Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Hello, all..
I've been away for a few days....
can't stand it much longer, tho.
I doubt very seriously if any of my gentlemen blog friends will be one bit interested in this post about a few new clothes.

I just wanted to show you a few new tops that l bought...
ON SALE....(I love "on sale" )

I don't buy a lot of jewelry but this necklace was hanging with the 
display of this top and it looked a lot better in the store than it does on moi....

This is one of the very long tops that goes well with leggins.

This one is very long, too and it came with it's own chain necklace.
You have to look hard to see it in the 2nd picture..
I actually just ignore it and wear my own silver chain and cross ....
the little "built in" chain just sort of blends in with the other necklace.

This shirt looks good with black leggins, too.

This is the shorter style and I like wearing it with white Capris....
I would like it a lot better if I was WERE wearing it IN Hawaii.... 
There always been a question if 
"if I WAS wearing"
"if I WERE wearing"
as to which is correct.  
It seems both are actually correct but I LOVE the following I found on the subject....
When in doubt, always use the subjunctive mood:
"If I WERE wearing..."
It will make you sound smarter and it is technically correct since "the subjunctive mood is used to express a wish or possible situation that is currently not true."
 haaaaahahhhaaaa....ain't life grand !

It won't be long now until we'll move all our wintery clothes to the back closet
but, you know, so many of my clothes can be worn year round.
I have a few sweaters...not many....and they are strictly WINTER.  

This is the last shirt to show you...

This one is possibly my favorite...
It's a long one, too that looks great with black leggins.
 (I better buy some more black leggins)

 and with the turquoise in the shirt,

I wear my sliver and turquoise with it.... 

Next on the buying power list is SHOES

I've been told these shoes are sooo comfy...
and I guess the statement in their add above says it all. LOL

(Mr. Sweet says my mind jumps around like a Mexican Jumping Bean...)
You never get too old to miss your parents when they are gone.
They were both so much fun...I sure miss them.

 xoxo, bj


  1. I like your style. The red with necklace is my fav. Now, about those shoes. Wowser!

  2. I like your style. The red with necklace is my fav. Now, about those shoes. Wowser!

  3. Like your new tops, the jewelry, and the grammar lesson. I was taught that "was" would not be correct because you were not so therefore it would be "if I were." Now, here's a question, how do you pronounce "often"? =D

    1. Here in West Texas, we say OFF-TON....but we aren't known for our correctness...about ANYthing. hahhaa

  4. LOVE your new tops. Don't you love it when you find several things you like and they are on sale?

    Great finds.


  5. BJ, your jumping around is what's so entertaining about your site. I love your new tops and jewelry. My daughter and I had a little "retail therapy" this past Sunday at the discount mall.

  6. BJ your fun selections of your tops and jewelry are going to be enjoyed and will look smashing on you. I think you enjoy prints and expressions of the joy that lives in your heart. You rock!

  7. BJ,
    Love your "new" tops!!!
    I agree, dear friend. . .you're going to need some more leggin's!!!
    Must be something in the air!!!
    Guess where I went today??? (wink!)

  8. I love sales and clothes that I can wear, year-round.

  9. You have god taste. I particularly like the second one. I never buy any top that is not long sleeved. I stay cold. Beautiful turquoise jewelry.

  10. I love your new tops and the jewelry. Will be looking for some pictures with you in them.

  11. Love everything about this post and ypur tops are all lovely!!! You must get your 'fun gene' from your parents because YOU ARE FUN!!!

  12. BJ, while I love your tops my fav happens to be the last one.

    God bless.

  13. I find it very hard to buy something that is not on sale unless it's fresh fruit! Those tops are nice. I've got a couple pairs of those new fangled Sketchers and I'm enjoying them. Have a wonderful week bj!

  14. Your new tops look comfy! Always fun to find new things on sale. '-)

  15. Your new tops look comfy and stylish. What a fun shopping trip you must have had.

  16. Great looks. I bought the pink skeetchers only mine were gray. And yes they are wonderful. They have made me be able to make it through my day. My feet hurt at work so much. But since I've been wearing this it's much better!
    Lets go to Hawaii sis!

  17. BJ, I got myself a pair of those shiny new Sketchers. LOL. I like the tops you chose. Your turquoise looks great with that top. It seems I rarely wear my jewelry anymore...after years of buying and collecting ..after retirement all my battery operated watches are now just bracelets. LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  18. BJ, I just read about how do you say often...lol... made me think of this old joke, you have to tell someone like Sam Elliot...My name is BJ, but you can call me often. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  19. Love your new "stylin' tops!"
    And your turquoise necklace I love!
    I often say, "shop til I drop!"

  20. Love all of those gorgeous tops! Leggings are my faves these days:). Sweet pic of you and your Mom... We will always miss them. Hugs

  21. Your tops are all so very pretty love the colors in them. Very nice picture of you and your mom. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  22. Cute tops! My favorites are the first and last. I need to do some shopping too.

  23. Love the idea of tops, with black leggings....

    Hate the "feel" of black leggings...

    I "feel" the inside seams. I feel as if the whole tights, give me a "crawly" feeling... Probably since they obviously are not 100% cotton, and all I wear is 100% cotton. -sigh- Guess the spandex-stuff, is what clings and looks good, but I "feel" it. -sigh-

    And they are the 'best-est' bottoms, for ladies who have too much upper. -grin- repeat sigh

    Did you ever hear of anyone like me? Who is not comfortable in tights????????

  24. I see you are a CATO shopper too...love CATO! Your tops are really cute. I still haven't gotten up the nerve to wear my black leggings. Tall and thin like you works but short and dumpy like me, not so much :(

  25. You are certainly a good shopper. Hoping you will model some of the new tops when you buy those new black leggings. Hope it's cooling off in your neck of Texas.

  26. BJ, Re: Instagram, grab one of those grands and have them show you how to "do Instagram"... It's not blogging, but it is fun. And I just take my own camera pics (the only way I can take pictures) and put them on IG.

    And there are so many beeeeeeautiful IG's out there. Among other things, I love photos of other places, like Paris or London, or living in the country side of these places. And they are there!!! Yummmmy!

    Just sayin'...... All you need is some "grand-help". If I did it, you can. :-)


  27. You will be "styling" for sure! I concur...subjunctive! Make sure your grands know about this. In teaching college French I find that students glaze over when I mention subjunctive...for uncertainty. Like...what are saying?! Ky has so much emphasis on writing at one point that they did not really teach grammar in high school. I hope that has changed.

  28. Your new outfits are so cute. You will be stylin girl.

  29. You have fabulous style my friend. I hope you are well. Hope to return to the blogging world soon Hugs

  30. I like your style too. I enjoy colorful clothes and rarely wear long sleeves. My favorite here was the last one.

  31. Your tops are all very pretty! And I love, love, love Skechers. I wear the slip-on kind and they are so comfortable! I also love that I can throw them in the washing machine because the white does get dirty quickly. I let them air dry.

  32. You sure have style, bj, and I love all the colors. Thanks for the explanation on was and were. I have been wondering that very thing myself!

  33. I love the longer style tops, yours are beautiful!
    I have a pair of sketchers like in the photo, air walks I think they're called and I love love them!!


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