Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Bounty

Since we aren't "farmers",
we have all been amazed at the quantity and quality of fresh veggies
coming out of such a small space.
We have so enjoyed the raised garden bed David (son) built.

Even in a bit cooler Autumn weather, the garden is still producing
tasty veggies for us all to enjoy

The little tomatoes have just outdone themselves and are producing right and left..

we're able to gather them almost every day as they ripen and turn a pretty red.

They are so tasty to just pick off the vine, wipe them off on my shirt and eat them ....
the warm sunshine really brings out the flavor.

 The cucumbers...!
OOO, how good they have been.
Crisp...flavorful...they can't grow fast enuf for all of us...
we do love us some cucumbers.

The  Zucchini squash ...
this one was hidden beneath plants and grew waaay too large.
However, split in two...
salt and pepper...
and baked...
just delicious.

 ...nothing like fresh green onions.

As a child, my mom always had a garden..

when our onions were ready to pull,
the job fell to me.

When I brought them inside, Mom said to run water into each green end...
she said "let the water run over the edges of the green so that it will flush out any bugs.."

I do it to this very day, even the ones I buy in the grocery store.


The carrots have been pretty tasty..
not very large...
and a little .....knotty.
We've all learned a lot with this amazing little garden .....
a few less zucchini plants..(we are SICK of zucchini)...
plant marigolds in with the veggies to help keep bugs away...
another one or two cucumber plants...
peppers  (they haven't done well for some reason)
if you have gardening tips for a small raised bed,
please post them and let me know...sure appreciate it.

 And, here's a little eye candy...
I bought this plant last year,
kept it in the potting shed all winter
and it has bloomed it's little head off thru this summer.

It's about time to move the flowers back into the shed
to rest and thrive and get ready for us NEXT spring.

I hope you have a bounty-filled day,
XOXO, bj


  1. What an amazing harvest you have enjoyed!! Nothing like FRESH veggies and they just don't get any fresher than THAT!
    We have hopes and dreams for a garden when Louis Dean finally gets Sanford and Son vacated from our back yard!!
    We have two plumbagos and they are gorgeous!!!

  2. What a wonderful bounty! I miss my raised beds and can't wait to sell this house and move to another one where I can have my garden again. We used marigolds too to keep the bugs away and we had a drip irrigation system on a timer so that we didn't have to water manually.

  3. Tomatoes were not terrific up here this year -- we got too much rain in the summer for them to ripen well. But everything else grew like gangbusters!

  4. Oh my goodness, your basil is gorgeous! Mine died here in the heat around July. I do just love our raised beds, so much easier to weed and care for. Less stooping and bending and the rabbits can't reach the goodies :) You have had a bumper crop. Isn't it wonderful how much good stuff you can grow in that little raised bed? By the way, I think I got that pesky no reply blogger thing beat. Yay!

  5. Hubby had a garden this year he planted okra, tomatoes, squash, bell peppers. It was so good while it lasted, all gone now. I told him to plant marigold, he didn't listen to me. Never really had any problems with bugs, maybe the hornets ate them.lol

  6. Oh, you are having a bountiful harvest! It looks fabulous. Good idea with the marigolds. Rick will have to do that next year. He had a bad bout of tomato blight and lost all those so I am probably not the person to be giving garden advice! I know what you mean about zucchini -- I like it but those plants yield way more than I can handle! Three cheers on your great garden.

  7. Wow...your garden and its bounty is inspiring. :)

  8. Love that you are enjoying your garden. I love to garden but have not been able to the last few years. We had a huge garden space with an irrigation system and now I am making it a manageable small space. I love to grow tomatoes and onions. A Fall garden is the best for me. Thanks for sharing your "Bounty".
    Audrey Z.

  9. I am so jealous BJ! WOW! What a beautiful and bountiful harvest! I wish I had one of those cukes with some salt and pepper. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Jean Happy Fall. The garden looks great. I love that you have so many fresh veggies. There is nothing like eating tomatoes right off the stem.

  11. Wow...what a great harvest you are having from your raised beds. The only raised bed we have here is a kingsize one in my bedroom...

  12. You had some great luck with your veggies. I couldn't believe the size of the zucchini.


  13. BJ, You did very well with a small garden. I wish we had planted a tomato plant...you can cut them up and freeze them for soups in winter. Love your pictures. Like the Halloween header pics. So cute. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  14. It is just wonderful to go out to your backyard to gather such bounty, BJ!
    I need to go with raised beds next year.

  15. Fresh veggies are the best. You have a lovely harvest going on.

    We usually only plant one or two zucchini plants as they just keep right on giving.

    God bless.

  16. Oh such an inspiring post, BJ. I've just planted my little lettuce starts and my beet seeds have just sprouted (I am hoping we stay here long enough this time to actually harvest those little beets and have a salad or two from our lettuce. Zucchini here is a courgette and they serve them stuffed (much like stuffed peppers) with a lovely tomato sauce. I just bought some at the market and plan to try my hand at a home-made version soon!

  17. That raised garden certainly was a success!! You grew so much in that tiny space so kudos to your David for building it for you.

  18. You definitely have a green thumb. I've not had much success. Enjoy the fruits of your labor :-)

  19. What a happy surprise awaits you every day in this wonderful garden! That basil caught my eye, as it's one of my favorites to have right to hand at a moment's whim---just put on the big pot to boil for pasta, step out and grab half a dozen tomatoes and a big handful of that emerald basil, and you're fifteen minutes and a cheese-grate away from a fragrant bowl of GARDEN delight'

    What a beautifully created and maintained space. And that Plumbago---how pretty is that?? But that name, and the names of lots of flowers, has always reminded me of diseases in a silly way---My Diphtherias are just blooming like crazy, or Have you seen my bed of Anthraxes over there---isn't it just gorgeous?

    Forgive my silly spell---trying to get some semblance of order so the Fall pretties will show to their best advantage. Lots of pumpkins and gourds and some fabulous coloured corn in the shucks. And a HAPPY October to YOU, my faraway friend!
    PS I'm an onion-tops washer, as well---I lay each clean one on a length of paper towel, roll it up, then fold the ends in tight and sling them hard a few times toward the floor to get all the "WARSH-WATER" out, as my dear neighbor used to say.
    But I, personally, have not been able to fully enjoy the entire green onion since MANY years ago when I saw DS#1, not even two years old, sitting in his high chair sipping his milk through a green like a straw. /:P

  20. Nothing better than fresh veggies right out of your own garden. You are very fortunate. Enjoy an onion and tomato for me.

  21. What a wonderful post and how great that you have found your hidden farmer after all these years!!You had some wonderful crops there, bj. Now- you need to add a bed for strawberries!! The ever-producing ones. I know you would love that. You plant them in 'hills'.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday- xo Diana

  22. That's a nice bounty you have there. Enjoy!

  23. WOW! That is some kind of delicious bounty you've got there! Garden-to-table is always the best!

  24. You are blessed with so many veggies grown in such a small space. Enjoy!

  25. Funny how "lessons from momma" stay with us and we repeat.
    Liked the washing if the green onion stems . . .
    Enjoy your vegetable bounty . . .
    How wonderful!
    (that if should be of)

  26. I just love your carts. I have a red one too that I use at An Affair of the Heart Craft Show. I'd love to find a goat cart. I don't know how easy it would be to make one. Any ideas?

  27. Hi. I remember this post. What a wonderful bounty. I just came from Outdoor Wednesday. I linked a Good Fences post. Today we are going to a horse show. Yea our grandson is showing here in Keller. Our son is showing in Oklahoma! Lot's of pics coming soon. Hope your having a wonderful weekend.


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