Wednesday, January 4, 2017

MORE Christmas...Pretty Girls and Cookies

My sweet grand girls and I have a yearly Christmas time tradition...


Don't you love the little angel girl with her tongue sticking out...?


 This was in 2014

Decorating cookies with 5 of the prettiest girls in the world...

with my pretty girls...

 ...even some cutie-pie boys got in on the scene...
I think they were busy eating cookies.....

 Bailey and her Memaw...

 5 of the reasons I was put on this Earth...

...Andrea, jamming to some music with a mouth full of cookie...

I hope I'm around to do this all over again 
Christmas of 2017...


  1. A happy post! Making cookies with your grand kids are such fun. I love freshly baked cookies and I am drooling over your peanut butter cookies!

  2. well that looks like it was the perfect day! arent grandkids awesome!? we went through a lot of cookies here too.. and my favs are peanut butter kisses also! have a great day!

  3. Those are some really pretty girls and some good lookin boys! You are so blessed. Looks like you were having a ball!
    Imagine how happy the world would be if everyone was making cookies.

  4. Oh yes indeed! Do they help clean-up, besides in the eating department? I imagine that as long as the handsome guys are allowed that there'll be no hiccup in future cookie baking! I love Peanut Butter Blossoms...your photo is making me fervently wish I felt like baking. =D

  5. Santa Jaws, LOL! What special life-long memories you're creating with your girls!

  6. Oh that peppermint angel has blessed you and your cookie making for sure. I am envious of the joy that you and your family share in all that you do. . .and that is a good kind of envy for sure!! xxx J.

  7. You are one lucky woman! They are lovely girls. What a "sweet" tradition.

  8. Something I greatly look forward to one day!! Oh, and I spy with my little eye...Mr. Sweet, the photographer...

  9. No matter what you do, you make it sound so fun. Such a special bond with all your family. How great it is!

  10. I love that tradition!!!And yes they are very handsome children!!!!!! Happy New Year Friend.

  11. BJ, I love your cookie making beauties. You are one also. Boys are taste testers aren't they??:):) Love the Santa funny. Blessings to all of you. I pray we are all around next year too. Bless you, xoxo, Susie

  12. Such a wonderful tradition to carry on with your grands. My daughter in love does this with her grandma Wilma every year. You have a lot of dear blessings around you!

  13. You had some beautiful girls helping you with your cookie baking. Hopefully we will all be around to bake our cookies for Christmas 2017. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Oh for sure I hope your around 2017 to do it again. With your 5 girls. I make cookie with my 7 grandsons, I don't have beautiful granddaughters.
    Those cookies look good I could eat a few right now with a cup coffee

    Happy New Year 2017

  15. BJ what great memories with the girls. No grand-babies here so I will enjoy cookie baking with you and yours!!
    Best in the New Year.....stay warm on your end of Texas!!

  16. Baking Christmas cookies is the stuff sweet memories are made of! How blessed you are to have those darling granddaughters helping you make them each year!

  17. My eyes teared up when you wrote about the five reasons you were put on this earth! What a blessing those girls are to you, but YOU are a blessing to them, bj. They do grow up so fast, and I intend to enjoy each minute that I'm privileged to have with my seven grands.

  18. Such treasured memories you're making with them! Abby & I used to do the same before Christmas and Alex would act like he was interested *after* they came out of the oven. Lol!

    God bless all of you!

  19. Such fun memories to reflect back on! God is so good! And, yes, we all hope you are around to do this again, not only for 2017, but for many, many more after that!

  20. I adore watching kids bake and decorate. I remember you said you were going to do this -- so glad you shared the photos!

  21. What a fun tradition! Making memories as well as fun while baking and decorating cookies!

  22. You have a fantastic family. Such fun. Love it.


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