Sunday, June 12, 2016

I love painted furniture...

to our sweet BROOKS...
...this is one of our treasures that we love to the moon and back and then some.
xoxoxoxo and love forever and ever.


I so love painted furniture...
I don't care if it's the finest antique,
 I still like PAINTED better than just wood color....always have.
...for one thing...
BROWN is my least favorite color of all.

Mr. Sweet saw this little adorable dresser made in the 30's at
a vintage/antique store several years ago and just loved it...
so he bought it.

It's in perfect condition..
I adore the triple, beveled mirrors...
every year, about this time,
my painting finger gets itchy...

 This BLACK set is beautiful but I'm thinking I want a different color in
the bedroom my dresser is in.

I LUV this spring GREEN....

 WHITE is beautiful..

but I'm still thinking of......

 I could live with this pale yellow for ever and ever...

I like this a lot...

but, it's this washed AQUA that really sits my heart a'singing....
OOO, yes, ma'am...
THIS is the color....

Oh, I won't ever paint it...
this is really Mr. Sweet's find and his eyes roll around so fast when I
mention painting it, I get dizzy just looking at him.......


I can dream,
can't I...??


  1. I can picture it, BJ. Just dreaming or do you think you'll talk Mr. Sweet into it? :)

  2. I have to agree with Mr. Sweet on this one. I would paint an old beat up piece of furniture to give it a new life in a heartbeat, but a beautiful and fine piece like this...I'd be sick. Sorry. Still love ya!!!

    Jane x

  3. We inherited (in a way) the old bedroom suit of furniture from the old house owners. It's still woodstained. I'm thinking of painting it but held back by not wanting to paint it all

  4. I thought of you this week when my paintbrush met with a small wooden sewing box I purchased recently. It has (had) been ingrained in me that you never, never paint wood grain.
    Sometimes dreaming and imagining is just as much fun as picking up the paint brush. Mr. Sweet is a lucky man.

  5. Painting would destroy its antique value, unfortunately.

  6. You have lots of your own little treasures. You need to let Mr. Sweet keep his own in original state. Stormed yesterday and steamy today.

  7. I hear you, Earl would faint if I painted some of the wood pieces we have, but I almost always like painted furniture best. That turquoise is so pretty. Maybe someday he will change his mind?

  8. You can dream for me, too---I LOVE anything that pale-washed aqua, teal, turquoise---any of those shades with age and time for their makeup artist. There's one tiny little "commode" type three-drawer bedside thing-a-ma-jug that I just love. It was in an old storage shed and had been "antiqued" with the thick rubbery white paint and goldish glaze way back in the seventies, and when I scratched the surface, it started to peel off like one of those seafoam facial things.

    And that bluey green is what's under there. Riches.

    I still have dreams of painting this huge old knotty-pine china cabinet that was the first piece of furniture Daddy ever built, back in the fifties, out of the same boards they built the walls of the new dining room onto our little tract house. I want it a pale cream, with all my pastel china and pretty dishes in it. Maybe this year.

    Pale aqua dreams . . .


  9. I like painted furniture, but this one is a bit too nice to paint!

  10. Hi BJ,
    Happy Birthday Brooks! The washed Aqua pulls at my heart too, so pretty.

  11. Happy Birthday to your grand. I love the aqua too. Can't wait to see what you do with your paintbrush!

  12. Happy Birthday to your grandson Brook. The dresser your husband bought is in great condition I could not paint it. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. I like the pale yellow, but LOVE the aqua!!! I had one just like this...but with only one mirror!

  14. BJ, Happy Birthday to your grandson.

    That aqua would be fabulous. I can see it on that piece and being a stunner. Keep dreaming, I guess?


  15. Happy birthday to your handsome grandson! Oh I do not like to paint nor does my man so we always put it off as long as possible. But I do love the colors you have shown. Especially the greens and yellows. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  16. LOL Thanks for starting my day with a good laugh..."his eyes roll around so fast when I
    mention painting it, I get dizzy just looking at him"
    Happy Birthday to your DGS!

  17. You and me and them! I'm with you sister.

  18. Painting that beautiful piece would be a difficult choice for me. I sorta lean toward painting it, but would likely ruin the value. Nice piece, as is to pass on to the grands.
    Happy Birthday Brooks.

  19. Hi bj, Yes, you can dream. Happy birthday to Brooks. It looks like he is eating cake. HA!
    Love the paintd furniture but I do not paint furniture much. I like the look of the ones you shared. I say paint away. Everything you do looks awesme. I mean it.
    Happy Blue Monday.
    Love, Jeanne

  20. Smiles all around today for your post! Sweet birthday wishes, pretty colors to choose from. But I understand the value of an antique. I have my mom's cedar chest. It is very old and needs some TLC but I dont want to ruin it so I keep it as is. I sure like those color choices though.! ;-)

  21. BJ,
    "A dream is a wish your heart makes. . ."
    Love the aqua green hue!
    While visiting my Sister a few weeks ago, she purchased some "chalk" paints at Wal~Mart.
    She's getting ready to paint some mix matched pieces in her office!
    I believe we should never stop dreaming, dear friend! (wink!)

  22. I get it! We have a vintage bedroom set that belonged to my sweetheart's mother before she was married to his father. It's gorgeous old oak but I can visualize it painted with some antiquing or dark wax that would make the carvings 'pop'. My sweetheart almost has a coronary at the thought - and since it came from his family I will honor that. Hard - but I won't paint, either!


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