Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Stretching a bouquet of flowers to the end.....

Hello, dear ones...

Whew...it's been so so cold here...
and I KNOW we are so much warmer than a lot of you.
I hope you have plenty of soft, cozy blankets..
hot tea or coffee or chocolate (with marshmallows, of course)

I keep looking around for something to lift my spirits...
been in the house so long, I am going stir-crazy.

You might remember my beautiful
Dec. 31st birthday flowers..

Now, they were indeed a bright spot in my days.

BUT....they began to dry up and die too soon...
I wasn't ready for them to leave...and some bit the dirt sooner than others.

So...I took the dying ones out...
cut the stems off the living...
and gathered up a few of my favorite WHITES...

Oh, yes...I think I can salvage these a little longer.

O, and see that totally FRENCH tray in the background..??

It is SUCH a beaut.

It's so frenchy that I go around saying
"oui...oui" all the way home every time I look at it...:)

My sweet friends, Barbara and Jim, gave this to me for my birthday...

and I sure do love it to pieces.


I arranged the tiny containers on this round tray...

and I think it makes a cute and colorful
 very casual CenterPiece for our dining table...don't you ?

...perfect for a breakfast table, I think.

 Sorry there's so many photos...
but, I can't find anything else this bright and pretty
 on this



  1. I do the same thing with my flowers! I can't stand to throw a flower away if it still has life in it. I cut them down and put them in smaller and smaller containers until they are truly gone. I'm trying to stay warm but Earl just told me it's down to 1 degree right now, supposed to go as low as -10 tonight...feeling a little warmer by comparison now? ;>)

  2. I've done that before too BJ. It's a great way to make a bouquet last longer. I like your cute arrangement on the tray. Keep warm!

  3. I love all the colorful pictures. The flowers remind me that spring will soon be here! I'm starting a story blog and wanted to invite you. now using the pseudonym Marnie (formerly Mrs R)


  4. Love how you broke down the bouquet into your creamers! We were cold today but sunny so I actually got out for a walk.

  5. Oui, Oui....I just love these photos.
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

  6. so many flowers you'd think it was spring already

    1. Jan is always a time where everyone's like "yeah winter sucks".

  7. I like to do the same thing with my flowers. Yours look great with all the white "vases" arranged on the tray.

  8. What a adorable centerpiece. Saving the flowers is a great idea. I changes back to blogger no one could visit me it seems.

  9. What a neat way to enjoy your birthday flowers longer, Bj. I felt the same way back last August when my daughter gave me flowers that stayed so pretty for a couple weeks, but I didn' t think of doing this, how smart you are!

  10. Love the "whites" holding the "colors" to brighten the day.
    (Perfect in the round tray . . .)


  11. Good morning bj, I love your 'save the flowers' post. I do the same thing only I didn't think to make a post out of it. So darn cute and the tray is awesome. Right up my alley.

    We are having cold weather but no snow to speak of. Thus, we are out and about as usual.

    I am trying to improve my blogging and enjoying more time to visit.
    Stay warm and cozy,

  12. I so enjoy visiting your blog. I am in the same 'grey' mood, with grey skies, cold temps, etc. You certainly brightened your home with the use of the flowers. So wise. Hope we both get some sunshine soon, and it lifts our spirits. Have a good Wednesday.

  13. Oh, I know the feeling. Cabin fever? Wish I had a cabin to be feverous in!! lol Your flower photo displays are gorgeous!!

  14. BJ, nobody going in the pool for a bit, right? The flowers in their bright colors was the perfect thing to post on a chilly day in Texas.

  15. It is still cold here but not as cold as it has been. Cloudy and dreary. I too am going stir-crazy and when ever the sun does come out I go shopping. I love your mini flower arrangements. Stay warm and have a blessed day. After seeing the doctor I hope your husband is on the way to feeling better. Madeline

  16. I do the same thing with flowers, bj...I can't bear to part with the whole boquet just because several have died. Like you, I cut them off and find other small containers for them. And I would go gaga over the rooster tray too :)

  17. Thank you for coming by and commenting today :) It is nice to meet you! I love what you did with the flowers. Your picture shows a pool, uncovered, so it can't be that cold, can it? I just came in from outside and there are patches of ice all over the driveway, thick chunky ice! I much prefer snow :)

  18. bj, I do that with flowers also. Just keep cutting them down and taking out the dead one's. They do brighten up a room. Love your french tray!
    I'm needing some sunshine myself.

  19. That is what I do, too, bj. Stretch those babies out as long as I can. I love how bright and colorful they are-especially during those dull, overcast days. I love that tray, bj. It's perfect for your home. xo Diana

  20. Thank you for being my ray of sunshine, on our grey day. I love flowers, every room should always have flowers.

  21. I do the same thing on the RARE occasion that I get flowers. Love them in your whites!!!!

  22. wow bj... you and I were thinking alike. I still have a bouquet of flowers from New Years eve and they are still doing great. I picked out the roses and a few things that wilted, otherwise, they are still looking good. I did the same thing, separated them into smaller containers ~ not as cute as yours though.
    Happy Wednesday.

  23. You know how to shine a cheery light. Your bouquet was in good hands with you! Say, could you email me? All my emails to you are bouncing back.

  24. I love your tray! I'd say you got great use from your two week old birthday posies....lovely!

  25. These really brighten the place up, BJ, and I imagine they do the same thing for the spirit..Hang in there, it probably will get worse before it gets better!! Really cute tray too..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  26. Is that ice on the swimming pool? Love your flowers, especially the green shaggy mums ... and the tray is beautiful. Don't blame you for loving it. The shaggy mums seem to last longer than others. Time is flying fast, but I am ready for Spring.
    Stay warm.
    Audrey Z.

  27. BJ,
    That orange rose in your flowers had me swooning!!!
    I adore the flowers cut again and in the white vases!!!
    Thanks for sharing your "pops" of color with us!!!

  28. Love the colours in that bouquet.


  29. bj, I have a friend who loves chickens.
    She would love your rooster.
    In fact, she now has a nice cozy B&B called The Chicken Coop.


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xo bj