Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Once a Pool Room.....

now a  living room that we are very comfortable with...

Believe me, this wasn't an easy canvas to work with...
but it was such a nice room....

As we couldn't really afford hiring painters right now
(Social Security Budget is paying for hearing aids for Mr. Sweet right now)

Most of my blog friends know that we sold our home of 40 years 
2 1/2 yrs ago 
and moved into our son and daughter in law's POOL HOUSE...

This adorable house is over 2000 sq feet...
has a swimming pool just outside the dining room doors.

Our now living room was once a POOL ROOM complete with pool table.

With just a tiny bit of work and not much money,
 we have transformed this amazing room
into a very livable and, to me, cutie-pie living room....very, very comfortable.

Since the gold o the walls is not my cup of tea,
and since we can't paint right now...
I've moved as much WHITE into the room as I can stand.

This is such a sweet house for our retirement years....
and we are so grateful and thankful to have family that
cares enuf for us that they wanted us to be comfortable
without worrying about having the responsibility of owning a home and
all that it entails.
We are right here by our son and our girl lives only 9 miles down the road.
Life couldn't be any better.
 I am working on a post to show how this large room is arranged
as THIS is only one side of the room.

xo bj
(Before and After Wed has been called off this week...! !)


  1. Hi Sweetie Pooh! Oh, I don't think I've seen your entire living room before! I love it. You always know exactly how to decorate a place that is so pretty and yet so warm and comfy looking. Your new sofa looks great in here! Take care.
    You are a sweetie
    Shelia ;)

  2. How great for you all! So nice to have family that close - especially the little ones. And a pool right outside! What more could you ask for? LOL Enjoy family.


  3. It looks wonderful bj, and it is so nice you are with family or have them close by while still having your own space.


  4. You are amazing! So is your family!!! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you could make a cozy comfy home absolutely anywhere!!!!! Talk about amazing!! Turning a pool house into a charming cottage! Only YOU!!!!

  5. You have done one amazing job on your living room. You would never know that it was a pool room. How wonderful of your son and DIL to have you live so close by. It's darn hard to live on SS and I sure wish that I could work again.

    Your new couch looks really good and so pretty.

  6. Your home looks very comfortable and inviting BJ-enjoy:@)

  7. You are so blessed Bj, to live next to have the love of your family. I love your living room, you are so talented !

  8. I think your living arrangement are great . . .
    Less responsibility . . .
    Son, right around the corner . . .
    Daughter a few minutes away . . .
    Pool side . . .
    And fun decorating times to!

  9. I had no idea that this became your new home sweet home so recently BJ! What a marvelous and happy living space you created! I think it's all marvelous! Bravo!!!!

  10. Beautiful transformation! I love the sofa, pillows and rug... PERFECT! I know you are happy and thankful to be near your family! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  11. I love the before and after photos. It is a very large room and you have made it cozy and cute! Love the new sofa and that mantel pic is fabulous! Being close to family is so important.

  12. Wow! You really transformed this room and turned it into a beautiful cozy room! You certainly have a flair for decorating! Wonderful!

  13. Oh bj, you have done such a wonderful interior decorating job with the pool room in transforming it into a cozy retreat for you and Mr. Sweet. Thanks for showing the before and after! You have such a sassy, fun, warm style, just like YOU!


  14. bj, it's lovely! The addition of the white was a perfect solution until you can do what you want. What an amazing job of decorating you did. Can't wait to see the other side! :) PH and I are the same ages as you and Mr. Sweet, and I understand your decision totally. We live very close to our children..at least most of them..and it's wonderful. You and I got lucky that our children want us nearby. :)

  15. What a transformation BJ. I didn't know that you live there next to your son. That is such a blessing to be near family in one's senior years. It think it's a great setup for you. Our son lives down the road from us - about 2 city blocks length - for now and our daughter is across the country. When we were visiting her recently she was looking on line for large homes with granny suites so we could move there. I don't think that will ever happen though. I'll look forward to seeing the rest of your cozy home. Have a great day. Pam

  16. I can't believe the transformation, BJ. This is amazing. You have a career in this field, you know! And how wonderful to have your son so close at hand. Rick's boys are both still here in Michigan but not all that close. So far, OK -- but we're all getting older!

    Really terrific!

  17. You've done a wonderful job!! What a transformation. Sally

  18. It is very warm and homey and comfy and welcoming!

    Hooray for you two!


    1. Same here...like Sheila said..I don't remember seeing the room as a whole, only wonderful little vignettes of your cute arrangements. This is such a lovely space!

  19. Hello BJ, you are really fantastic! You have turned the pool room into a very comfortable, homely room. Looking forward to see the whole room and I am sure it would be such a beautiful place.

  20. Oh BJ your living room is so cozy and inviting. Love what you did with the pool room. Gorgeous.

  21. Well done, bj. Being where you are ... close to the children, has to be the most comfortable feeling. You have done a fabulous job of decorating to make your living room pretty and comfortable.

  22. Dear BJ, the room is really stunning. You have created a beautiful space that reflects your great taste. You have a great eye and a magic touch.♥♥♥

  23. Even though you don't care for the gold, all your pretty decor looks so warm and cozy with it. xoxo SU

  24. How lovely, BJ!! Your decorating style is working beautifully in this charming home & how lucky you are to be so close to family as well. I've always been sooooo happy that we moved 'home" to Ohio before Ernie got sick.
    If Mr. Sweet was ever in the military service, the VA will pay for hearing aids for him. They ARE outrageously expensive!

    I love how all your pretty mirrors bounce the light around & help to enlarge the space. Great ideas all over this room!

  25. hard to believe that was the same room

  26. BJ, I like the living room better. LOL. You know how much I love your black /white things. It must be hard to downsize so much. But hey we all have way too much stuff, don't you think? Hope you are having some cooler weather. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  27. Your room looks great! And to be so near your family...double blessing.

  28. Oh my goodness. A pool room that is 2000 square feet! Did I get that right. You really have transformed this into a lovely living space for sure!

  29. What a lovely room. It looks very comfortable.

    God bless.

  30. You have created a welcoming living room, the new sofa and chairs look pretty and comfortable. I noticed you moved your piggies over on the wall and put up new art over the mantel. Very romantic painting BJ. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the room revealed. Oh and the golden walls remind me of your sunny and sweet personality. We've started working on the renovation of the center basement area which will be mainly for storage but gosh the Reno mess continues.

  31. A beautiful room. You did an outstanding job of decorating. Have a blessed day. mMadeline

  32. Can't wait to see the rest of it. You have done a fanttastic job of updating it, despite the gold walls.

  33. You have worked miracles in that room. It belongs in Better Homes and Gardens. (Love those little owls in your sidebar.)

  34. If I had a house, I would love to hire you to decorate it.

  35. Wow! I had to do several double takes. I thought there were windows in the room...you are very tricky. It is totally charming and looks like a fabulous place to settle in. How wonderful that you are so close to family.

  36. BJ, how awesome for you to have this area, and it looks so delightful. Happy weekend!

  37. I LOVE the side by side photo. Such a transformation and so cozy and homey. And at 2000 square feet, your livin in the lap of luxury. We're rockin a family of five in 1200!!!! ;)


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