Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Stone Cottage by a different name ~

A blogging friend, SUZAN, did a post on
and being the COPY CAT that I am,
I wanted to do one, too...

Stone cottage for sale on the Internet.
I want this house...
but, of course, it would have to be in this town where all my children and grands live.

The stone cottage from the movie,
"A fairy tale English cottage set in a tranquil country garden" 
*heavy sigh

ooo, i am sooo in luv....
I just had to show the bath in this adorable, fairy tale cottage.

Stone walls around that MAGNIFICENT tub.
I want to take a long long soak in this soaker tub.... 
or is it called a SLIPPER tub..?? 

WHO wouldn't drool all over themselves about this kitchen.?
More personality than any kitchen I've ever seen.
I love that she added  shelves above the mantel...
makes it all look like a fabulous, fire-burning hutch. :)

If you looked up the word
in a dictionary,
you would surely find this photo.

While our home isn't a traditional HOUSE,
 ( it's a pool house belonging to our son)
it is indeed, built of brick and STONE.

As you can see, if I ever walk in my sleep, I'll end up
walking the plank...
and end up in

the beautiful pool...

a perfect place for growing  beautiful flowers.

such pretty pinks..

 I love the way the builder used stone with brick "columns' between the twin french doors......(actually, not columns at all but a row of brick ....) 

 This building, being built by Mr. Sweet, will be 
brick and stone
just as the house.
(it's a homeowners association requirement)
It will all tie in together and is going to look really good.

Boxes of stone left over from the building of this amazing pool house,
so lovingly called THE SUMMER HOUSE by moi.

And, of COURSE, I must share with you what we had for breakfast on this most beautiful Sunday mornings.....

When I was very little, my parents divorced 
and I was separated from my sweet daddy.

The most vivid thing I remember about him when I was VERY little is
the breakfast he liked to call
Biscuits or roll...
fried potatoes with onions
Log Cabin Syrup or Molasses poured over most of the food.
Ever so often...when I'm missing him,
for Mr. Sweet and myself. 
I realize that is such a small thing to remember about someone you love...
it was such a good breakfast, even for a little girl, that I remember
sitting at the table, eating with him.....
and that memory has stayed with me all these long years.
I do remember LOTS of things about him and our time together
as I got older. 

Photo from Internet
I have never been so in luv with a house !!
THIS is a little more than a "cottage"
and isn't it sooo dreamy !

It looks like large, whole stones
...and don't you love her stone walkway
with grass between....
the arched entry way over the small porch...
the hearts in the shutters...
the red door and geraniums on the window ledge....

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  1. Stone cottages are so charming!

  2. Thanks so much BJ for the shoutout - and for letting me know about this gorgeous post !
    You're right - I DID pee a little LMHO !
    That last one? Holy cow - it's now fair - really it's just not fair that I can't be living in that one !
    Pinning now!

  3. you never really see tubs like that anymore. Before our bathroom was remodeled a good few years back, I saw them take out of the old cast iron tub. It didn't look very light.

  4. BJ, Your daddy's breakfast looks good. I loved the house you showed us. I think your home is so very's cute and you are near your children. Hugs everyday. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Oh my goodness!! I want that fairy tale English cottage and your daddy's breakfast!

  6. I'm in cottage envy right now, bj!! I love when your share your memories...somehow when we think of loved ones, food is involved. Food must be a little piece of heaven for all of us.
    Your very own pool house cottage is adorable and your happy posies make for a charming entrance.

  7. I love them too! Especially if they have an old, deep bathtub!!!!!

  8. I also love stone. And that last house is so cute! Such a sweet memory you have of breakfasts with your father!

  9. Replies
    1. No fair, Michele...I told you not to take that cute comment hoo

  10. The little stone cottage from The Holiday is dreamy!! Your house is too, BJ but most especially because you put your touches on it.

    I was just looking at all the goodies on your blog. Love the quote about dieting and the pretty pic of your house!

  11. There's no place as sweet as The Summer House. Nope. I wouldn't trade it for any of the others. It will certainly wake you up if you find yourself in the brink! That was hilarious!

  12. Ooh - love all of the precious cottages! Your Summer House is coming right along, isn't it?


  13. love those cottages and the larger home, what a breakfast, one to remember.

  14. I actually prefer the one with the big pool in front of it, would be nice to live there. Breakfast sounds so good, some good memories. Pretty flowers.

  15. Love stone cottages, I want that last one! Gorgeous! Yours is too, how blessed are you to live in one, it's the nicest pool house I've ever seen!

  16. Dreamy cottage! **sigh** I love them all!

  17. BJ, I also enjoy stone cottages. Our new house is all stone on the outside with a mix of colors in it. I do love that kitchen in the cottage. Beautiful in blue.

  18. Wonderful pictures! I feel like I've been on vacation!

  19. Stone cottages are my dream house! Every single one of these is gorgeous, including your little summer house!

  20. I love stone cottages too! All are beautiful and I love your breakfast and the last photo too!

  21. Beautiful stone cottages inside and out. Glad you have the wonderful memories when you were with your dad. Your flowers look very nice. Have a blessed day and stay cool. Madelline

  22. An "uplifting" post and wonderful photos...
    You and yours have a great weekend , dear Lady...
    And Thank You for your kind words of concern.... Stacey

  23. OH I will just have to dream thanks for Cottage tour............guess dreaming doesn't cost! Love to see your little house and that breakfast I could handle. How in the world are you keeping those flowers blooming in your West Texas heat!!!

  24. My dream would be to live deep in the woods with a clear clean water stream nearby in a stone cottage with just 4 little rooms: a little kitchen, a little bathroom (but big enough for a claw foot soaker tub) a living room in the front, and a sweet bedroom in back of the house with French doors overlooking a covered patio and a beautiful English Country flower and herb garden.

    Oh, that to me would be heaven on earth. ♥♥♥

  25. I share your love of stone houses. . .our home in Greece is indeed stone and I love, love, love every bit of those wonderful gray walls!! Great post, BJ!! Happy weekend! xxJ.

  26. The stone on these cottages adds so much charm. Love the last one. Sooooooo beautiful. Love this post today.

  27. Oh my... That was an overload of OMG. I love them all and your home is delightful.

  28. Happy Pink Saturday, dear friend. Oh, girl, I love stone cottages, too. And, I love your very own stone cottage. It even more love with all of your special touches.♥

  29. These stone houses are all so wonderful, like storybook cottages!!! I wish I remembered ANYTHING about my Dad. He died when I was 4. I have ALWAYS missed him and wished I had a dad. Sweet memories, BJ. Glad you can recreate the breakfast and share it with him in your heart!!!!

  30. Love the cottages and would be fun to live in one. Of course, I would have to get rid of 75% of my stuff. I love your summer house and how lucky you are to be in a smaller house and close to family. We are really thinking we need a smaller house and no yard but not in my plans right now. I know you will be so happy when the greenhouse/storage building is done.
    Love your flowers.

  31. Those are beautiful. I know yours will be beautiful, too. I love love your flowers! I also really enjoyed the story about your dad! What a breakfast! It's amazing how food, music, and scent tie us back to the past!

  32. I could live in any of those beautiful stone cottages! Love the geraniums on the windowsill!

  33. Dreamy stone cottages/homes fr sure but your "Stone Brick Pool Cottage" is pretty dreamy too . . .
    What a wonderful world you are living!

  34. Beautiful! Just lovely homes. I love them too Bj! Great site!

  35. The cottages you shared are nice, but you are fortunate and blessed in your lovely home.

  36. Cottages are dreamy ! I just read your quilting post too. Loved the stories behind them! No one in my family quilts so I havecto admite yours!

  37. Oh those cottages are beautiful! And yes, I would love to have one of them! But....I'd ne re make it in that tub, that's for Your pool house house is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what your honey is building. Glad your breakfast was a good memory maker. We all feel nostalgic at times.


  38. I love cottages, all of these are so beautiful. And that tub and vaulted ceiling, gorgeous!!

  39. When did you say your birthday is? I'm tellin' we're sisters! I love stone cottages too. I didn't get a chance to read this post yet. I got stuck yesterday on the quilts. This was great I enjoyed it. I'll be writing about quilts and quilting the week of the 9th. I am off for the week. I've been thinking about and praying about a new endeavor. I'll making some phone calls this week to my old connections. I'm considering working with at-risk teens again and teaching quilting. Don't know if there is a 'need' we'll see. Anyway. I am moving forward with posting more about that area of my life. You've inspired!

  40. Stone cottages are so gorgeous! Nothing beats the craftsmanship of these homes....all so beautiful!

  41. PS....I could have sworn I was following you, but see that while I've been traveling, I've missed a few posts. I've now made it O-fficial so that I don't miss anymore! :-) Sorry for all the comments! :-)

  42. I love stone cottages! This is such a fun and happy post. Thanks for sharing. You are one of the fan favorites at the Anything Blue Friday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link so you can check it out. Hope to see you again at the little, blue soiree. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  43. Hi BJ. This one is also on the Weekly Feature Series! Thanks for joining my parties! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  44. Oh yes, I love that house from The Holiday! Gorgeous!

  45. I was reading a book and it mentioned `slippe tub.
    I wondered what it was. Now I know. thanks.. :)

    I would like your recipe for this meal, please.
    I always like scrolling down for one of your recipes.
    Your a lady of many talents. xoxo


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