Saturday, February 11, 2017

~ Home from the Hospital

Our heartfelt thank yous for the prayers and positive, loving thoughts
sent our way.

We are home from the hospital..his leg is dragging more and so weak, he can't get out of his chair without help..the doctor told us that the intrusion into his brain made the brain angry for a time and things might be worse...
we are praying this isn't permanent..
His doctor said he very well may get stronger.

He is asleep in his recliner...
I put a large cow bell beside his chair to call me
if he needs anything.

As I've mentioned,
if the biopsy report comes back stating it is definitely malignant,
treatment of radiation  and chemo will start as soon as the
incision on his head heals.

The love and caring of his beautiful family
is always such a bright spot...
some came to visit him and give him a kiss
the night before going into the hospital...
some filled his hospital room  with love and laughter..
hugs and kisses...
and "we'll be praying for you, Granddad."
Food and flowers....
phone calls from his grands out of town...
his cousins...
his friends...
such an outpouring of love

These....such a bright spot in his room..
Arriving home,
Stacy and Deeds
and David and Kathy
here to greet him, love on him a bit
and such a huge help getting him out of the car and into the house.
 A strong, steady walker was here waiting on him...
(and he grumbled when he saw it but later,
said he was sure glad to have it...)
Our kids... ♥♥♥
....what in the world would we ever do without them....

Thank you once again for your kindness...
I read your caring comments and cry because God gave me such loving friends.

Once again, I am closing the comment section.
I know you understand and I thank you for that.