Monday, November 28, 2016

Berry Red

I had 4 holly berry bushes at our olden house
and every Christmas, I cut some and
used them a lot in my holiday decorating...

I really missed them last year at Christmas...

I used those berries

 in Red Raspberry Jam Jars....

They went into Christmas Cups....

it seemed the redness just made EVERYthing
look pretty....and festive.

I don't know why I've never noticed this tree ...

I have never seen this tree filled with bright, plump RED berries

Just LOOK at all this magic.
Aren't they so so pretty.

Maybe the tree didn't produce berries last year...
maybe it's just far enuf away from the entry gate that I never noticed it...
whatever the reason,
David says the tree has put on berries every year, tho...

I THINK this is a POSSUMHAW tree .

Well, as some of you know, I can get an overload of photos
I am excited about....
so....hope you don't get tired before you reach the end.

I pulled out a few of my vintage cream pitchers and filled them
with all this red beauty.....

 ...just look how good these MAGICAL RED BERRIES
make this piece of PUMPKIN CHEESE CAKE PIE

and by the way, this pie was delicious...
if you like Pumpkin pie...and cheese cake...
you may want to make this.
but the web is full of recipes for this pie. 

even my
faux, thrifted
red berry
blends right in.....

Blessings and Love to all....

xoxo  bj

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  1. I think you have a Youpon Holly. I have one too. Beautiful.

  2. Hi bj, I too love those beautiful red berries. The tree is amazing. Maybe you were just too busy moving and decorating your new home. Smile. I love all of your photos as always. It looks like Christmas decorating just go kicked off in a very lovely red berry way.
    Love, Jeanne

  3. The berries are fabulous! Maybe they're on a tree that doesn't bloom every year, who knows? Thing is, there they are now! And aren't you the luckiest!

  4. What a gorgeous tree. The birds will love it. We have one holly bush that is just bursting this year too. Love every bit of red in your photos.

  5. Beautiful, BJ! And red looks soon good on you! ;-D


  6. OMGOSH! Those trees must be native to that part of the country. I have never seen them here. My daughter has holly bushes by her house, too. I just love them- have always loved them. Do you know my husband ripped out 4 HUGE boxwoods that I had nurtured? They were about 6 feet around and 4 feet high-HUGE. He did it so he could get his tractor closer to the garage. Seriously, had he not had cancer and was already suffering I might have done him in! As laid back as I am that got my Irish up! OH- and my LILAC bush went, too! okay- I am getting mad all over again writing about it so I will go back to your SWEET post...and that pie looks good---but I am "pumpkin jaded" right now- couldn't eat another bite of it (tonight anyway).
    Have a great week- xo Diana

  7. So festive and you are getting me into the Christmas spirit! Love those berries.

  8. oh my gosh!!--this is one of my favorite posts of yours ever! That is an amazing tree--just love those bright berries! What you did with them is so pretty and festive, I am so glad you shared these pretty pictures

  9. Wow how beautiful! Those berries are perfect and with out the prickly holly leaves. These berries are so perfect, they look faux. I thnik I know where a tree like this is, I may have to make a visit. I also like magnolias at Christmas.

  10. There is nothing better than finding something you love to decorate with in your own back yard. What a beautiful bounty!

  11. Great set of images. That holly shrub is just screaming, "Look at me, look at me!!" Outstanding looking wreath. Have a blessed Ruby Tuesday Too.

  12. Your photos are great. Everything looks so festive. The tree with the red berries is beautiful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. WOW - what a lovely tree! your photos are so beautiful....enjoy your holiday decorating!!

  14. Oh, how pretty! You truly have a gift, both of making things beautiful and of capturing that beauty in the photos you take. I always love coming here and always leave refreshed in spirit. God bless you, my friend!

  15. Beautiful red berries...magical, for sure. :)

  16. Magical and pretty bj. Your berry tree is gorgeous.
    Happy Week.

  17. Happy Holidays Jean. Do you know what kind of tree it is? I wonder. I used to have Holly bushes too. I need to plant some new ones. I really want that tree now.

  18. And a Berry Merry decorating day to you.

    No Holly here, and my decorating isn't even started yet. Your post is making me want to stop baking and get decorating.

    God bless.

  19. Beautiful tree BJ ... Birds love those berries when they ripen. Pie sounds good too.

  20. What a bonanza of berries! And it pops out in red berries every year? And you didn't see it? There's an analogy there somewhere. Glad you saw it this year.

  21. BJ those berries are berry berry nice, love all your displays of them and your header looks festive and merry.

  22. That tree is beautiful, I know a gal who is looking for fresh holly to make her a door wreath and use to I had a holly bush.
    She would love that tree and would bring scissors/or clippers with her to visit it LOL

  23. BJ, I love your pictures of these beautiful red berries! I too just love those red berry trees! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  24. gorgeous, there is no other word. It looks like some sort of Holly to me. One thing I miss from our old home are our Holly bushes. It was a staple in our home for Christmas cutting.



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