Sunday, November 24, 2013

Color Me Random Blue....

Hi, Everyone...

Isn't that the BLUEST sky, ever....

and the green Pine tree, paired with the beautiful, turning leaves of the Oak tree,
looks stunning against that
blue sky.

I love watching this little POOL ROBOT
clean David's pool....

 The shadowy images of the robot's cords.....

makes a pretty, interesting pattern.

Little CATE'S ball...

 When I saw these in the blue Texas sky,
I just knew we were being invaded by.....

 but, of COURSE, Mr. Sweet said it was 2 or 3 planes, leaving their trails behind..!

SHOOT....aliens sounded much more exciting..!!


my 11 almost 12 year old sweet GRAND !!


AND...on Sunday, 24th, THIS is what the swimming pool looked like...
all surrounded by SNOW.



  1. OMG! snow!!! we're gonna be freezing for the next 4 or 5 nights so they're saying freezing rain overnight. yech!

    i liked the alien tracks.

  2. BRRRRRR- I can't believe you have snow! We had a few flurries but nothing we can measure yet. UGH- Love the alien tracks- and I am pretty sure that is what they are-that one especially looks like a half done tic-tac-toe game to me! xo Diana

  3. The water in the pool is such a gorgeous color of blue! I think I'd pass on swimming right now! Brrrr

  4. beautiful photos, and snow!!!!!!!Beautiful grand child, sky so blue,

  5. Well isn't that a pretty sight of the pool with a blanket of snow. If it will make you feel any better BJ, we're about to head out to our hot tub on the deck. There's 4-5 inches of snow to walk through and it's only 18 F out but inside the tub, it's so cozy and warm. ;-)

  6. What beautiful color in your mosaic! And lovely snow scene around your pool.

  7. Shiver, shiver! Love the blue post! Wonderful photography.

  8. Ohhhhh how cold it looks! Seems as if there was some sort of joke played on all of us...everyone is freezing! John says, "That's it! Too cold to go to Texas tonight!" Hope that it warms back up to seasonable real soon.

  9. That first picture is beeeeautiful! And I'm pretty sure that, instead of aliens, it's the government spraying us with some sort of toxic substance. Mind control? LOL

  10. Beautiful blues and gold and orange colors, bj! I'm surprised to see wnow done there in Texas! Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! xo, Pat

  11. Your blues are pretty and I love that shot of the pool surrounded by snow!

  12. Such gorgeous blues and then, whammo, you pop in the snow! Still, it's very pretty.

  13. A tad too chilly for swimming!

  14. Wow, we had the cold yesterday but no snow! Looks neat-stay warm:@)

  15. Lovely Autumn colors! The snow was a big surprise to many! Stay warm and have a happy week ahead. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  16. WOW! That is so much snow. Your earlier pics are absolutely gorgeous. I love the pine tree surrounded by that oh so blue sky. xo

  17. Pretty blue photo's. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  18. Now there's an image you don't see much! The pools in Michigan have all been covered for the winter, so seeing yours surrounded by snow is so unusual. You don't get much snow down there do you?

  19. Yes, this latest weather pattern is really causing turmoil in many areas from north to way down south! We dropped to 20F last night and lit our first fire of the season - today remains cold and then a LOT of rain forecast until Wed., with a chance of snow flurries. T-giving day should be OK though - I'm just glad I shopped early - on wet Wed. I'll be inside baking and staying warm.
    Happy holiday -
    Take care - Mary

  20. Great photos. I especially like the one with the pine tree, blue sky and colorful tree. It is cold here and windy the weather man says rain coming in and maybe some sleet. I hope not, rain is ok but no sleet or icy roads. Your granddaughter is a very pretty girl. Have a blessed day.. Madeline

  21. Hey BJ,

    Your granddaughter must be as sweet as she looks.

    I love your blues today; you had a bunch of 'em.

    Have a good Blue Monday.

  22. What a shock...I bet THAT doesn't happen too often! I'll have to ask my brother in Kerrville if he got any snow.
    VERY Pretty granddaughter & pretty landscape pictures too.

  23. Hi bj, We just returned from a short Disney cruise that was long on fun!!! We are in FL for Thanksgiving. I saw your snow on FB. Wow! how unusual.

    You blue is all 'sweet' but Deeds is the sweetest of all. How pretty she is and growing up so fast. Time flies when we are old. Smile.
    Love you sister friend. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your beautiful family.

  24. Looks like that pool could be turned into an ice rink! LOL And we got snow, too. I'be been playing in it with Caelie most of the day.

  25. I agree, ice skating anyone, how wonderful you are settling in and can just relax and look around a little and take a deep breath....stop over and see the Mackenzie Childs knockoff I did with a little milk pitcher, such a fun thing....Phyllis

  26. OMG, you've got snow down there! Brrrr!!!!! I love all your "blues!"

  27. See, I found you:) I love all of those pretty blues, especially Miss Deeds! Hope you are enjoying this Thanksgiving season! BIG HUGS from Georgia!

  28. Beautiful pictures bj ... your Deeds is getting more beautiful ever day. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  29. Do you do a Polar Bear Swim in the pool on New Year's. It looks cold.


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