Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saturday Happenings .....

 We started the day off painting and trying to finish up our vanity area....

with Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then a spell with Mr. Sweet's back...

then knife orders...
freeze brand orders...
waiting for the vanity top to come in from
Home Depot...

it's taken us waaay too long to finish this project....
but we're back on it now.

 While he finished up painting, I made a
CHERRY PIE to take to our home fellowship....

 Cherry is one of my favorite pies and so easy to make....
the recipe is on the OREGON TART RED CHERRIES can.

I like the full crust on top instead of the lattice....
dotted with butter....
sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.... my little blue PIE BIRD...:>)

By this time, it's lunch time
so first came the salad......

lettuce, green onions, grated cheese and grapes...
one of my favorite salads.

When I make mashed potatoes, I always make enuf to have a few POTATO PATTIES 
the next day.

They are sooo good.

A comfort food for me as my mom always made these and my brother, Keith, and I loved them.

ANY food that makes you think of HOME...or MAMA...
or conjures up 
good memories
COMFORT FOOD. DON'T LAUGH when you see our MEAT dish...


'''are we rednecks...??"

xo bj


  1. that sounds good! especially with the potato patties!

  2. Love me some patties! And your pie bird is awesome, always wanted one of those!

    Can't wait for your bathroom reveal!

  3. If you are a redneck, we need more of them. You take the simplest thing and make it sound like some gourmet meal.

  4. No - You are not rednecks. :D I love little smokies in BBQ sauce (don't care for the JD's sauce). Would like a serving with a potato cake and slice of pie - Please. :)
    Have a great week.

  5. I'm sorry, I chuckled but because you are so cute bj! Lucky people will be sharing that cherry pie with you!

  6. I tried not to laugh, but was unsuccessful:) Have a wonderful week. Jen

  7. What could possibly be wrong with little smokies? I think the whole meal sounds yummy:>)

  8. I have a package of little smokies in the fridg. Your meal sound good! Love cherry pie!

  9. I might not have had black eyed peas, but by George, we made potato pancakes at home. They are good and so easy to make. Finishing off with cherry pie would make my day.

  10. LOL- You a redneck? NAH! I don't think so!!!! I make my potato cakes pretty much the same way but I add bacon bits (the real ones) and cut up little green onions....and I serve them with sour cream...Now my mouth is watering for Have a great night- xo Diana

  11. Cherry Pie - I imagine yours would be absolutely delicious!
    I love potato cakes. Mu mum made them too.

  12. All looks delicious to me. Wouldn't mind some of that lovely cherry pie right now to go with my afternoon cuppa.

  13. Got smart and went to facebook, backtracked to see why I could not get you by putting in your blog address. You added "bj" smart I am? (Not really..huh.. :) ah is! Cherry pie is my very favorite pie too..second is boysonberry pie, then lime or lemon meringue. You get the idea. Your new home is going to be so very wonderful.

  14. I'd love to try the potato patties, they look great! You frying them in Crisco? Have a fun day:@)

  15. The pie looks yummy! And my hubby would love your potato cakes.. Enjoy your week ahead!

  16. Hmm..I wish I wish upon a star
    that I had that pie here from afar

  17. BJ, LOVE what's on your menu today! Cherry pie was thankfully gobbled up at my dad's restaurant, while I was a little girl, along with strawberry pie and whipped cream, ah, those were the days! Your ' lil' smoky sausages as a meat dish are marvellous; love the BBQ sauce and with those potato patties, well, a perfect indoor picnic of a meal, if I do say so myself!

    Thanks for sharing all the goodness!


  18. Oh BJ, My mom used to make potato pancakes from leftover mashed potatoes. She fried 'em up in butter in her reliable black skillet (that we never were to wash!). That IS comfort food!

    I like your blue bird too. But tell me, are those globs of whitish stuff on top of the cherries . . . butter? Oh MY!

    Have a Happy Blue Monday.

  19. What a nice comfortable post! I love a good cherry pie myself, but I like a mixed berry pie best. I'm a pie person!! Why do I not have a pie bird? I love bringing dishes to our home fellowship. Now I see my mistake when frying left over mashed potatoes. Not enough oil. I gave up long ago. I'm going to try again now. Your's look delicious!

  20. We LOVE potato pancakes, but never deep fry them. I should try that because yours look 'crunchy' good. Mr. Z. loves the little smoky sausage and cherry pie ... this meal would please him greatly.
    Hope you get your vanity finished soon.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  21. I always make potato cakes from the leftovers, too. And, my husband would love that cherry pie.

    Can't wait to see the project.

  22. The Pioneer Woman says she couldn't live without butter and I agree with her. Your food looks so yummy. I would love to have lunch with you.

  23. Hi BJ, I made two cherry pies today too. One is in the freezer, unbaked, for later. The other I took to the staff at church. They seemed to enjoy it! There's nothing like a homemade cherry pie!

  24. Wow you have definitely made me hungry! Have a great week!

  25. Everything looks yummy. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  26. You might be, but it sure looks heavenly to me!

  27. Cherries are about my favorite pie filling too, and your little pie bluebird is so cute! All the food looks delicious and filling!

  28. I wanna be a red neck, too!! All these foods look sooooo yummy, BJ! My Mom used to make potato pancakes but she never put in all that good stuff that you use. I can't wait to try making them YOUR way!

    I hope Mr. Sweet's back is all better. What are "then knife orders...
    freeze brand orders..." ??? I didn't understand that part, but I sure am drooling over all the rest of this post.
    I must look for Oregon Brand Cherries. I don't care for the ones I used last time & we LOVE cherry pie!

    Warm Hugs,


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