Sunday, August 30, 2015

OOO.....FUDGE !!

Hello, all,
A blogger said in a comment not long ago that
"food plays a large part in our good memories".
She was so right.
(I am sorry not to remember just who said it)

When I was 15, my parents bought a house and my two best friends,
Ruth and Rita, sisters,
lived right across the alley.

O, what fun we had .....
one thing we loved to do was

After the fudge was cooked the instructed time,
we sat outside on the porch,
taking turns beating the chocolate candy by hand, with a large spoon
because we didn't have an electric mixer.
We'd talk, and giggle and beat that candy and, 
it would get thick. 
There were times, however, it never DID get thick...
and we would just eat it with a spoon...still talking and giggling.

 Homemade fudge will always be my favorite candy...
the memories are even better than the candy itself. :)

The above recipe is a cake icing but if it is cooked just a tiny bit longer,
it turns to CANDY....
When I get really hungry for old fashioned fudge,
 I use this recipe as it only makes a little bit.

This recipe doesn't make as much candy as the 
Old Fashioned Recipe on the back of 

the Hershey's Cocoa can.

That olden recipe hasn't been on the cans of today for quite awhile.

Maybe because so many other recipes came along...
Marshmallow  fudge
Peanut Butter fudge
Million Dollar fudge

but I have saved the old recipe since MY children were very young.

I've kept it in this adorable recipe box that my little girl gave me
when she was in high school.

I have "licked the pan and spoon" of fudge so many time throughout my
entire life, it seems.
I did it...
then, my kids did it...
then the grandkids...
and now, I'm back to licking it again.
Life makes a full circle....

I fill it full of pecans, we get out the icy cold milk
and enjoy every bit of the candy we love.
xo, bj

I am still working on the living room...
it is coming along so good.
I have THE SPOT all ready for the delivery guys bringing
THE SOFA on Sat. (9/5)...
I don't care what anyone says, this furniture store has taken
WAAAY too long in getting our sofa to us.
we've been patient and it HAS given me time to do a lot of things
I wanted to do...  
I haven't been by to visit you but as soon as things settle down here,
I promise to come by. I thank you for your patience with me.
xoxo, b j


  1. Okay!!! Now I MUST make up a batch of fudge just as soon as I can!!! Maybe on Wednesday when the quads are here! I tried and tried to make it as a child when I was growing up. I remember making it when I was 10 years old - and it would NOT harden up. We ate it with spoons. I don't think I EVER made it the way it was supposed to be! I suppose I never cooked it long enough.
    Still, I have Fudge Memories - trying to make a treat for my sisters and brother - and of them eating it - with a spoon - and assuring me! "Linda, this is REALLY good!!!" Bless their hearts! At our next sibling dinner, just GUESS what I will be bringing!!! Thank you, BJ!!!

  2. I love fudge but hardly ever make it except at Christmas. I have a recipe called Never Fail Fudge that is just the best of any I have ever made. Course, it has to be loaded with pecans. Yum, making me hungry for fudge a few months early


  3. I love chocolate fudge abd peanut butter fudge.

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm craving this yummy looking fudge dear BJ. Your daughter's cute recipe box is a treasure.
    Have a lovely week.

  5. I think you meant 9/5 not 8/5 for delivery, right? I know I'm old and easily confused so that threw me for a loop. Way too long a delivery! LOL. I love that you still have your old recipe box from long ago. I still have my little recipe book from the 70's, but don't have that wonderful Hersey's recipe in it. We thought they would keep it on the can forever didn't we?

  6. OMG - what a fantastic treat!! Who wouldn't love this fudge ?!

  7. Huh, and I thought my Mom made it up herself--haha. That is our standard icing recipe which I tend to thin down as a thick glaze. And just like my Mom I don't exactly measure which can turn into a comedy because sometimes it becomes a contest to get it on the cake before it sets hard.

  8. ohhhhhhhh... that mixing bowl..... nearly scraped clean..... ohhhhhhh sigh..... just look at the almost crunchy goodness in there.... (maybe sugar crystals???) -evil grin- oh what a photo capture!!!!!!!!!

  9. I had to smile when I saw your picture of the fudge. It looks kind of pink on the sight, so I though you were going to tell us of some mysterious new recipe! Anyway, fun memories. We have a friend who makes THE MOST outstanding fudge I've ever eaten, and it does have to have nutes!

  10. Looks totally and amazingly delicious and easy and I want to make some now! I'm headed north again for the week and may make a diversionary trip toward Mackinac where they call the people who come to the island "Fudgies" because they load up on fudge from the shops! I'll try to refrain -- now that there is such a tasty-looking recipe out there, maybe I'll succeed!

  11. I remember that episode of Friends where someone had ordered a big bed from the furniture store and got a race-car bed by mistake. But as long as it comes to the house, better late than never

  12. Thanks for sharing you fudge recipe with us. Wish I was able to have some but I know I can't. Looking forward to see your new sofa and room when you get it all in order. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. I haven't made fudge since I was a little girl. It was marshmallow fudge for us, and it was soooo good!

  14. Ahhhh fudge such delicious childhood memories of making it. I'll give your recipe a try in time for the holidays.

  15. Oh my heavens, that is the best fudge ever! Looks like the kind I had growing up too! Thanks for the sweet fudge memory!

  16. Fudge is one of my favorite candy also,Bj , now I want to go make a batch!

  17. My mother loves fudge - and all other sweets. She would be right there eating it with you. And, lots of nuts are an absolute must.

    Can hardly wait to see your living room.♥

  18. BJ, I would love to look at all of your recipes! I think you would give Dwain a run for his money! LOL! I have not eaten fudge in years! I may have to talk Dwain into making some tonight. That cold glass of milk sounds amazing!!

  19. Such true words, sweet BJ. When I think of my precious Grandma Betty I think of her delicious desserts {{smiles}} Your fudge looks delicious! Happy Monday. Hugs to you!

  20. Love that full circle! Licking the bowl and spoon is such a treat!

  21. BJ, I have never made fudge other than peanut butter fudge. My sister is very good at making all kinds of fudge. I love the story of your friends and you making fudge. It just made me smile. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  22. bj ... your fudge looks so good.
    I am not really a big chocolate eater, but would eat it just to get the pecans, so put lot of pecans in it. LOL
    Anxious to see your new couch all set up with your new/old tables and silver lamps .. or are they still brass?
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  23. Ohhhh nooo, fudge! How I do love the stuff and I only make it once every few years. Today may be the day, thanks to you.

    Glad that things are coming together nicely. You will be so ready to welcome your new sofa.

  24. For whatever reason, making good fudge just seems to elude me. Mine always comes out rather dry and crumbly even when I carefully follow the directions.

  25. My mouth is watering! All those delicious pecans remind me of my grandmother's pecan trees in East Texas! Sure looks good!

  26. Food, like music, can transport us back in time. Very cool.

  27. You are making me hungry for



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