Saturday, May 28, 2016


Last week and the weekend and this week is full of

and all that it entails....
Baccalaureate Services

pool parties...
Senior trip....
party at the lake...

 Our beautiful Lacey Jean graduated from Texas Tech University
last Saturday...5/21/16
So proud of her.....

 This is Bryn...
Stacy's oldest girl...

 Their Baccalaureate Service was really nice
and each graduate was presented with a beautiful leather Bible with name engraved.

Her senior class numbered 20 something...
a very small school.
Her graduation ceremony ... 5/27/16

O, how proud we are of this sweet girl

 Here's our sweet Deeds at her Awards ceremony,
with her beautiful mom and handsome dad.

She will be going into high school in the fall....
and she is our youngest grand and we are so proud of her.

Our twin grandgirls with their graduating class...
their class had a few over 70 seniors.

Andrea.....Bailey...the twins......belong to our son, David and Kathy.

Next in line are graduations on Thurs. and Friday of this week...(5/26 and27/'16)
I posted about the Senior trip for the twins...

THEN, EVERYone can catch their breath

and I have to share this funny photo my daughter in law, Kathy,
posted on her FB....

"Dad's billfold stuffed inside Bailey's wallet..."

hahhaaaha....I know they are feeling like all these graduations
are gobbling up all the $'s....but so much fun.

Pink Sat.
Blue Monday


  1. beautiful girls and sending them congratulatons from charleston!!!

  2. Congratulations to all these beautiful girls!!!!

  3. Such wonderful celebrations and so lovely that you can share in them.

  4. And well you should be proud of each and every one of them!!!!!!

    And oh my, "Little Deeds"... Seems I have watched her grow up. :-)))) Doesn't seem possible that she is going into HS!!!!

    (And btw, I love the little lace trimmed socks, she is wearing with her lace up shoes!!!)

    Now to take a little rest hugs,

  5. What beautiful grands. You all must be so proud. Congrats to all of them!

  6. beautiful girls and family and such wonderful memories made there,I just adore the youngest grand ( I think she is the youngest ) with her pretty dress, boots and frilly ankle socks, now thats stylin', I love it!

  7. You have some very good reasons to be proud. They are all beautiful. I wish them all the luck and good wishes in what ever they go on to do. Have a blessed day and a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Madeline

  8. For sure you have to be proud, my lovely bj, so many grandchildren graduated, it's not so very common I think, congrats to you and to them all !

    May your weekend and your Memorial Day ahead be blessed, sending my dearest love to you


  9. How proud you must be of your grands. Congratulations to all………….

  10. What fun to see all these GORGEOUS girls graduating & moving on in their lives! We've watched them grow up via your blog, BJ. I can't believe that Deeds is going into HS!!!!! Holy Crimoli...where did the time go?
    Best wishes for much happiness & success. I hope you & Mr. Sweet have a wonderfully restful Memorial Day.

  11. Proud you should be and how very blessed you are to have all these sweet grands!

  12. Congratulations to all those smart girls. Wow, Deeds is growing up too. Do you ever feel like your head is spinning? I know it's not different than when our own children grew up...but golly, these grandkids just seem to be growing faster. Blessings to all of you, xoxo, Susie

  13. So many beauties, bj, and I know you're so proud of each one of them! Congratulations and best wishes to them as they pursue their dreams. How fun to be included in all these special memories.
    Happy Memorial weekend!

  14. Hello bj, Your family is blessed with beautiful girls. What a wonderful time in your lives as you see your darling granddaughters graduate on all levels. Congratulations to each of them. Little Deeds is growing up before our eyes. We wish each of them to follow their dreams. With you and Mr. Sweet and your loving family to praise them and love them, they can only be the best that they can be.

    Have a happy Memorial Day weekend.
    Love, Jeanne

  15. You been too busy graduating, and have not baked. I will share my cake from pink Saturday until you can get back in the kitchen. One thing for sure, your family knows how to make lovely girls tho.

  16. Absolutely wonderful. Congratulations to all.
    Thx for visiting, BJ.
    Happy pinks!

  17. Over 70 seniors? I wish my school was that small. I had to wait an hour to walk the stage because my high school was huge.

  18. How proud you should be of these beautiful girls!!

    Have a great weekend.


  19. These are happy days for them all! such fun!

  20. Congratulations to all and wishes for their continued happiness and many successes along life's path.

  21. Congratulations to your beautiful girls! Where oh where has the time gone? We just have one graduating from high school in a few weeks. He has opted out of a party (whew!) but we will do something special for him. So proud of him going to school for Human Services.

  22. Great posts. At least you don't have to do so much for the weddings. LOL. Have a good week.


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