Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fast Trip

Hi, Everyone...

A fast trip to Dallas with our girl and one grand, DEEDS...
It's been a long, LONG time since I was in Dallas at night...

I was so amazed at all the lighted buildings...

Most of my photos turned out blurred as I was taking them with a point and shoot and going 70 miles an hour...

 I spent a lot of time in the big city when I was a lot younger
(actually born there)
 but don't remember the magical look of Dallas at night.

the one bright that stands out in my mind is the large
on top of the MAGNOLIA HOTEL.
♥ ♥ ♥
Every time I came to stay with my dad in the summertime
he always took  my cousin, Skeet, and I downtown to see the horse.  :>)

♥ ♥ ♥
We were taking Deeds to a concert that she had worked hard and saved money for.
Don't ask me the name of the singer....
He was lead singer in the group, THE SMITHS....way back in the 80's.
Deeds loves all the old music...

Yep....we drove 6 hours from Lubbock to Dallas
and when we got to the venue,
there was a sign on the door....

I'm sure you know how disappointed  14 yr. old Deidra was...
broke her heart...and she cried...
and after I got over my MAD ... I cried a bit, for her.


 we went to
 La Madeleine  Country French Cafe.

Bless her heart, Deeds worked up a smile for the photo but she sure didn't feel like smiling..

BTW...this cafe serves delicious food.....

Stacy and family have a lake house on Possum Kingdom lake..
only 2 hrs from Dallas 

so we went there for the night and most of the next day.
(there's my Deeds...smiling at her Memaw)
I love you, honey girl.

Driving back to Lubbock, we encountered one of the most beautiful sunsets 
in the history of EVER.

the sky was ablaze with color...
We finally pulled over and stopped to get pictures of

Love to all...bj


  1. Bj, these pictures are wionderful.
    Poor little girl, as a mother of a teenager I know how "difficult" is sometime to manage the situation.

  2. Gosh, that made me cry a little bit, too...

  3. Could that singer you're thinking of be Morrissey? I liked the photos of Dallas, but watch out for the grassy knoll if you go that way. JFK never did and look where it got HIM!

  4. BJ, My heart aches for Deeds...that had to be such a disappointment. But she's a brave young girls and her smiling at her memaw proves it. Blessings to all of you, xoxo, Susie

  5. Oh BJ, what a long journey only to learn it was cancelled. I'm glad you managed to have fun but it sounds like there was still a little bit of heartbreak going on. So sad...

  6. Your photos are great. That sunset was just beautiful. So sorry the concert was cancelled. Have a blessed day and a wonderful Thanksgiving. Madeline

  7. So sorry your grand was disappointed in her first concert attempt. Life sucks sometimes and guess learning that early might help her through life, but still sucks! You're a good Grammy.

  8. Oh no! That really would be a huge disappointment. Glad you were able to get a smile out of her. Wow...that sky is ablaze in glory. Love it!

  9. Oh what a let down to travel that far with excitement building up inside only to see it cancelled. You did a good job making it up to her, sorta. Im sure she thinks your are the coolest.

  10. How disappointing! I see that there were some nice compensations though.

  11. Oh wow. What a disappointment! That's just terrible.

  12. Oh no about your granddaughter's concert being cancelled. I am sure that was a big disappointment. I am glad you could find some fun and smiles even with the disappointment. Your granddaughter is adorable. That sunset gorgeous.

  13. How very, very, very disappointing to drive all that way for a cancelled show. I hope she can get her money back!! You did a good job of making the most out of a bad situation though with food and family. Your city shots are lovely but that sunset is amazing....just like God's grace. xo Diana

  14. How disappointing for Deeds. I am glad however that you still managed to make her smile.

    God bless.

  15. Awwwww....how sad and disappointing, and after a 6 hour drive, too. Your photos are very nice, B.J., and I absolutely love your Christmas header! Hope you are doing well. :)

  16. I'm so sorry the concert was cancelled! How disappointing for your Deeds...I'm glad you were able to enjoy time with her and help her with this sadness. Your sunset photo is glorious! ♥

  17. ohh.. that is too bad. I can imagine she was very disappointed. I wonder why it was cancelled. probably nice to get away for a little girl time anyways and that sunset! wow!
    just wanted to make a quick stop to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!!
    we all have so much to be thankful for.
    happy day!

  18. Too bad about the concert, but it sounds like you all made the most of it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  19. So sorry about the concert, and how rude of them to just cancel with no notice!! Beautiful sunset, and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  20. I hear it's a wonderful city. Though I'd probably visit Austin given the choice

  21. What a way to end the trip with that amazing sunset! Glad you pulled over and took the shot. Going 70 miles an hour shooting with a camera phone is dangerous. Sorry you drove all that way to have the show cancelled. Oh well, you got to stay the night and have some time there. More memories made eh?

  22. Oh, poor Deeds! My heart hurt for her when I read that the concert was cancelled. So glad you were with her and could be part of the time away inspite of the disappointment. The sunset was gorgeous - I think God did that just for Deeds!

  23. awww, you were almost in my neck of the woods.

    dear bj, i thank you for your kindness, your visits - and when i see one of my old cardinal posts pop up, i think of you. blessings to you and yours. may your heart be full. may life be kind. and may you be well, always...

  24. Happy 🦃 Thanksgiving ! It won't let me comment on your recent post !!!!

  25. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day yesterday with all of your family gathered around you, BJ! It is always so pleasant to come and visit your beautiful blog. God bless you!

  26. Wow. Great pictures and I love the little car mirror one. Too cute!


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