Monday, March 16, 2015

~ Reaching for SPRING

It's always so much fun, changing our decor from one season to another... 
but especially fun going from 
FLOWERS just starting to bud

and I was ready to change THE SUMMER HOUSE
from layered winter things into something more fitting
for a house named

The first thing I did was to take my WINTER  banner down and put up.....

this colorful and light HEART BANNER.
 ...just this one little thing made such a difference.

I love this pretty SPRING HEART BANNER from my good blogging friend,
I have to admit that I've left this favorite pillow in the world out until just now.
I just loved it too much to put away with my Christmas decos for a whole year, so when my sweet friend, CEEKAY, said, "if you love it that much, just leave it out for awhile longer."....and I did.

 THIS adorable pillow is probably the only one in the world I would be happy to
replace the RED one with....
I love little Beatles cars...
and I REALLY love this pillow. 

The light, delicate color of this little car says SPRING to me.

NO flowers in the yard as yet so flowers from the supermarket work beautifully
to add SPRINGTIME to my dining room. 

This has been one of the prettiest bouquets  I have ever had...

I love soft pink roses and yellow ones while red ones are my least favorite.
Mr. Sweet calls me that every once in awhile...*blush....*kicking dirt clods..  :>) can almost smell the sweetness of these beautiful roses.

"Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into."

 ~Henry Beecher, Life Thoughts, 1858

my thoughts turned to......FOOD.

 Sweets and fruit....
a hard-to-beat combo.

 and how pretty on these SPRINGTIME plates.

We've had real spring-like weather all week and our 
temps are supposed to be in the middle to high 60's and lower to middle 70's this coming week...

Hope weather in your part of the country is a whole lot warmer.

Love to you, bj


  1. Weather is warm here, too -- Bob is out working in the garden. Will be planting the peas tomorrow with Wyatt on St. Pat's Day. Me -- this winter girl is still not in a Spring mood!! Enjoy your week. Sally

  2. I saw daffodils in Trader Joe's last night for $2 a bunch - they were buds. I should go back and get some! We are having very spring-y weather here. Mostly rain for Spring Break. But we need it badly, so I won't complain! All the potted plant babies went outside to live yesterday - I am ready for it, too, BJ!

  3. Love your fresh bit of springtime attitude. It's been a very long winter and spring has never been so welcome, has it?

    Love your pretty bouquet. Hugs.

    PS - My Pop had a 1963 red VW Bug convertible - was so perfect for island hopping, as I grew up on an island. I love your pilllows too!

  4. Love your Spring presentation. I am working in my yard today as it is suppose to be nice one day. Rain rest of week. That is okay as we need it so badly. I enjoy all flowers as they are nothing when you are gone.

  5. Our snow is finally! gone too...thanks for sharing some Spring inspiration.

  6. Ooooh...what lovely springtime images...and those flowers are bee-yoo-tee-ful! It has been like spring here too...75 degrees today!

  7. What darling touches. The pillow is so cute.

  8. BJ, I love your spring touches of pretty colors. The cutest pillow !! It's going to be near 70 here today...just today..back to normal temps tomorrow. But oh boy loving this sunshine. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. Very charming post BJ filled with your beautiful photography. I'm reaching for Spring, but with the past week of warmer temps in the 50's to now expecting snow on Thursday and Friday its one heck of a reach!!!!

  10. A pink rose, some "pinks" or carnations, and a glimpse of purple in the back, lovely, let spring come in with fanfare.

  11. How funny that red roses are your least favorite. I know you like it in decorating...right? Red roses are my least favorite, too. I love the pastels much better. We are supposed to have snow coming on Friday-ugh.

    It is so funny. I drive a big SUV because I am always hauling a bunch of grandkids around. However, as they are moving away and getting bigger I told MyHero this last week that I would LOVE a little VW Beetle. I thought he would die laughing- I have had big vehicles for so long. My roommate had a VW when we were young and we used to tool all over in that little thing. Maybe I want to relive my youth again?!
    Love your banner and your pillow. xo Diana

  12. Spring has burst forth overnight here after only a few warm days. The colors in your banner sure looks bright and spring like and I love the little blue car pillow. Yum, the fruit and sweets look like a great lunch.
    Have a great week bj.............

  13. If it sounds like spring, and looks like spring. and feels like spring, it might be spring just a titch early. You folks certainly deserve some warmer weather after the winter you've had. You keep right on kicking those clods! Pshaw... Beautiful cheery, springy post.

  14. It's almost spring here in Rockwall! In the 70s today for the first time in awhile and it feels wonderful! We have the windows open and the sun is shining. :) :) :)

  15. You do have fun pillows that along with the changing banners re-awaken your room to the next season.

  16. This warm weather is bringing out the spring in all of us, it is 82 degrees here it!
    Great Post!

  17. bj ... you have done a real nice job of creating Spring in your Summer House. The hearts are so fresh looking and love the pillow with the blue car.
    Of course, having a vase of beautiful fresh flowers does not hurt one bit.
    Enjoy your weather.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  18. Love your change in decor! Switching to spring is one change I heartily approve! Oooh, and the meal (breakfast?) looks wonderful!

  19. We had nice warm weather here today 80 degrees. I did more work out in the yard. I have many spring bushes and trees blooming. I will put up my St. Patrick's Day decorations after tomorrow and will put out my Easter and spring decorations. Enjoyed your blog and the food looks good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. It's just the small touches of spring that bring joy. I like the heart pretty. And the bouquet of flowers are a lovely pop of spring colours. We are a long way from spring here so temperatures in the 70's sound heavenly to me. Enjoy them. Hugs. Pam

  21. What a happy post bj! Happy spring to you :-)

  22. BJ, your flowers are so pretty I can tell you are getting into the start of Spring. It is such a lovely time and your pictures sure reflect that. They are stunning..Happy Monday..Judy

  23. Isn't Spring the best?! Always so nice to feel it coming on after a cold winter!

  24. Love that heart banner! Your blue VW Beetle pillow is so darn cute!

  25. I think winter is pretty much over.

  26. Loving your spring touches and cute little pillows

  27. Such a pretty banner and flowers and then something delicious to eat at the end. May I have another piece please.:)

  28. I adore your new pillow!!! Just delightful!
    Are you stopping by my blog and joining our Something to Talk Abput link party? I don't think I saw this there! I hope you will!
    Have a great day!

  29. Those temperatures sound heavenly BJ! We had one day where it hit 60 but now we are back to the 40's. After a winter of -20 temps you won't hear me complaining about that! I am so glad you like your banner. I have a similar one up in my craft room and I just love the little touch of color it brings. I have filled the house with flowers too, and I'm dreaming of being able to start planting in the garden in a month or two. Yes, it won't be warm enough until then. But Spring is here!

  30. bj, congratulations on being featured at `Cozy Little House`.
    It always feels like home when I stop by for a little visit!
    Your Spring banner looks great! Yes, I would keep the pillow out a bit longer.

    We are having great weather, too! xoxo

  31. BJ, love your heart banner for Spring. And such lovely pictures of the flowers and pillows for the new season. Happy St. Patty's Day!

  32. BJ,
    Love your cheerful heart banner, dear friend!!!
    The floral bouquet is beautiful with its delicate Spring hues!!!
    Pink roses were used in our wedding. . .
    but my beloved maternal Grandmother chose the yellow"peace" roses for her front porches!
    We, too, are enjoying the warmer weather here on the Prairie!!!
    Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

  33. Our weather became almost summer like yesterday with temperatures of 90 degrees?!! However, they have dropped today with normal temperatures of 47 degrees! smile... Love your new banner! Very springlike!! I want to add some springy stuff...and will do it tomorrow, hopefully!


  34. I love roses, no matter the color. Your banner is so pretty and brings a smile to my face.

  35. Awww... Look at your sweet heart banner - I love it, BJ :) And your pillow is darling!

    I greatly appreciate you sharing your loveliness with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!


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