Tuesday, March 29, 2016

...just so ya know....

This was the first Easter in our life
that we didn't have family around us
for that infamous EASTER HAM DINNER....boo hoo
We both are no longer contagious but still have
heads the size of washtubs with the colds...
.and coughing our heads off.

Family is close....very close....and for that we are thankful.
we'll have a good family dinner as soon as we can.
♥ ♥
Even tho we couldn't have family over,
Mr. Sweet and I were well enuf that we were hungry for the first time
in a couple weeks..
We've been living on salads, soups and....water.

(about 10:00, so maybe it was Brunch)
it surely was good...

Sausage Cheese Frittata 
with fresh Cilantro...
(you might remember that the fried sausage idea came from Mr. Sweet)
and he was right...
that sausage added tons of flavor to this Frittata

Orange Cinnamon Rolls
that we love to the moon and back...
Xtra good, coming out of the oven all warm and fragrant and soft
and the orange icing just melting on them and running down onto the plate..

...little baby fresh orange wedges.
a very delicious breakfast and,
for the first time in awhile, our tasters were back and this Easter breakfast made us feel really grateful to be getting well.

two pretty bunches of lilies that should open in the next few days..
( OOO...I caught the BLUE HOUR out the patio doors)

Then, somewhere around 5 in the evening,
we wanted an EASTER DINNER...
just for the 2 of us


 Ham slices with grilled pineapple.
Now, I generally use the pineapple rounds but 
I only had the cubed FRESH pineapple and they were DELICIOUS.....
grilled pineapple is just to DIE FOR...

fresh veggies to make a beautiful green salad...

 ...every time I have green onions, I remember back to when I was a little girl...

my mama nearly always had a garden and grew green onions...

my job was to go out and pick a few for our meal and I had to always wash them good and let running water go down each green onion tube to flush out any little garden bugs that might be inside....

and I'll tell ya what....

I still do it to this day.

oh, my.....it is sooo good.

sweet potatoes that had just been unloaded off the produce truck
and were almost as fresh as if I'd picked them out of a garden...
just delicious...
with just salt, pepper and butter, they melted in your mouth...

David and Kathy and their family brought this beautiful bucket of flowers
and they made me feel better instantly....

and not long afterwards,
Stacy and Deeds came over (staying a safe distance from our colds)

bringing this pot of SUNSHINE ....
I love them.

I put them all on the bench, in the sunlight and I know they will grow
and get even more beautiful.

...along with flowers in hand,
Stacy brought food...

angel food cake...

even brought the whipped cream...

and loving whipped cream as I do..
I had to add A LOT....

Mr. Sweet used to laugh at my mama when she said,
"I could eat a cow chip if it had whipped cream on it..."

hahhaaa...she was such a cutie.

I guess I got my love of the sweetened cream from her.
Stacy brought deviled eggs, an avocado salad and it all was delicious.

Thank you, sweet family for making our Easter SPECIAL even when we
weren't feeling very well and missed all of you sooo much.


  1. Even during your sick time, you still come up with the best eats ever. Your fixings would make anybody feel better. Thankful you both are improving. I had dinner with my son on Easter. His little wife never fails to have me fresh green onions I love them. Hang in as it will get better.

  2. That looked like a sumptuous feast bj, and all these pretty photos made me feel like I was there. Glad you are both improving. Great post!

  3. What a great meal for you isolated couple. The flowers were sweet. Glad you are feeling better. Hugs

  4. Oh, bless your hearts! That is awful that you have been so sick! I am glad you are doing some better, and what a blessing to have so many sweet family members who care so much! Your food looks SO yummy! Thank you for sharing about your lovely Easter day! God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  5. So glad you were able to enjoy food on Easter. We are hoping our sneezes and coughs didn't infect our guests. Ugh. Not fun. Hope you continue on the road to full recovery. You really were able to dig up a feast!

  6. Easter love and flowers and strawberries and all the berries with whipped cream was so sweet. Your family is the sweetest. Loved how you and Mr, Sweets still enjoyed Ham on Easter and as always I loved you photos and absolutely love you.

  7. Lovely Easter for two !!!! Glad to hear you two are on the mends !!!! What an Egg~cellent day for you with all the pretty flowers !!!! I'm feeling the Empty nest too ...Family are a Blessing indeed and I also this Easter was missing mine too :)

  8. What a joyous day you had even with swollen heads (sounds like your hearts were swollen with happiness by the end of the day as well!). Our Easter was just another Sunday in Greece but their Easter arrives on May 1st and already the candles are out for sale (used at church Easter Eve) and related decorations. Easter is a bigger holiday here than Christmas so watch for my post!

  9. Your Easter ended a lot better than it started out to be! You and your Dear Husband made the best of things (actually, your 'making the best' is the best that some of us can ever do!!!) and then your lovely family showered you with goodies. That was just lovely!

  10. I am sorry you have both been sick, but glad to see you are better.
    looks as if you had a fun bunny day. Everything is lovely, homey, and delicious! Cheers for a good Spring! You made me hungry for orange rolls!

  11. You are Blessed, BJ!
    Well deserved - well, I'm not talking about the cold obviously ;) - as you are a wonderful soul and a beautiful heart.
    Happy Easter and get fully well soon,

  12. That frittata looks and sounds mighty Dee-Lish . . .
    And the Berry Dessert, whipped cream looks like Dee-Light . . .
    Flower parade is a perfect Cheer Me Up . . .
    Looks like a perfect Easter Day . . .

  13. I'm a fellow whipped cream lover! :) So sorry you have been sick! Glad you are feeling better! Your Easter brunch and later meal looked delish! Rhonda

  14. The flowers are terrific. I'm so glad you are finally getting some appetite back. This one has really flattened you both and that's NO fun at all. But it sounds as though you were in good hands. Sending you healing wishes...

  15. We didn't have an Easter gathering this year either, BOO HOO! But... I went to Church and enjoyed my afternoon of rest:) I love all of your pretties, food included:) Have a blessed and hopefully "feeling better" kinda day! HUGS!

  16. "Feed a cold and starve a fever" -- all that delicious food was clearly medicinal!

  17. This. is. torture. Here it is a few minutes before breakfast time. I'm very hungry--and what do I do? Visit your blog and look at all this delicious food...oh, those orange cinnamon rolls look so delicious, and so does the angel food cake. Thanks for sharing your wonderful meals (though I wish the sharing could be a little more literal ;) ). Glad you are feeling better, and hope you soon are completely recovered, so you can spend time with family. Take care and God bless!

  18. As always...the most beautiful photos....full of vibrant and happy colors! You make me SO hungry at every visit! Feel better sweet girl!

  19. What a great day of food and love. I am glad that you all are feeling better! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos...the orange rolls look delicious!
    Pam @ Everyday Living

  20. Always such beautiful colors on your blog, BJ. Glad you are improving and getting over the bug. All looks delicious.

  21. Glad you and your husband are starting to feel some better. Your Easter breakfast and dinner looks so good. The flowers your family brought you were very pretty. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  22. I'll take the quiche and the dessert, please! And those gorgeous lily of the valley. I'll have to make sure to pick mine when they come up. They're always so cheery and delicate. Just love them!

  23. Your photos would make any one want to eat healthy. So glad you are feeling better.

  24. Hope you are well soon. You sure do have me hungry, my mouth is watering.

  25. I am getting hungry looking at your photos, B.J. Everything looks amazing.

  26. So sorry you missed Easter dinner with your beautiful family, BJ. I am glad you are both getting better. Your post is beautiful, from the Sausage Frittata to the flowers and fruits. Once again, here I sit at 7:55PM, starving now after reading another of your wonderful posts!

  27. BJ,
    I'm glad that you and Mr. Sweet are feeling a bit better and that your appetites have returned!
    Take good care of one another!

  28. Imagine having rabbit for Easter dinner. That would explain why there's a new Easter Bunny at the mall every year.

  29. My oh my you make food look so tasty here. - We had the stomach flu for Easter (oh goodie).

  30. I'm happy you two are feeling better! We spent Easter alone for the first time in many years, probably ever. I love those orange iced rolls, too. Your food looks so good and I've said it before, but you have such a way with staging and photographing!
    Take care and enjoy the rest of your week!

  31. I know you missed the traditional family dinner! At least you are feeling better now and you have delicious meals, how do you do that sick? Always gorgeous photos…….
    Don't get out to soon and have a relapse……………..

  32. So sorry that you and your honey were under the weather. But, it sounds like you had some terrific food. Yum yum yum. Your brunch looks so good.

    Hope that you guys are all well - take it easy as you don't want to get sick again.

    Have a wonderful week and hopefully Spring has sprung in Texas.



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