Thursday, January 12, 2017

Our Potting Shed

Some call them greenhouses...
some of us call them potting sheds...
I love the term potting's much more romantic.

In 2015, father and son  embarked on THE BUILDING
and, boy, do we all love it.

When Mr. Sweet and David, our son, first started building
this amazing POTTING SHED,
I was so excited, I could hardly stand it...

I can't tell you how much we all looked forward to ea day as this little

storage room...
potting shed

began to take shape.

it didn't take long before I knew for certain sure...
the potting shed should have been twice this size....

 David has set up the most super watering system..
all automated so the plants get the same amount of water
at the same time of day...
sooo cool...

...and my beautiful fern is getting more beautiful ea passing day...
that warmness...the moisture...
just exactly what ferns love best.

 We have big plants....

little plants...

reaching- for- the sky plants...

 It really does the soul good to see all this color and blooms

the first year we had the potting shed, aphids and spider mites killed a lot of plants...
we really have tried to be careful about placing plants inside..making sure
we don't see insects of any kind on them.
We learn daily.....

All my poinsettias had to be transplanted to much larger pots....

it was delightful work  in this amazing room...

the two tiny one went into this cute, thrifted ceramic pot...

(very bad photo..something wrong with lighting)

I put the larger plant into a larger pot and sit it in this basket...

By this time, this olden lady was getting pretty tired and pitiful looking...

with snow still on the ground on potting day, I had my warm boots on...

had to get a pic to show you how bad you can look when you work in a potting shed for a couple of hours...

and...working up a hunger for an afternoon snack,
I remembered I had a bit of that RASPBERRY BARS left...
and while desserts aren't quite as tasty a couple days after baking,...

 adding a bit of Strawberry Ice Cream

made those bars come alive, baby....

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  1. Love your Talavera pot - those are near and dear to my heart! P.S. Cute boots!

  2. B.J. This is a beautiful post and just what I needed to remind me that Spring is on the way.
    I may have gained weight just looking at your yummy dessert. If I were there I'd be asking for a fork, please :)
    Have a lovely day!
    Connie :)

  3. Well I hate to contradict but...I think you look very cute after working in your potting shed! Love that shed and the lovely plants in there! I'm passing right by that beautiful dessert!

  4. You look pretty sweet to me, bj....I am covered with various splashes of mud and usually have bugs in my hair when I am working in the garden here! lol
    What a GREAT garden shed/shop/greenhouse- whatever it is---it is wonderful!
    I WISH you wouldn't post those treats! You KNOW I am off sugar! lol xo Diana

  5. Your potting shed - greenhouse is very nice. The plants look great. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  6. Potting shed? That is a full blown greenhouse *grins* No wonder you have such wonderful plant images on your blog.

  7. I don't think you can call yours a "shed". It's too big and too nice! I bet you really love that place. It looks like you have lots of room to grow whatever you want. I can imagine how nice it feels to walk in there when it's cold and dreary outside. A little piece of paradise, I presume. Your dessert looks yummy too. I love anything with strawberries.

  8. Wow! That is quite a potting shed! Looks like all the plants love it just as much as you do!

  9. Your potting shed is great - they did a wonderful job on it. You look terrific, you should see me when i amworking in the garden. I have just a bench. Your treat looks pretty good too.

    We are finally getting lots and lots of rain, thank you God.


  10. BJ, You look as cute as any of those flowers and the dessert. You are so right , going into the shed and seeing beautiful ferns and flowers in January, what a treat. I love the pot you use for the poinsettia. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  11. What a nice place to play. The flowers look so nice Have fun.
    I think I got the pages not too sure but will get it done Thank You for the help.
    Going to redo my blog when I get back from our Cruise
    Stay Happy and safe

  12. Those raspberry bars look amazing. How nice to have your own hothouse, especially in chillier weather. They really did it up right.

  13. You're stylin' with those look GREAT to me! And we all love that potting shed. Hugs!

  14. I thought potting sheds were only legal in Colorado

    but seriously that's the first time I've ever heard the term. Greenhouse makes more sense to me.

    1. hahhaa...Oh, Adam...I do so love your cute sense of humor...

  15. Great garden house, potting shed . . .
    And an added feature of the watering, timing, temperature system . . .
    How wonderful to surround yourself with so many blooms.
    You look spiffy in your gardening clothes . . .
    I doubt you would recognize me!

  16. Wow, you are a SERIOUS gardener! I love that hibiscus plant -- one of my favourite flowers. They're always good bloomers too. There was one in an office I worked in once. It was stuck in a back filing room, with crappy light, sitting on a cold wintry windowsill -- and still it was constantly blooming!

  17. Wow Im impressed! This makes me feel warm inside thinking of spring.
    Your sweets is a sweetie and I believe your spoiled maybe just a little. Haha

  18. Oh I love that potting shed! Those flowers are gorgeous and like you say, such a joy to see in the winter!

  19. Awesome & huge ..I could live in that potting shed :)

  20. Your potting shed is awesome. I would love to have one of those. Have a great Friday and weekend. xo

  21. Wow I would love something like this but with our winters it's just not possible. You look wonderful- boots and all! I poinsettia just diee back and I suspect it came with some kind of bugs in the soil. I usually can keep them going for a long time so I was surprised this one took a dive on me. I grew some amaryllis inside and my Christmas cactus is still blooming so I'm happy about that. With my white wintery landscape it's a pleasure to see something blooming indoors! Have fun with your greenhouse- what fun!

  22. It looks so warm and sunny and beautiful inside the shed, and filled with plants! I would be putting a chair out there in the winter!

  23. The potting shed has definitely paid off. So nice and roomy for all the pretty plants. Every time I read your blog, wish I lived nearby. You would never have any food to waste.

  24. You have got to be the coolest & happiest Grandma in blogland, BJ! I envy you the flowers & the shed & the dessert, too! Love the boots!

  25. What a wonderful space and well done, guys. Love this. They call them shops out here or sheds but mostly shops.

  26. You don't look olden, pitiful, or tired, bj, but simply adorable and super hip! Your potting shed is wonderful and so cheery to enjoy in the winter months.

  27. Love it! Fabulous to have such lovely blooms in January. I hope my green house room looks a little like yours this time next year! Thanks for sharing it. Enjoy your flowers!
    Have a good weekend.

  28. Happy Pink Saturday, dear friend. I can only imagine how much you love that potting shed. And, your plants look great! My son made me a potting bench this year, and I love it.

  29. You are as cute as a button! I would be in love with the potting shed, too. Actually, I may be from afar.

  30. Oh, just looking at all of the pretty blooming plants in your beautiful potting shed put a little Springtime in my heart. I miss my flowers so much in the winter here near St. Louis. We have had icy weather here today, not too far away, here in Missouri, they had "thunder sleet" last night. It did me good to see your beautiful flowers today. I'd rather see geraniums, ferns, and poinsettias any day than ice on the trees.

  31. I would never want to leave that potting shed (greenhouse). I think I would move my bed in and a hot plate.

    God bless.

  32. So happy you are enjoying your potting shed. It helps that you have a watering system and room to work in there. The plants look happy.
    Audrey Z.

  33. Oh, how beautiful! Wow, the plants are just amazing! And, that watering system is just genius! How blessed you are, sweet friend. And, you look lovely in the photo. God bless you and your dear family!

  34. That is quite a potting certainly have a green thumb. And are very energetic to accomplish such a task.. what a blessing!

  35. I'm very impressed! Love it and love that you have such a clever way of watering. Those plants are to die for. If you saw my post today, you saw snow. We don't have much right now, but it's definitely too cold for plants, even in a greenhouse! Big smiles!

  36. Your potting/storage shed is really nice BJ. It would be nice to have things growing all year around inside. We'd have to have a furnace or some sort of heater in one here though as our winters are pretty brutal. I think the pic of you is adorable. Take care and enjoy those beautiful plants.

  37. Your potting shed is so amazing. I love all the plants you have growing in there. Love that there is a watering system-so cool and easy. I lost alot of plants that were outside in the past 2 cold weeks. Enjoy!

  38. Still catching up! I would love to have a comfy chair right in the middle of your potting shed. And a good book - and one of those raspberry bars, please.


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