Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I'm A Little Fruity

I am adding some cuteness to the Summer House
and once I get started on things like that,
I don't want to stop until I am totally finished...

and, I'm not finished yet.
I've fallen a bit behind with my posting...
and visiting....
and cooking....
and laundry....

It's nothing BIG...
nothing MAJOR...
it's just CUTE
and it takes me 4 times longer to get things done than it used to...
I am ...uh....a Lady of a Certain Age, ya know... 

and speaking of FRUITY....

I love Fruit Salad with an absolute PASSION..
but I like it the VERY best the way my mama always made it...

Now, before the next step to my
I had to stop and put on my cute apron that 
my friend, KATHY, at KATHY'S COTTAGE
made for me several yrs ago...

You know how whipping cream, it can sling little spots of that goodness
far and wide...
No other kind of cream will do...
the REAL CREAM in the can is ok...
but, never, EVER, Cool Whip...

 ...and a Fruit Salad without pecans
is like a day without sunshine....

a little closer look at 2 of the best tasting things ever !
My mama used to say she could eat a 
cow chip if it had whipped cream on it... 😍

I'm pretty sure once my mama got to Heaven,
she made her infamous 
Fruit Salad
for all the angels.
I will have a big bowl of it waiting for me just on the other side of


  1. Well Hello BJ! It's been awhile since I blogged and I am just getting back into it again. Of course I had to make a stop and see what you're up to. You always post the best pictures! Everything looks like your handing it right out to us. I'm trying to get my readers back and would love for you to stop over and see what I've been posting about. I did a post today about my kitchen and how I wear aprons too. I smiled when I saw you in your cute little apron. I wonder how many people wear aprons anymore! Well, I enjoyed your post and I hope you get a chance to pop over and Say Hi sometime! Enjoy your evening!

  2. Well, BJ I think your Mama was right. That fruit salad looks delicious. Enjoy every bite! ♥

  3. Oh that does look. good! I am loving a fruit salad that has the vanilla pudding, heavy cream thing going on...oh yummo! You are as adorable as can be and you always make me smile.

  4. I have not had fruit salad like that in a very, very long time. bj. I hope your Mama does have a big ol' bowl of that fruit salad waiting for you but, selfishly, I hope that is a LONG TIME from now!!! Can't wait to see what project you are working on. xo Diana

  5. Oh my, that looks absolutely decadent. I just bet your Mom will have a great big bowl waiting for you when you arrive many years from now.

    God bless.

  6. I've never had pecans in fruit salad! And rarely, whipped cream. Clearly I've had a deprived life!

  7. I've always loved fruit salad too and yours looks really good! So, real whipped cream is the secret, huh? I'll have to try it!

  8. Yes! I love whipped cream. I can eat coolwhip right out of the bowl but I try to stay away from that stuff. Once I left some in a bowl and the next day it was still there, I knew something wasnt right about it. I remember my mother in law only made the real stuff. We took turns whipping it by hand and seem to take forever but it was worth it!
    Im actually eating ready whip on blueberries as I type.

  9. Oh darling BJ...this is exactly the way my precious Mother made our fruit salad...this finds me so missing her. I loved this today! I wish I could visit!!!

  10. Oh my goodness,Bj you have my mouth watering! I love Fruit Salad! Yours looks so good. How can my day be good if I'm too far away to come eat with you!LOL

  11. Yum . . . does that look dee_lish!
    We are having friends for dinner . . .
    guess what I am having for dessert !
    Perfect . . . and ONLY "whipped cream" at this house . . .

  12. Your apron is pretty and I think you took a good selfie. My mom made something similar and I agree NO Cool Whip


  13. The apron is cute and the fruit salad looks delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Well BJ you do much better with selfies than I do! Cute apron girlfriend. Oh I love your mama's saying. My granny always loved fresh fruit salad too. One time a cousin brought fruit salad as she called to a family outing and it was really fruit cocktail out of a can. Well needless to say my granny frowned upon that sort of thing. The kids was the only ones that ate the FRUIT COCKTAIL that my cousin called fruit salad. When she left that day my granny said, "Well, that was about as poor looking of a fruit salad I've ever seen and you couldn't of PAID me to eat that junk! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. I know just from knowing you that your sweet mama was a dear one. That salad looks yummy. Blessings.

  16. Oh BJ, I love that real whipped cream addition. We are stuffing ourselves with fresh pineapple and papaya while in Hawaii. . .but trying to avoid calories or I would be tempted to try some whipped cream on them!

  17. Oh, wow! This sounds amazing! I tried making homemade whipped cream one time, and it turned to butter! I don't think I could quite get the hang of it...but yours looks perfect!! Thanks for sharing this. :)

  18. Love fruit salad 'bj' and yours looks so delicious. Love your apron too.
    Audrey Z.

  19. Awe, that was a sweet post about your momma. the fruit salad looks amazing.

  20. Ohh, that fruit salad indeed looks heavenly. I agree, only whipped cream! There is always something special about our mother's recipes that warms the heart. :)

  21. Sweet fruit salad and how your Mama made it. Looks yummy and I also think anything is better with whipped cream on it. HAve a great week!

  22. I'm with you as my mom made such delicious fruit salad. This bring's a great memory. Thank you! Oh, I'm here from Debbie, all about purple.

  23. I'm with you as my mom made such delicious fruit salad. This bring's a great memory. Thank you! Oh, I'm here from Debbie, all about purple.

  24. That looks tasty. And you are SO right about the real whipped cream. It's the best!

  25. You look wonderful and what a nice looking fruit salad. Its nice of you to visit, warm greetings to you and family!

  26. That looks lovely. Back when I ate dairy, only real cream for us too.

  27. Oh that fruit salad looks divine! I just get a craving at times for fruit and that's usually when I don't have anything on hand but canned stuff or bananas. You seem to have a lot of energy to me...another one of a certain age. :) Lovely post, as always.

  28. I'm catching up again after a much-needed break. My mama is in Heaven now with your mama and I'm sure they are serving the saints the most delicious fare ever! My mama's chicken and rice dish would go well with your mama's fruit salad!


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