Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Rose by any other name....

I love this image...

and I love roses...

homegrown roses...

not the kind from the florist....

Our small rose garden is just about spent...

and when I heard we might have a hard freeze this week,
I cut a few of the prettier ones to enjoy in the house.

Aren't they lovely...
I love the different colors.

Such a lovely fall day here in West Texas...


  a perfect day for
rose picking....

It's so much fun to have such lovely subjects to play photographer...

It was such a pretty, pleasant day, Mr. Sweet and I spent most of the day outside...

We had only one garden bounty left for the season
so I gathered it and I think it will be on our menu tonight....

We like boiled okra with tomatoes...

I think we like it ALmost as much
 as fried okra....
not QUITE as much...:)
but we do like it.

...boiled okra and tomatoes
and left over Beef and Rice Soy dinner.
Mr. Sweet said that sounds pretty good to him.
I think we have just about 2 slices of that creamy 
LOVE, bj


  1. Those roses are so pretty! I like fresh roses too. Even wild roses. They all smell so good. My favorite color rose is yellow but this orangish colored ones you have posted may have that beat!

  2. Fall roses have the most vibrant colors. We lived in Lubbock for three years. 79th and Indiana. :) Did you get your freeze?

  3. A really nice story. The roses were great and then the boiled okra and tomatoes were even better.

  4. Sounds delicious and looks fantastic! Your rice reminds me...we just recently rediscovered how great Rice a Roni is. :) I grew up eating it but hadn't had it in years. It's cheap and yummy...probably loaded with salt though.

  5. The roses are just beautiful. The okra and tomatoes look good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. The roses are beautiful.

    God bless.

  7. Awe, the roses are so pretty. I actually still have a few pink one too! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Pretty pictures of perfect roses ... Your okra and tomatoes look so good. I will take my okra fried with a tomato sandwich. Thank you very much.
    Enjoy your cooler weather. I think we will be in the low 40's.
    Audrey Z.

  9. BJ, I have never known a rose to be a fall flower...but there you are with some beautiful roses. I don't blame you bring them in. Your food looks good too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  10. Glad you had a special day before the weather turns. I think there will be frost on the swimming pool soon so enjoy this weather while you can.

  11. Good heavens! You might beat me to a hard freeze. Have had a couple of light freezes and today was 60°! It has been a wonderful autumn.

  12. I have one rose left on my rose bush, ready to bloom...and that will be it til spring! Love the colors of yours!

  13. Gorgeous Roses bj . . .
    Nice treat for a November Day . . .
    Enjoy that dinner!

  14. Love the roses, bj. Lucky you!!! I don't think I have ever had boiled okra...and don't know if I would like it. I DO like deep fried okra though. My daughter got me hooked on that--darn her. lol
    I hope you have a wonderful evening with Mr Sweet Nothing! xo Diana

  15. Beautiful roses and yummy meal!

  16. One of the nice things we are discovering about our Stone House on the Hill is that roses continue to bloom into the winter. We've just had several lovely blooms and the buds are sprouting again. I agree - garden roses are the best.

  17. For whatever reason, since we don't ever really cook with okra, Rick grew it in the garden. And now we don't know what to do with it! Research will be involved. Lemon pie. I should know better by now. It happens every day -- I see your blog before I've eaten and then I get so hungry! Maybe it's the photos.

    I love your roses. It's supposed to be 65 here today -- I'm sure this has happened in Michigan before but it's pretty fabulous and scary as all get out! Supposed to be 70 for the Christmas parade, at least in the daytime. My neighbor has a rose left, too -- last rose of summer. But you have quite the bouquet. Fabulous. Happy day and weekend!

  18. Thanks for the reminder on the roses, I have a few sweet blooms left! We have a frost coming this weekend and I need to bring them inside:) Enjoy your day dear B.J. BIG HUGS!

  19. Roses are lovelyBJ:-) Also wanted to thank you for sharing the potatoe soup recipe, it was delicious. Made a batch to share at my Ladies Guild meeting and everyone raved about it. Thanks again, Lucy

    1. Dear Lucy...I have no other way to say thanks for coming by with your sweet comment. Pls. let me know your email address so I can contact you.
      So thrilled you liked the soup....when I served it to our Bunco ladies, 4 of them made the soup the next day because, they said, "I didn't get enuf of your potato soup so I made my own" it when we share and everyone loves it.

  20. those are beautiful blooms! Glad you got some inside before the freeze. And the supper look delicious! I'll be around for some of that lemon ice box pie! LOL


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