Friday, May 20, 2016

You can be HAPPY and SAD at the same time....

When you are blessed with 10 grandchildren,
you remember the birth of ea one as if it were yesterday....booo hoooo

seems you go to bed one night and they are all little...
next morning, they are all grown up...     booo hooo

Three of our girls are graduating from high school...
and one from Texas Tech University
Green for the high school graduates....
red and black for the TT graduate.
They are all so beautiful, it takes my breath away..

I shopped and wrapped and signed cards all day for these girls...

and after I had it "all under control",
I had a mini tea, all by myself, thinking back over the
wonderful years I've been blessed to share with our girls.  booo hooo

O, I know I have years left with them....and that is such a blessing...
but when they are little, you are with them so much more...
before they grow up and realize there's other people in the world
besides mama, daddy, brothers and sisters...
grandmas and granddads....

I had picked up this bread while out shopping...

This is the first loaf I've bought and it is so good, I can't even describe it...

I buttered a couple slices and slid them beneath the broiler...

I got out a pretty tea cup and the LADY GREY tea....
I even added a cinnamon stick..
If you get a chance to try this amazing bread, I sure hope you will...
it's absolutely delicious.

So many memories came flooding back as I sat remembering all the
times I babysat...
the times they all spent the night and we all slept in the same bed...
the trips to the zoo....and to the park to fish...
OOO...and those trips we all took to the beach each summer....

of COURSE I am more than thrilled that the twins, ANDREA and BAILEY
and their cousin, BRYNNA are going to Tech in the fall...
I am so thankful that they will be right here.

LACEY is taking on a new job....and she will stay right here, too.

Oh, yes....I am so proud of all of them...
but *shhh..I still miss all the little girls running around..
just can't help it...


  1. Very nice post, BJ. Bittersweet and well-written. Congrats to the girls on being so amazing. Of course they are amazing, They had you as a gram.

    Happy Weekend.

  2. Your granddaughters are all beautiful and accomplished young women - you must be so proud. I do understand the sad and happy state - they grow up so quickly!

  3. some of the children that we knew (mostly just in passing) years back are now young adults with kids of their own... a great weekend to you and yours, dear Lady.... and I would have loved to have seen a silent Lon Chaney film (in theater) as a Kid... Thank you for sharing that memory of yours, that gave us a pleasant smile...

  4. You are so blessed with your family's happiness at simply embracing LIFE! My youngest two children seemed to have grown up and fly away before I even turned around twice! I treasure every photo I took and wouldn't trade rhem for anything! My oldest son will be 50 this fall!
    The grand quads will be FOUR on the 31st! God is GREAT! God is GOOD!

  5. BJ, this is wonderful, and I know your heart must be filled! Beautiful people, and on their way to successful, adult lives. Congratulations!

  6. You sure can! I agree totally. My two are five and three. I'd like to stop time now, before the oldest starts school. Selfish I know. The trick is to enjoy every second with them, which we do.

    Enjoy the festivities!

  7. Grandkids are so precious and it is wonderful watching them grow. I only have two little ones left and even they are not so little any more. As you say, boo hoo.


  8. Yes, bittersweet, yet you would have it no other way. I know that greats are a lot of fun, too, And you have a couple of those already! Oh my, nothing much more comforting than toast and tea, especially in such a pretty tea cup.

  9. they are beautiful, what a wonderful tribute to the beautiful girls,, that bread does look and sound good!

  10. You've got that right, bj!! The years just fly right on by at lightning speed. I have all ages of grands from 18 months to 15 years, and I certainly know your happy and sad feelings. Congratulations to your graduates. They're beautiful blessings!

  11. Congrats to all your grandgirls! These are SUCH exciting times....where does time go? I know you are very proud and yet, you wish they were still little too! I am going today to pick up a loaf of the bread....thank you for always making me hungry BJ!!! Have a great weekend love!

  12. Bitter-sweet... :-))))

    Congratulations on all your lovely grand daughters!

    We have one graduating from H.S., and one graduating from university. This year.

    The H.S. one lives right next door. And the university grad, is spending the summer with us, before she flies to her first job, in Japan, the end of July! It's what she has worked for. And what she wants, for the first step in her working life plan. :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  13. You are blessed and your grandchildren are blessed, too. Sweet post...

  14. Yep, happy and sad at the same time. No grandchildren here yet, but I miss the sound of the boys running around the house and am just so glad that they still come and visit as often as they can.

    God bless.

  15. Congratulations to one and all!! What a wonderful occasion---FOUR of your Lovies, all stepping out on a bright, brand-new path in the world.

    Think of these caps and gowns as a stepped-up version of the little Snow White dresses, the pink tutus, the jeans and shorts and the sweet Halloween costumes, the lacy Sunday pinafores that these young women have worn and laughed and made such wonderful memories in. The little cowgirl boots and Mary Janes and sandals were small practice-shoes to all those glorious steps into the future.

    And FOUR all at once, all of an age---what a fabulous, good-times and fun childhood Y'all must have had together. I don't think I've ever known a Grandma so blessed with seeing such accomplishments all in one day. Like my friend Miss Ena used to say, "You won't have a button left on your dress." And how blessed are the children of such a loving raisin'.

    Even a smile bright as yours is going to get quite a work-out, and take a hankie, just in case.

    Feeling the KVELL from here,


  16. Happy/Sad . . . sit together at the same table . . .
    Beautiful graduates your girl grands!
    Enjoy celebrating with them . . ,

  17. I knew EXACTLY how you feel, BJ!! Mine are growing up waaaay too fast & I miss those days of babysitting. Now we text. LOL

    Your cinnamon bread looks yummy. I shall hunt around to find it here....just like I FINALLY found your tart cherries! Thanks for the tip!

  18. Congrats to your graduates !!!! What a great way to cherish :) happy memories with a wonderful brew served in a pretty tea cup ...I'm loving all things floral this time of year ... I need to pull out my grandmother's tea cup set and toast up some cinnamon bread too !!!! Keep those happy tears flowing !!!!!

  19. Yes we most certainly can be sad and happy at the same time...and wow - that bread looks amazing lol

  20. Oh I get it. Since our oNE and ONLY granddaughter is only 3 I just PRAY we will live to see her grow up and get married. I treasure every single minute I have with her. Your grands are all gorgeous, I see why it takes your breath away. The memories are priceless. My daughter set up a facebook page for our granddaughter and we share everything on that page and I send her notes all the time. She will always have this to look back on. Such a great idea!

  21. Dang BJ, I feel like crying too. You said it all just like it happens. It goes way too fast./ We are proud they grew up and got educated and are doing so well...but oh some times it would be good to hold them close to us again . Blessings to all your sweet girls and you. xoxo, Susie

  22. Congratulations, BJ! I know you are terribly proud of them!

  23. Very nice post. I know you are so proud of the granddaughters. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  24. Hi...I am new to your blog. Your boo hoo thoughts reflect my own today. I miss my little grands....just one left for sleepovers now. I don't think I am prepared for the mix of happy and sad I feel at watching them grow up so fast. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Time flies by so quickly, doesn't it? The girls are so lovely and it will be exciting for you to share the next stage of their lives! Enjoy all the parties!

  26. I understand completely...and how I wish I was your neighbor. I would fix you a martini to go with that delish bread and we could smile and boo hoo together!

  27. A same here... a young man that we have known his life... passed... when he was three, a dog had attacked him (eye dangling and face ripped open..) I rushed out and backed off the neighbor's dog as he left with his sister... I had no idea that the dog had Hurt him... a few years back a Large tractor tire (at his work-place he was working on) Exploded Rim and All... one fragment gashed his skull, and the chunks shattered his leg ( as well as launched him over 20 ft)
    We helped to care and his Father tend to him for months...Here at my home...
    he just became sick recently and was hospitalized a few days back (where he passed)... Cory was his name.....

  28. Your pride shines through any sadness, BJ! Congratulations to your four beautiful granddaughters as they embark on the next part of their journeys!
    I hope I will become a grandmother one day...I've been told by many friends that it is THE BEST.
    Beautiful post. And the cinnamon bread sounds fabulous!

  29. Awwww..this is so sweet, bj! My grandchildren are all still young but already I see my grandsons becoming involved with sports and karate and so on. We go to many of their games but I miss the one on one we had with them when they were younger. My granddaughters are still very young and I have lots of snuggle times with them. I hope I live long enough to see them grow up, graduate and get married--all things to look forward to!


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