Friday, August 10, 2018

I have my first cup of coffee each morning in my HAPPY PLACE.

Some of my blogging friends remember that a few summers ago...
about 3, I think,
Mr. Sweet and I wanted a spot for our morning and evening talks
right outside our back door.

I ordered a sweet, white pergola !!!

Family and friends helped
 Mr. Sweet,
and in no time at all,
we had our SPOT...

It is the one spot I can go and feel totally close to him...
We had so many good talks out there...
and just enjoyed being outside....together...
 I go out every morning that the weather allows...
and sometimes in the early evening.
Sometimes the memories I have out there are so so good...
other days, it's a good place to cry for him....
well, not cry for HIM...he is where he should be.
The crying is selfish because it's for ME...
because I miss him so much.
...getting better but it will always be there.
 My Sweet Potato Vine is so pretty and full....
 ...good morning coffee...


 I still love my little birdbath I put together about 2 yrs ago....

 Sweet Athena is nearly always out back when I am....
"Come over here and pose by these pretty Cosmos, Athena"
and here she comes...
She is SUCH a great dog...EVERYbody just loves her to pieces.
So much company...
so loving...
I love to hang out with her on our patio.....

You are my sunshine, Athena...

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Like your comfort spot bj . . .
    And Athena . . .
    AND I really like the white container with just Potato Vine . . . so pretty . . . very nice.
    I think I will copy that idea for next year . . .

  2. Love your spot-memories!
    I am B J B

  3. What a lovely space to have!!! Memories fill our hearts and tears fall, but God is our strength for each and every new day. Enjoy.

    Love you ~ FlowerLady

  4. what a beautiful haven you created and you certainly are an inspiration, Athena is a beauty!

  5. I love your little coffee spot. I just showed Nick that bird bath. I want one!!! How darling. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. That is a beautiful spot, BJ. I'd love it there too and I can understand why it makes you feel close to Mr. Sweet. :)

  7. You'll always have his love in your heart, his spirit is with you too! Praying for your day to be filled with sweet memories!

  8. What a beautiful comfort spot!
    Mr. Sweet will always be part of you and you will cry for a long time; my dad went to heaven 22 years ago and mom still cries from missing him so. She's made a life alone, but surrounded by family and friends too.
    Hope yall are getting some of this rain we're getting in the DFW area; been raining most of the morning, at times pouring down hard.
    God bless you, BJ!

    1. Dear Mary G....thanks so much for coming by. I am sending your mom the biggest cyber hug...I know, too, that I will cry forever.
      A little rain but nothing like you are getting......xoxo (you need to start a blog)

  9. I love your Happy Place! Peaceful and calming.

  10. Everyone needs a special spot, and yours is lovely.
    Have a happy weekend.
    Connie :)

  11. BJ, I am so glad you have a happy place to remember and cry from longing of your wonderful husband, Mr. Sweet...and I know he was. Your place is special. Dogs know when we are sad. You have your area looking so pretty. That potato vine is growing so well there and picks up the bright green color of your birdbath and container. Hugs and blessings to you dear friend, xoxo,love, Susie

  12. What a beautiful place to drink coffee and recall those precious memories! Your dog is so sweet. What a comfort beloved pets are!

  13. You're aloud to cry and it's not selfish when you had a love like you had. I'm thrilled you are finding joy in memories. It's important.

    Still love the birdbath too

    Enjoy a milkshake for me

    Have a super weekend


  14. How lucky to have a special spot and enjoy the memories of Mr Sweet while sitting there!

  15. You are not selfish. Not even close. Dogs are the best.

  16. What a love patio and a place to be close to Mr. Sweet. I know how you feel. Take care and have a blessed day. Madeline

  17. Great danes are wonderful dogs.

  18. I know just how you feel, bj. Next Thursday will be five years without my beloved. At least memories never go away.
    I still love your cute birdbath! xx

  19. My dear friend - you are NOT selfish! Those tears are what God gave us to relieve the pressure of our grief. You and you sweet hubby shared so many wonderful times and memories. I love your happy place - what a wonderful place to remember and cherish the times you two shared there together. Athena is beautiful and such a sweet one to share time with you.

  20. love, love LOVE that birdbath/feeder! Athena is lovely. I'm glad you have that special spot. For the first cup of coffee. ;)

  21. What a special spot for you, BJ. Glad you have it and those wonderful memories.

  22. That’s a lovely spot to have your coffee and reminisce. Athena is a sweet love to spend time with you there.

  23. Your morning coffee spot is beautiful. Bless you BJ, crying for someone we miss terribly is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

    God bless.

  24. What a great place for you to have for yourself. I know you miss Bill so much. I feel for you. I know it is getting more tolerable with him gone but it still is never going to be easy to not miss him so much. Hugs! Love seeing sweet Athena. My daughter has a great dane that is all black and his name is Bruce. Love those sweet gentle giants. Happy Weekend.

  25. I'm happy to know you have this special space, no matter what or how you feel that day. Its a place to think and remember. I have no words. For myself, I couldn't possible imagine going through what you are, but its very likely I will. Bless you and the family you have.

    My, that is one huge pup!!! So beautiful!

    Jane x

  26. A beautiful place you have bj for your wonderful memories.

  27. Oh BJ I know he's up there reading over your shoulder when you write these beautiful posts about your special places and memories and I know he's smiling! A beautiful spot and a beautiful post!

  28. What a love sweet spot!

    Athena is so cute!

  29. Oh BJ, I absolutely loved this post! I remember reading about your pergola and your bird bath, it doesn't seem like it was that long ago! Time goes by so fast nowadays. I love your Happy Place. As far as the birds, I just have bird baths around, then have the feeders around the yard. I've given up on my hummingbird feeder. Finally took it down and am mainly using suets now. Easy to refill and the birds love them!

  30. Beautiful place for a morning cup of coffee and an afternoon milkshake! I know you miss your sweet fella but what wonderful memories you have to cherish! Have a blessed day dear B.J. Sending Sunday morning HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  31. B.J, no wonder that is your "happy place"---it's gorgeous! looks so peaceful and you've fixed it up so pretty. I love your chairs and your plants and that cute little birdbath!. Do you have to burn citronella candles or anything to keep mosquitoes away there?

  32. I can see why it's your happy place, BJ. It look like a wonderful way to start your day.

  33. BJ, beautiful, beautiful post - it brought tears to my eyes.


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