...

and with THIS view...

I stay happy ALL THE TIME...

 ...right in front of my
black and white picture wall...
I just love that wall....

Of course, I had to put some cuteness on this new-life thrifted table.
a little picture of my handsome daddy and moi, at 10 yrs. Dallas.

I put these cute boxes on the floor and they are doing a dandy job of hiding cords..

these poor little faux roses move around my house like they have roller skates...
any time I need just a little something on a table or shelf to fill in,
I start hunting my little pink roses...

By the time I finished up the room to my liking,
Mr. Sweet came thru the door...
he missed all the work because he spent from 9 in the morning until 5 in the evening,
in a class to be able to apply for his Concealed Carrying Permit....
he carries a gun with him when we travel...
one of our grandgirls got her permit not long ago..and I hope ALL of them will.
xoxo, bj

...and I don't have any food for you today 'cause I'm too tired to cook...
I am such a wuss....
O...and I am going to the dentist on Monday for extensive work..
and dread it like the plague... 
if I'm not around for awhile, it's because I'm busy whining....


  1. That is one place I avoid if all possible, the dentist. Of course, go regularly for cleaning, but nothing else. I used to be kinda like you always wanting to rearrange or do something extra, but age tends to change your way of thinking. One day you will understand. So enjoy doing what you want.

  2. Love your changes!! Good luck at the dentist. Bob is currently going through weekly appointments at the dentist. It sucks!! Oh yea, I remember, he can't suck -- on a straw, that is!!!! Sally

  3. Everything looks great bj. Good luck at the dentist. Have a blessed day. Madeline
    P.S. I love the idea of the stacked benches.

  4. Red Neck my foot. A perfect and practical idea and they are still at hand. And . . . wonderful move on the desk. So much nicer to have a view other than the wall. I used to drive my boss at the office crazy with my 'arranging' but he was indulgent. He probably knew I worked well in happy surroundings. And . . . I am learning to appreciate those little breaks to sit back and see where I need to tweak. Feeling blessed today. Your posts are always a bright spot.

  5. Bj, your boxes are so cute, I've got a lot of stuff to put in :-)
    Your pool view is wonderful!!!

  6. Redneck? Not by my definition, but then I'm from north of the border and I think that everything you do in your place is beautiful!

  7. I just did four visits to the dentist quite recently. I hated it.

  8. I love you computer space, surrounded by family pics and outdoor views! Watch out... those flamingos are keeping their eyes on you!! The stacking box idea and the new place for your plants are both great. Love your gumball machine, but it seems to need something.... LOL!

  9. Absolutely love your blog. You keep it real. Thanks for sharing your days with us. ~ carol

    1. Dear LINCOLNTON LADY...thank you so much for coming by and leaving such a sweet comment. Since you have no blog and you are a NO REPLY emailer, I don't have a way to tell you THANKS...hoping you come back by to read this.

  10. Tell me about slow, it takes me forever to do anything. I moved like lightening 10 years ago but my MS had other ideas. I think the way you do. At least I can still do things.

    Love the benches, I think they are cool.


  11. Looks great BJ,
    I love your black and white photo wall. Your home reflects the fun spirit and hoe you embrace life with goes. And we love you! Still haven't had my B&W milkshake...

  12. Yikes damn auto correct! How and glee were my words I typed.

  13. I sure hope everything goes good for you today! I'll say a prayer my friend. Of course your house looks so gorgeous...light and bright! Hugs, Diane

  14. I love your redo! And that wall of photo's is my favorite along with the way your cute glass desk is sitting. You did good. It takes me all day to do one thing and look how much you accomplished!
    Good luck at the dentist!

  15. Love the benches stacked I think it looks better than a bakers rack. So creative and pretty. Love it. Good luck with the dentist. I just had some implants done and it was so long from beginning to end of that process. So I feel for you. Have a good week.

  16. You're being busy during this horrible heat wave summer, bj! Your plant stand is perfect and your glass desk is so pretty and uncluttered. Good luck at the dentist! xo

  17. I really like the computer desk facing that view. Very nice idea. The benches on top of each other are another great idea. Couldn't you staple some thin pieces of wood on the backside to block the light. Anyhoo, don't tell but I have a carry permit.

  18. Love all your little changes, BJ! You inspire me to do more to freshen up around here.
    I love how you show such deep appreciation for the little things in life.

    I've been wanted to get my CC for years & I swear I'm going to go do it before the end of the year.

  19. p.s Sending ~~pain free, easy-peasy wishes~~ for your dentist appointment!!

  20. I think it all looks great. What's wrong with a little redneck ;)

  21. I love happy spots too and I love your photo wall! Everything looks great, the desk arrangement is perfect! And the benches.. (red neck)crazy lady hahaha.. I love them!!! They are perfect. Just had daughter #2 at the dentist this morning... turns out that her wisdom teeth need to come out. My oldest just had hers removed a few months ago.. a surgery that landed her in the hospital for a few days. I am soooo not looking forward to that again so soon. Good luck at the dentist!!!
    Have a great week BJ.

  22. LOOKS GREAT !!!!!! You made the benches work !!!!

  23. Your benches look really nice. What a great place for your plants.

    I hope everything goes well at the dentist.

    Take care.

  24. Hi bl, I am in Atlanta at my niece's home and we leave this am for MI. Your post is a delight as always. Eery photo is a work of art. You 'are' blessed to live in such a beautiful place and have family so close to you.
    Yikes, the dentist. Good luck.

  25. I love to do things like this! I like the two benches stacked with the plants- very creative! The desk is cute and looks nice turned away from the wall. Love the picture collage behind your chair. You have great ideas!

  26. Oh dear, I do hope you are recovering well from your trip to the Dentist! Praying for you! xo
    I love that little glass table as a desk! Furniture that doesn't take up a lot of room but works really well is the best. You can't beat that view either! I think the stacked benches with plants looks great, and such a good way to store the benches out of the way when you don't need them :) Sending hugs!

  27. BJ, you sure know how to make me smile and give me a good chuckle or two. I love what you done with your shelves your man made for you. I think they look great there with the beautiful plants. Girl, I know what mean about taking so long to do things. It takes me all day to do what it used to take me a few hours to do! Love that bubblegum machine too!!! Awe...sorry about you having to have excessive dental work done. I feel for you! Talk about WUSS...I am just that when it comes to DENTAL! Hope things go well for ya honey. Hugs and blessings ,Cindy

  28. Oh BJ, we are peas in a pod at times! I spent a day two weeks ago re-doing my dining room because we'd just been given a four-piece place setting of Joel's grandma's china and I 'had' to do something with it. One change led to another and five hours later I was done. As for the dentist - I am off in 10 days and am dreading it so, I'd rather eat worms!

  29. I love puttering around like that, too, and that sure is a sweet spot to be on the computer. I LOVE the black and white photo wall. Good luck at the dentist - I hope you will get some extra TLC from your family. (:

  30. Everything looks so good! I love the office nook you created with the glass desk. Perfect.

  31. I just realized that today is the day of your extensive dental work! I know you must feel like poop. I just went through a few hours in the dental chair..getting the back of my front tooth repaired and they want me back again on Aug. 7th. Like you, dread visits to the dentist like the plague. you remember when the rage was to paint those square decorator bricks and boards and build shelves? Yep..did mine in avacado green boards with Orange and yellow squares with the daisy pattern in the center. :) Think that was in the late 60's?
    I thought your stacked benches were genius!! And the sunlight made the photo's so soft and appealing. I don't think it's possible for you to take a bad picture! LOL
    And finally, your biblical quote warmed my heart!!! It's perfect!!!

  32. No, is Tuesday. Yesterday was your dental day!! See? I told you I was slipping!! :)

  33. I think the benches look great and are truly inspired. I don't think I would have thought about this myself. I have a Baker's Rack, as you know, but I've had mine for about 35 years. It was one of the first pieces of furniture I bought when I was setting up housekeeping. I thought it might be too frivolous, but I still love it today.

  34. Everything looks great! You inspire me to make some changes around my house.
    Love your blog! Joanna

  35. BJ,
    Amazing, and quite clever, use of your benches, dear friend!
    Love the area for your computer space, also!
    The wall of Family photos is so~o~o precious!
    Kuddos to "Mr. Sweet"!
    Stay safe! Be blessed! Wishing you little to no pain with your dental work!

  36. Your benches stacked looks perfect to me I just got a nice bakers rack at an estate sale for $50 it was originally priced $200 which I thought was WAY high. A friend called and ask if I wanted one for 75% off
    I am trying to decide if I want to paint it white like the one in my studio
    I really like how you turned your pretty glass desk around. You have an adorable house and stuff as we call it.

    My sister carries a gun and my son in law thinks I need one also. I'm so scared I would actually shot someone then I would be in trouble. I know not if in my house

    That milkshake sounds good right now


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xo bj