Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I am a Worker...

This post is in the interest of my loved ones...
so they will know that I did indeed HELP on the building of

We had just unloaded a load of lumber...

...red face...
have to use so much moisturizer on it tonight that i may slide
right out of bed; so slippery.

...in my WORK clothes, kids.
Everyone I know has one of these cute fedora straw hats..
I couldn't wait to get one...
with it and the sunglasses, I look just like a GIANT ANT.....

my gloves I'm working in are THINSULATE....????
in this HOT weather....????

...going on my TO BUY LIST...
cute...CUTE...work gloves.
"what are you doing, bj ?
"doing what ?"
"well...i'm taking selfies so that I can prove I worked today"
"any pictures with you actually WORKING..?"
"shut up"

waaay too tired to cook...

 McDonald's Carry Out Lunch that was sooo good...
I had the ASIAN SALAD, without meat of any kind,
and a strawberry shake...

Mr. Sweet chose the BIG MAC and a Vanilla Shake...
I was too busy eating to take photos of his meal. 

...it's taken all summer long to get this building built...
and we still have a long way to go...

Love, hugs and kisses, bj
Playing in the fun at
Outdoor Wed.


  1. Sweet BJ, I know you help your husband work. Those temperatures are scary hot. Please take care. Even the men folks need to watch it. and drink lots of water. The salad looks good..I have not been to mc d's for so long. I have a pair of leather palmed gloves that I use with wood or bricks. I have a thin smooth leather pair for gardening. Gloves will save your hands girl. Once when I went to Mount Vernon(G.Washington's home) I ask the men painting the chain around the drive if I could paint some of it.. Got a picture of me doing that to show my daughters that I work every where I go. LOL We can do it , can't we? :):) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. I hope that in those temps (brutal) that you're pacing yourself hence the photos of your cute self. You're rocking those shorts and that straw hat and those sunglasses! The greenhouse has come a long way since last we saw it. Looks huge to me now!

  3. Toooooo Hoooooot. Love your new header. A memory, keeper.

  4. BJ,
    Hard work in 98 degrees! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!! Matter of fact hard work in any weather. I too work along side my hubby but have no pics to share.
    Loving your hat!

  5. Hard work and high temps can be a prescription for disaster. But you will have a great greenhouse to enjoy. You do look much cooler in the pool :-)

    Jocelyn @ http://justalittlesouthernhospitality.blogspot.com/

  6. Those are quite high temperatures, good idea with the hat. Lovely photos indeed, greetings and best wishes!

  7. Your post made my day! (again)

  8. You are just too funny! Getting a McDonald's meal on the table can be hard work...and your red face proved it...lol! BTW, that salad looks AMAZING...meat or no meat :)

  9. BJ, we have a building project waiting for us when we return to Texas, my hubby's shed. But before that we still have some unpacking to do. Our time away has given us the energy to jump right in when we return. Good job!

  10. BJ it looks like you are working way too hard in that heat! My fav at MC Ds is their ice coffee. My hubby thinks my car is programed to turn in at any golden arches. Have a great week.

  11. I sure can identify with unfinished projects. The progress is great. I'm hard at work here taking photos of Dear up on ladders painting. That take out lunch looks real good. I hear you are going to be hotter than the lake of fire today. Stay cool and inside sipping iced tea!

  12. Wow I would have been inside where it is cool. You are brave to get out in that hot sun and work. Take care and stay cool. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. What a great update on your project, BJ! You made me laugh at several points and one of which was the 'cute' work gloves. I've been on a crusade of sorts here to find 'cute' rubber boots to wear in our little olive grove in Greece this fall. Needless to say my other half can't get his head around 'cute' "Why can't you buy boots there?" "Because they are ugly green and look like work boots?" "You want to look 'cute' when working?" (I have another blogger buddy to blame for this as she is always wearing a pair of cute red polka dot boots in her blogs from her farm in Australia). sigh. . .the price of fashion, right?

  14. Stay safe in the heat. My fellas come in all the time to "hydrate" and cool off when it is that hot out.

    Isn't taking pictures classed as work?

    God bless.

  15. I am sitting under the hair dryer and just laughed our loud:). Golly gee that was funny! Thanks for the giggle his morning. Hugs

  16. Bj you are so cute and crack me up. Love that you are out there helping out. Love your hat and sunglasses you look adorable.
    Sorry you have to work in the heat. Glad you are taking breaks. That salad and shake look so yummy! The garden house is going to look so awesome so worth all the work.
    Stay cool,

  17. Your job is to look cute, bj, and you are simply adorable!!! Don't work too hard in this heat.

  18. Hi bj, you are so cute! I love this post. Make sure you get some shade. I love your meatless lunch.

  19. Wow! Stay cool !!! :) Love your hat.

  20. I simply do not know how any of you, are doing this building, in this heat.

    And I worry about you toooooo!

    So there!!!!!


    P.S. -pout-pout-pout-pout-pout-worry-worry-worry-worry-worry-

  21. It's been awhile since I had a McDonalds shake

  22. I like your "work" clothes and that lunch looked good. Don't over do it!

  23. Oh please by careful with all that work you are all doing. You did make me laugh though and you do look cute in your outfit with the hat and sunglasses. Stay cool.
    Julie xo

  24. Thanks for the good laugh.... Giant Ant! Bless you I know you were hot and tired. Still has a good since of humor. That salad did look yummy.

  25. I don't know how you can work in that heat! I can't do it anymore, I am a wuss!!! The salad looks good, I will try it! Hope you got some REST!!!!!!!!

  26. Glad the building is coming along nicely. Too bad it is so hot, The pool looks very inviting and I hope you are taking advantage of that. I have been working outside too, but under a tree ... wind blowing and a big fan to blow the heat away. Drinking a lot ... water, that is !!!
    Take care.Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  27. You looks so cute in your outfit, bj! Yes, please do be careful in this heat! I can not wait to see what your greenhouse is going to look like completed! It's looking great so far! Hope you have a restful weekend relaxing! ;)

  28. Oh soooo hot! My sister took her son to college to Arizona State and it is low 86 and high of 115 this week. And, ironically WE are having perfect weather- dry, puffy white clouds, nice temps, cooler in evening....perfect for al fresco dining.....wish I could do this. We shall see.

    So sorry it's so hot and you are working so hard. I laughed out loud about the thinsulate gloves, you goofus.

    PS- As my father would say "She has nice stems!" Meaning: your legs are awesome. : - )

  29. You both better be careful. This heat we are having is dangerous. I love milkshakes, but usually get them from Braum's.

  30. Looks like an awesome GreenHouse. Lots of hard work.
    McDonald's is good anytime!
    I'm with you on the strawberry milkshake. xoxo


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