Friday, February 1, 2019


Like all of you,
I am counting the days until SPRING.
Actually, it's SUMMER 
I can't wait for !!

Spring in West Texas generally consist of
high winds
hence...SAND STORMS....
like the following....

THIS one, a few years back, was the worst one I had ever seen.

These photos aren't retouched...
the sand was THAT red...
so much so, that I thought at first, our neighborhood was on fire.

As I mentioned, this was probably the worst one I had ever seen...

We really do have some, tho, that you can't see across the street...I just close all my blinds, find a good book or a movie.

So...this is the reason most of us out here don't look forward to spring.

THIS is what makes one look forward to summer ...
breakfast by the pool.

it's such a great time to get flowers and plants started.

Having the greenhouse POTTING SHED
(potting shed is a much more romantic name for greenhouse)
keeps our flowers pretty all thru the winter.


 When the weather is much warmer,
we bring all the pretty flowers and plants out of the potting shed
and make this beautiful pool even MORE beautiful.

I can't wait to get my patio all ready for the season...

I am going to create these cutie pies ...
aren't they adorable...
glue, a pot and a pot plate and  a little paint is all that's needed...

They are cute, just like this or a pot of bright red geraniums on one would be awesome....
can't wait....

 Some of my friends will remember this little bird bath I made a few years back...

It's just pots, spray painted in beautiful, cheery, summery colors

glued together and enjoyed SOOO much.

It's the little things .....

buying flowers in the cold wintertime....

 Every so often, I do buy flowers at the nursery or grocery store during winter.
They always lift my spirits sooo much.

In fact, I am cleaning house on this first day of February
and when I get to a stopping point,
I'm going into town for FLOWERS ! 
Are YOU looking forward to warm spring/summer days, too.?


  1. Wonderful creations, bj. I can see why you'd like to skip Spring. Yikes!

  2. Those sandstorm pictures are unbelievable... It looks like an old post card. I love planning for the spring here in South Texas I live in a border town and its too hot in the summer 100 plus temp are something I don't look forward to. Beautiful creations . gorgeous pool.

  3. I’ve been puttering about today, too. One thing leads to another!

    Your cheerfulness and looking forward to is making me grin. What happy color choices you make. I do like the toad stools and I imagine that the pool area can always use cute decor. I’d be looking forward to summer, too, if I took breakfast by a pool. I had no idea how red and horrid those sandstorms can be. Maybe there won’t be any this year. 🤞🏼

  4. Our winter months are the nicer months for being outside here in Florida. I just got back from a hike and it was 73 degrees. But I am happy that the days are getting longer. I love your pool and pretty flowers! Enjoy your afternoon!

  5. Okay that clever little project of a bird bath has cheered me since you made it and today I copied and pasted it to my computer and have told myself this is the year I make it!!. (I can't recall what you used to glue the top on? Cement or apoxy glue?? Hugs to you as we await summer!

  6. If you think YOU'RE eager for summer, then you should step your toesies up HERE! But yes, I am too. We all have our seasons and that is mine.

  7. We are in Summer here...100,4°F...Too HOT!!!Your post is sweet as ever and I love your stunning roses!Hugs!

  8. Those little toadstools are adorable and I love the bird bath which you already made! I've never experienced a sand storm. It doesn't look like much fun at all.

  9. I am a summer person as well. I enjoy working in my yard, but it never compares to yours. I am sure the pool is very nice in the summer, but I have never had a bathing suit. Just have to hang my feet over. Also, you cook your bacon the way I like it.

  10. Love those mushrooms!!! I may just have to make a couple to hide in the garden.

    God bless.

  11. Wow, that sand storm is really something, I've never seen one in person, I bet it's a bit scary! I love your yard, flowers and that adorable bird bath! Just lovely and I really like the idea for this year, my girls would enjoy that too. Hope you have a great weekend!


  12. I have never seen a sand storm like yours! Please take care!

  13. UGH - I remember walking home from school in the occasional dust storm! The dirt would be embedded in our skin and our ears and hair were full of it! I'm with you - bring on summer!!

  14. Dear BJ ..I didn’t know that Texas experienced such dust storms( not fun) ... but OMG don't you have exceptional summers... perfect for your delightful poolside creations... What fun you're having with the pot ..Love the colors you chose for your birdbath ...infact, I'm the Craft G'Ma here and my grandchildren would surely enjoy creating with pots.... but we'll have to make alternative plans for a pool ( ha Ha) Your backyard is fabulous summer playground... however we'll have to go bathing with the little birdies( ha ha).In the meantime , you post has got me thinking of my garden ( Ah I can hardly wait )...Thanks for sharing ...Hugs

  15. I don't like to rush the Seasons... but I am truly looking forward to Springtime, planting flowers and having the sunshine on my face:) Enjoy your day dear friend, sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  16. BJ, I did not know that about the sand storms. I would not like that at all. But oh your summertime looks so very inviting. I love how pretty your patio is when you are done with decorating it. Blessings to you sweet friend, xoxo, Susie

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  18. All your photos are just beautiful. I do am looking forward to summer I am a hot weather girl. I like spring also and am glad we do not have the sand storms you have. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  19. Texas weather is not for sissies that is for sure. While, we don't have those sand storms in North Texas, Spring is definitely a crazy time of year. I'm like you give me the summer time by the pool with lots of flowers and fun gardening! Your pool and flowers look so pretty - that breakfast looks pretty good too! Have a great weekend!

  20. Oh my those sand storms are serious stuff! Wow! Does it affect car engines and other things? Yes, I'm looking forward to spring and summer so much! Seattle is known for days and even months of wet, gray weather during the winter. Snow cheers us up but gray is just depressing. I loved all your photos, so bright and cheery! Thank you BJ!

  21. Enjoyed seeing all your pretty plants ... glad you have a potting shed. I remember those dust storms when we lived in Abilene. Tumble weeds too. That pool is so beautiful ... I know you will enjoy it this summer.

  22. You live in such a sweet little home with that beautiful view of the pool!! BUTm I didn't know about your sand storms - WOW!! I am in agreement and can't wait til the warm weather!!

  23. I can't imagine the sand storm. It does look like fire.

    Our springs tend to be wet.

    Always look forward to seeing your garden.


  24. Your yard and flowers are so beautiful!

  25. We had weather here that was warmer than usual and in the 50s and 60s. My dog and I really loved that! I can't wait for spring and I enjoyed looking at your photos and reading this post. Enjoy the weekend.


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