Monday, July 20, 2015

Cookies and Cherries and Drinks, Oh My....

A favorite summertime drink for me... 

A 7up, cherry juice, lime and lime juice and 3 cherries..

Sooo good and refreshing and PRETTY, too. 

I swear I could eat my weight in CHERRIES...

...just look at all that cherry juice on the bottom...

I just pour juice from the jar of cherries right into that 7up...

then a squeeze of fresh lime and....

I'm in business.


Have you tried these...?

We like them a lot.
Seems especially good for a cookie mix.

You can make fancy designs with the two colors of dough
but I just made them as simple as I could so I could get them
into that oven and get them baked quicker...
"The quicker they bake, my dear,
the quicker to eat."
heh heh heh.....

I'm not real big on canned frosting...
it's a little too sweet for me.
So, I added a little SOUR CREAM to this icing and it was just right.

It's fun to spread it with a CANDY CANE SPREADER, too.

Summertime can be such fun....

I remember so many good summertime things as a child.

Watermelon Gardens, where they served icy cold watermelon slices..

Carnivals and circuses...

Swimming and boating...

Fishing and picnics...

Trips to the Dallas Zoo....

All of these things we did when I would go to Dallas to spend a few weeks with my dad.
We always had so much fun...and I know this is the main reason I love
SUMMERTIME  so much.
 As old as I am, I still and always will, miss my daddy a lot. *sad


  1. Walking in here is like visiting a soda fountain shop crossed with a bakery that features a pool where there is an interior designer on duty! And I do love it! It's better than a tonic. (I have not yet seen those cookies for sale in these parts.)

  2. Oh yummy. I am soooo hot. I want one of those. The cookies remind me of lemonade cookies I made when I was a teenager.
    When I started cooking. They turned out. LOL. Don't ask The Cowboy about the Chocolate pie. He was my high school sweet heart!
    I never went to the Dallas zoo until we were dating. And he scared the pee waddle out of me! Some deralic dude came up to our car and The Cowboy pulled a gun from under the seat. At least the dude ran off. Can you believe I married him. Wow. What a memory you brought back! He's settled down a little. He does have a license now! Love your post. BTW you need to come by and see me tomorrow. I mentioned you in my post. You'll have to check it out! Have a great week. XXOO.

  3. No canned frosting for me. Yuckers. But I do like pink. Super fun.

  4. That drink does look pretty darn good. Early in our dating life, Daisy and I used to go Denny's often. They had some kind of blue fruit drink that looked really good. Tasted it, just like coconut. I hate coconut. Though Daisy loves coconut.

  5. Cool and refreshing - those are the kinds of drinks that go down so well in summertime. Pretty cookies, too. Lots of summertime fun here today.

  6. I am going to get the ingredients for that 'refreshing drink' of yours tomorrow to serve at art class tomorrow night!!

  7. they all look delicious , dear Lady...
    A Great day to you and yours...
    and dear Lady Linda... we really miss Art Class... (took over 6 years)...

  8. Your sweet posts shouts out summer, my friend :) You drink looks so good and so refreshing....I may have to go get the needed ingredients.

    Thanks for joining Roses of Inspiration this week. Love and hugs to you!

  9. Whoo these look and sound delicious :) yummy..

  10. Those cookies look very interesting. I will have to keep my eyes open for them here. Mind you we don't always get the things you seem to find here in Canada....Or at least my province.

    God bless.

  11. Wow the drink and cookies look so good! I would love it if you joined our Cooking and Crafting with J & J party that I co-host all week long!
    Julie xo

  12. I love cherry flavoured foods and drinks. I'm with Jackie in the comment above that we probably don't have those cookie mixes here in Canada. Fun to try though. Have a great day BJ.

  13. Everything looks so good. Thanks for sharing these great drinks and cookies with us and your lovely memory of visits with you dad. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Oh that beautiful pink. . .it just screams, "Summer!!!" You've made me hungry and thirsty, though!

  15. This drink...and these cookies...sound SO yummy! Pinned! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  16. Hi BJ,
    I'm a new follower and thank you for your comment on Tea for Three. I love to photograph and I fly by the seat of my pants. The background for my tea table is a cafe curtain on a rod/ We have three windows and I just put the curtain up when I do my tea tables. I use a 50mm lens. I use A-DEP or AV and TV. I just play around until I get the look I like. Your blog is amazing and I love your blog design.

  17. Looks so refreshing ... great for this hot weather. We have a warning of afternoon heat index values of 105 to 107. I know you are maybe hotter than that. Just drink a lot of your pretty summertime drink. Cookies look good too.
    Audrey Z.

  18. I'll just say "Ditto" to what Vee said in the 1st comment..... you are always a fun visit!!
    (going to go & look for those cookies : )

  19. Mmmm looks like the perfect summertime treat, bj! It'd be fun to visit your house!

  20. Your goodies are as vibrant and wonderful as summer itself!

  21. Just sayin' I seriously think I need to order those ant napkins. Weren't the great! I really did think of you. I could see you setting up a picnic with them and taking some fantastic photos. Thanks for coming by. Have a great Wednesday.

  22. Your posts are always so,beautiful. And I find new ideas and recipes! Have never seen the box cookie mix...and what agreat idea to add sour cream. (I'm like you, it's too sweet for me too!)


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