Thursday, February 23, 2017

Flowers......Good for the Soul

 I think every woman needs pretty flowers...
not just during blooming season but all year long.

 Super market flowers sure fill in the seasons until
garden flowers are blooming.
Here at the Summer House, all my flowers are in
containers which I put here and there under the pergola
so I really have very few blooms to snip and bring inside. 
...a few roses now and then.

you might remember that we have a potting shed...

 ...and my beautiful pink geranium
is out there, growing by leaps and bounds
and getting pinker by the minute.

...they are reaching out to all the other flowers in the
hot, humid, wonderful greenhouse.

Come the good ole summertime,
I will move them inside our dining room/sunroom...
remember it..??

This way, I have fresh blooms all thru the summer in our home.

Pink Geraniums are my favorite....

 I, like you, am so ready for summertime....

Our plants do very well in this sunroom during summer
but the windows make the room too cool for the
plants to stay pretty when the weather turns cold....
that's when we move them to the potting shed for the winter.

I bought these bright colored beauties at the super market only yesterday

Looking around for a pretty container for the bunch,
I chose the tall, skinny pitcher that I found at
a local Goodwill last year.

Some market flowers last a week
while others tend to wilt after only one day.

The pretty roses are already wilting and before they die,

I wanted to dry them....
I had such good luck with the ones I dried 2 yrs ago...

I just hung them in an East window and they dried sooo pretty.

I know not everyone likes dried flowers...


but I do.  💓

 In other news.....

Mr. Sweet's brain tumor is malignant.

We suspected it but today (2/23)
 it was confirmed.

He and I have talked about it all many times thru the last few weeks and it came as no surprise. The bad news is they can't remove it as it's in a critical area of the brain.
The good news is that the doctor feels with radiation and an oral chemo, he will be able to shrink the tumor and hopefully go into remission.

 The tumor is there to stay....he will take chemo the rest of his life. Most people react well to oral chemo and it doesn't make most ill. Radiation will make him feel tired but we both know it could be worse. These two treatments, and GOD'S mercies, may shrink the tumor.

When you pray for him, please....PLEASE pray for no sickness...and we appreciate your prayers and good thoughts very much.

Love, bj