Thursday, June 18, 2015

Copy Catting is FUN

Hi, Everyone..

In case there's friends out there that aren't aware of how long I've been blogging...
since 2007...
A few years back, a blogger had the best link party each month...

We picked a photo out of a magazine and put our own spin on a copy of it.
It was my favorite thing to do...
 A couple years ago, COUNTRY LIVING magazine was showing this
adorable way to show off your FERN fronds.
They put them into cute bottles and what an impact !!
I had these 3 little cutie bottles that I bought at the local  FLEA MARKET...
I just happened to have a FERN.
It was a BOSTON FERN and Country Living was also showing a Boston Fern...
but theirs was a different variety, I think.
(or else theirs wasn't as large and healthy as mine..LOL)

The fun thing about the party was that you didn't have to copy exactly .....just take the idea and do your own thing with it.

Shiny silver tray.....bottles of FERN
AND candles make for a delicious look.

I also love the look of all my tea  lights in this large jar....COOL

That little vintage cruet belonged to my mama..

I love holding something that I know HER hands held at one time....makes my eyes tear up, my heart beat a little faster and a severe feeling of HOMESICKNESS floods over me. It only lasts a few is well with my soul.

It's only natural for us to miss the ones we love so much...and how good it makes us feel when we KNOW where they are.
♥ ♥ ♥

That pretty silver tray was a gift from our kiddos and I use it all the time.
♥ ♥ ♥
Such a simple idea...
almost cost free...
and it's a look that can be moved around.
I like that.

 Don't you like the look of just about ANYthing in JARS ..? these POKER CHIPS (red, white, blue and green)
 and the TEA LIGHTS...?
meee, too.
 As you can see, MY copy isn't JUST like the original.
The Country Living photo just gave me the IDEA.

MR. SWEET says that, of all the things I am having a HISSIE FIT about in this post,
HE likes the looks of those BISCUITS and GRAVY 

         MEN !!
.....they ALWAYS seem to like FOOD better than anything...
well, ALMOST anything..*wink
(course.....there's not much better than a big ole biscuit just smothered
in CREAM GRAVY......

AND....speaking of HISSIE FITS...

I found this adorable cup the other day, thrifting with my girl...

I adore cute cups and this one really was made
just for me....

not sayin' that I throw many hissie fits.....

I've been known to throw one or two in my lifetime...

THIS is a

Leaving you with ONE MORE THOUGHT...
and then, I'll get outta here.

Aren't the strawberries just wonderful this year...


  1. I love the word 'hissy-fit'!!! It's so much more cute, than 'having a rant.' ,-)

    Just like I love the Southern saying of... "I don't sweat, I glisten." :-))) Yessss!!!!!!!


  2. I loved your ferns in the bottles. Cute. Your husband's right your food pictures do look pretty good. LOL.I'd like a waffle with berries too. My granddaughter Emma always has waffles when she is here. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. And you have the right to wonder, how come that "Da_n Yankee" is spouting Southern sayings???? -gigggles-

    Well, because I read "glisten," on a Southern bloger's blog, that's why!!! ,-)

    And like you have fun, with "copy-catting" decor, I love to "adopt" cute sayings, I come across.

    Gentle hugs,

  4. Love your ideas. I just might need to borrow a few if you have any extra laying around. Now, I am hungry! for biscuits.

  5. Cute post - copy catting, awesome - yours looks better, actually!

    Your strawberries got me, hubs allergic so don't have them often and yes they are incredible this year. YUM!


  6. I think your ferns look so much better. And I now want strawberries.

  7. Love your copy cat version! I agree with hubby - the biscuits and gravy plus the strawberries look fabulous!!


  8. So many pretty ideas in this post. I love the way you interpret the ideas you see in magazines. Your mama's cut crystal/glass cruet is lovely. Isn't it nice having mementos from your mom to bring back good memories. The strawberries are luscious this year. It is almost peach season here and I love those, too.

  9. BJ, I love the way you decorate with simple, meaningful items. Just beautiful!!

  10. imitation is the highest form of flattery? :)

  11. bj, I think I remember you doing the fern thingy. I used to get a kick out of you loving the "copy cat" thing and you did a fantastic job of copying!

  12. That's a fun challenge and I love how the ferns look -- not just in the bottles but in all the ways used! How fun!

  13. Yep, we have been blogging for a long time BJ.

    I think you should start up the copy cat theme. You are so good at it. Me, well not so good as I start to change things around a bit too much.

    God bless.

  14. That's cute that he prefers the biscuits in the photos. Great ideas too! xoxo Su

  15. Now Bj, you would leave me with thoughts of strawberries and waffles, drooling! I love all your ideas, especially the tea lights in the jar and yes I am another one that loves things in jars!
    Have a great weekend!

  16. I am loving the jar idea, especially since I have about a bazillion tea light candles hidden around the house. I spy your pig picture and it still make me really happy. Yum...biscuits!!!! Although I haven't had one in years since I've been to the Cracker Barell in VA.

  17. I haven't really tried the strawberries this year. I got cherries the other day and Daisy ate them all without asking...

    1. Adam, I am on m way over but just wanted to say here, for all to see, that you, without a doubt, have the BEST personality,.....I so enjoy your blog AND your comments keep us all laughing. xoxo

  18. Well amen to the hissie fit. I have one every now and then and it usually is over something that has been stewing for a while. So true that some things are worth fighting over!

    Well now, I can see why Mr. Sweet loves the look of those biscuits...yummo!

    So well remember the copy cat meme. I always liked yours better than the original!

  19. Hi BJ,
    Hissy-fit now that's a term I haven't heard in awhile, Not saying I haven't had some, but the word needs to be brought back. Hey maybe I can use it on a Grand! I think your ferns look lovely... always fun to gain inspiration from a clever idea.

  20. Pretty fern in the bottles . I really do like your decorating ideas. Biscuits look so good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  21. Your food always looks better than my food. I SO miss the ferns in East Texas. By the way, the link you have to Farmhouse Porch doesn't go anywhere.

    1. I sent you an email, Brenda...
      the link is now fixed. Sorry about that...and thanks for letting me know.

  22. Oh my gosh. First my heart was touched about touching things loved ones have touched (all the touchs intended ;)
    Then I saw THE CUP! I NEED ONE. Hadn't heard the phrase 'hissie fit' in ages and it fits me so well from time to time. Don't tell the RG I said so HAHAHA.

    1. Found a variety online and this
      'If a Hissy Fit' doesn't work, try a 'Conniption Fit'. Oh My.

  23. Ha! We southern girls do know how to throw a "Hissy Fit", don't we?! I love the ferns, and the items in the glass jars. So pretty. That sounds like a fun link up - getting inspiration from magazines! Now, lets talk about that food. I'm kinda with Mr. Sweet.... those biscuits and gravy are callin' my name... and those waffles with the strawberries... oh my! Now I'm hungry! haha!

  24. You made me laugh and cry all in the same post, bj. I love when you are nostalgic about your Mama and yes, we know our loved ones are in a better place, but we still miss them, don't we? Your sweet vignette is just darling...well, everything you do is! I'm with Mr. Sweet and would love some of that biscuit and gravy. Your mug is awfully cute, too.

  25. Oh I loved that party. Great copy cat! Have a great weekend.

  26. Fun post bj ... yes, I do love your fern in the little jars. I love taking an idea from a magazine and improving on it ... you did just that. You always make me hungry with your beautiful photos of foods.
    Enjoy your week-end.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  27. Back in my young days, I had too many hissy-fits. My daddy did not like that. You are the best copy cat ever.

  28. Lovely vignettes! And Yes! I love the looks of everything in jars or glass vessels of any sort!

  29. BJ, you are the Queen of Everything, and I adore you. Your copycat skills are beyond reproach. Makes me want to go cut some fern fronds.

    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Father's Day to your guys.

  30. I've tried to recreate different looks that I see in magazines and I never get it quite right. I have to say, you nailed it! In fact, eat your heart out, Country Living because I actually like your copy cat version better... :)

    You know, I usually keep my tea light candles in the same bag they come in, but you have given me some inspiration. I love the look of storing them all neat and tidy in a jar and I'm going to start doing the same thing. Thanks, BJ!

  31. BJ,
    I love your COPY CAT idea, dear friend!!!
    I can for go the biscuits and gravy. . .
    but oh, honey. . .those strawberries on waffles have me weak in the knees!!!
    I'll be joining you in prayer for the victims, dear one!!!

  32. I've never thrown a hissy fit.... "cough" ;) Cute cup!

    I love getting ideas and making them my own. I thinks that's we all love checking out each other's blogs. Your copy cat turned out great!

    Love the strawberries this year :)


  33. Country Living's whole point is that we will get an idea from them and "fly with it! .
    And you did it!


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