Monday, June 16, 2014

...and the winds blew

Out here on the Plains of West Texas,
we've had some wonderful rains and so glad because we are in a deep, severe drought.

We have also had some violent weather that 
we don't want !

The photo above makes me think it's a postcard or something but I took it
as we were driving to see the damage a tornado, winds of 100 mph and golf ball size hail
did to STACY and JENT's house and large shop.

 Two large overhead doors were totally ripped off their tracks.....

Thankfully, a large motor home, a vintage pickup, Stacy's jeep...and various other things
all escaped damage...


Looking at all this, I could just imagine the savage  100 mph winds, hail, boat going full speed ahead, pouring rain,

metal and wood flying thru the air...

S.C.A.R.Y. !!

 Again, thankfully,  the expensive boat has very small damage...
and the fence and gate can be replaced at not too high cost.

Had the boat went STRAIGHT, it would have rammed into the garage and
BRYNNA's pretty little red VOLKSWAGEN would have probably been demolished.

Isn't it a blessing to see how things could have been SO MUCH WORSE....
ALL the family were out of town.

So far as we know at this time, all the damage to the house was windows across the front were hit and broken by hail but only the outer glass of the double pane windows.

No water damage to the inside of the house
but would think, after insurance adjusters get there, the roof is probably going to be replaced.

Down the highway from Stacy's house, we saw overturned mobile homes,
some storage sheds totally torn apart and metal sections scattered a mile away.
Some of these things I just couldn't take a photo of.....
too heartbreaking.

A section of telephone poles were swaying in the wind and some were on the ground....

Wires blowing in the wind...
the utility workers were out, repairing things as fast as possible.
 More clouds gathering...darker by the minute.

 "GOD so loves the world....."
Oh, yes...things could have been a LOT worse and we all thank GOD for blessings.


  1. Sorry to hear of the damage BJ, I'm just glad no one got hurt. Some storms can be so frightening, take care:@)

  2. Yikes! That looks all too familiar from our Oklahoma days. I'm glad everyone is ok.

  3. How fast it can change from enjoying and appreciating the rain and the breeze . . .
    Then turning into something much more with destruction in the path . . .
    So much damage . . . how I wonder, do people pick up and begin again when entire blocks, streets, roads, buildings are wiped away. I wonder about animals too . . .

  4. Wow- That is so scary. I am glad it was no worse than that. I bet some of the pictures were just heartbreaking. Your poor kids! xo Diana

  5. Congratulations on the necessary rains, the worst are the damages caused! Good photos!

  6. so sorry for their damage - and for the others that had it even worse. *sigh*

  7. Yikes, I hate wind like that!! That first photo looks like a watercolor painting! How beautiful!

  8. Hey BJ,

    We had a brick mailbox (that Johnny built) just like the ones in your first shot. Copycats!

    I'm glad you weren't hit. Tornadoes and hurricanes are super scary. Make sure you DUCK! It's good you got some well-needed rain. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  9. Oh my! That sure looks frightening. I can't imagine them being home when all that was going on so am glad that they missed that part. You think like a seasoned could have all been worse. Amen. And praise God for His protection. Your photographs tell a powerful story. Stay safe down there in Texas!

  10. So scary bj, I am so glad that they were not at home to see this happening. I know it is terrible to have to replace items but so glad they escaped harm. My prayers will be with them and you also. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. Wowzers! That is scary. So glad everyone missed this damaging storm. So glad it wasn't worse although it's bad enough. That first photo really does look like a watercolor painting. I'm with Vee with her thoughts, too!

  12. Oh, my goodness! I'm so glad they were not at home. They would have been frightened for sure. And I'm glad that old truck escaped damage. It's gorgeous - and being an antique it could not easily be replaced. Newer things can be replaced - but vintage things cannot.

  13. Oh my gosh bj, thank heavens no one was hurt. Yes, it could've been so much worse!! xo

  14. So much damage! I am you all are safe!

  15. Wow…very scary…happy you are safe. The weather has certainly been strange lately, hasn't it?

  16. Wow! What a mess! I'm so thankful you and your dear ones are OK. The damage is bad, but it could have been worse. God definitely watched over you all.

  17. Lots of damage - wow. Glad to hear no one was hurt.

  18. Oh my goodness, a West Texas Storm, so glad that you and your family are ok. We just took the large limbs out of our yard today from the storm, but like you no one hurt, just minor damage. Hope you have a good week!
    Miz Helen

  19. Life is so much easier when you look at the brighter side of things--I'm glad things weren't worse!

  20. Oh your last photo and caption is Great! I love it. Wow I thought before reading that the first one was an architects rendering for the subdivision. That is an amazing shot. I didn't realize it was such a bad storm. So sorry for all the
    damage! I am glad it wasn't worse. I hope your week is better!

  21. Oh bj ... so sorry that your kids have to deal with this, but so happy that no one was hurt. Great pictures of the sky that captured the eery feeling of a bad storm. Thankful for the rain but sad that we have to take the bad with the good.
    God's blessings on the family.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  22. they got very lucky the boat just hit the gate.

  23. I had goose bumps, reading this post, BJ. Thank the Lord nobody was injured, but what a mess! Ugh!
    I hate the spring storms that are so prevalent in our country right now.
    A few weeks ago, we spent the entire evening in our basement, glued to the TV as the weather man showed swirling winds right over our area. SO scary!

  24. I'm sorry for the damage that was done, but praise God that you and your family are all okay!

  25. Wow! It's good that everyone is safe. Scary.

  26. Yes that sure is scary and so glad you are all safe!

  27. Yikes that is one nasty storm. Amazing what weather can do. Glad you are safe.
    Visiting from Blue Monday.

  28. Wow...that is some crazy stuff! So glad to hear the damage was not too extensive and everyone is OK!


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