Monday, December 12, 2016

...takes my breath away

WhenI find a blog that is showing gorgeous decorating,
I always want to share it with my friends.

I found The Happy Housie blog
and I am blown away with her cottagey Christmas decorating...
and SOOO green with envy of her talents.

I had to sit down when I saw her porch...

I had a hard time catching my breath when I saw this
Christmas porch at the happy house

that sign...
that blue bench
 those lanterns
the pillows...
but mostly, THAT SIGN
*heavy sigh

 isn't this all just chock full of personality...
I'm scared to death I am coveting....

Oh, yes...if you like these photos of hers that I am showing,
you HAVE to go over to her blog..

cause, "you ain't seen nothing yet.."
* I'm so in luv with her coffee table...

 HER pillow...

I have the same Pottery Barn pillow that our girl gifted me last year...
somehow, THE HAPPY HOUSIE displays hers much better...

SHE tells us where we can purchase that adorable sign...

 One thing I really love about her blog is that she gives
sites where we can find most of her things....
or something close.
When you go over to check this GORGEOUS blog,
would you kindly say "bj said hello"


  1. BJ, I see things on your blog that I envy. LOL... So I better stop huh? You know I am loving all the plaid things. I do love the porch sign too. I have been eye balling a pair of cross country skis for some time . I just love any decor that looks like its from a lodge. Blessings for a fun filled week, xoxo, Susie

  2. Her decorations and home are beautiful. It is nice seeing what the taste of others is, but you are no slouch in decorating. Your home is just as pretty, except in a different way.

  3. Hi BJ! Oh, you're so right! This gal's home is gorgeous! Thank you for introducing us to her and I'm going over now and check out her blog! Hope all is well with you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Me too . . .
    Love, Love that porch entrance . . . .
    The blue, green, a bit of red, greens, bows, lantern, garland . . .
    Oh my . . . yummy!

  5. I think the porch just gets you ready for the rest of the gorgeous house. I always love to see what you do too!!! Christmas just makes me so full of joy.

  6. I saw her blog after seeing some of your pins on Pinterest, gorgeous home and decorating!

  7. Her decorations are wonderful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. Oh, how I would love to have that porch! And what fabulous decorations. Full of cheer!

  9. I love it all and yes Bj you are a great decorator yourself. Love your header!

  10. I certainly love your looks, BJ...and you are right about the lovely holiday decorating here too. Thanks fore sharing. :)

  11. SIGH!!!!! I'm afraid to visit her blog. But I will. If I lived in a place that looked like that, Id never leave the house!

  12. Oh thanks for linking. That's what sharing is about. I'm glad you invited us over to meet your new friend.
    This was a wonderful post!
    Enjoy your week. What you gonna post tomorrow? HeHe.

  13. My idea of decorating is hoping everything goes together after I've plopped it down. That is why I visit everybody else's blogs. The decorator bug that all other bloggers seem to have inherited has missed me totally. Guess my talents must lie elsewhere. I just have to find that elsewhere.....

    Off to visit the new blog.

    God bless.

  14. Headed over, you perpetrator,you! Just making me find more blogs to love and spend time on. Looks gorgeous!! xo Diana

  15. Very pretty, BJ! I'd say that you two are birds of a feather, except for one thing, I like your format better! =D

  16. Oh, my! I can't wait to hop over and see her blog! Thank you for sharing about her here. God bless you, sweet friend. ;)

  17. Wow! I like this style of decorating!

  18. I would love to go visit her...and oooh and ahhh....what beauty! Enjoy your evening sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  19. I'm loving that porch and the sign is very pretty. Her greens are something. Heading over and thanks for sharing


  20. Popping on over- I'm in decor love, I do believe. O:)

  21. Popping over to check this out. Loving what I am seeing. Happy Holidays my friend.

  22. It's so nice that you share things that you love with all of us, bj! I ❤️ YOU for that!

  23. wow! what a beautiful home! I love seeing how others decorate. thanks for sharing!
    have a great day

  24. Thanks for the intro to this beautiful blog, this lady has a style that I like!
    Merry Christmas from Normandy, looking forward to your company again in the New Year.

  25. Good morning bj, Thank you so much for sharing The Happy House Christmas photos. I am on my way.

  26. Thanks for sharing, bj! I adore that gorgeous porch and am off to visit now!
    Helen xox

  27. Her house is spectacular. I'm on my way over to check out her blog. Great ideas!


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