Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Little Carts

It's funny, the things we humans like...
and it's cool that we don't all like the same things, I guess...

I love CARTS...
any kind of cart ....

my friend, ellen, has the cutest tea cart...

isn't it just so sweet...
the little drawer...
those adorable spokes  in the wheels...
drop leaf....
when you go by to see her, please tell her I said HEY..thanks.
 ♥ ♥ ♥

My sweet mama gave this beautiful wicker tea cart to me
somewhere in the late 70's and I absolutely love it to pieces.
I was playing TEA PARTY here...

I've used it for so many different things...
different seasons...

...another tea party, this time, it appears in the summertime with

don't cha know...

and even in Autumn....

I would roll over and die if I ever find a beautiful
in a price I could afford.....

I would love to have one...but this one is $250  


but remember this one I have shown you before...?
all stacked in one is sooo SWOON WORTHY.

Now this utility cart that folds for easy storage
may look a little bit dowdy compared to all
the beauties above....

but, I bought one very much like this one
a few years back in
Canton, Texas.

It worked great for the things
Stacy, Deeds and I
bought at that giant FLEA MARKET


It works for so many things but...
well....hope I don't hurt it's feelings here...but it's a little on the PLAIN side...
 yep...the only 2 things it has going for it in the
is the curly-Q drink holders...
and the color RED.

BUT, it IS a good workhorse...
it's carried plants...
just about whatever I need moved, it works for me.

it worked most of the summer holding colorful outdoor pillows 
on the patio....beneath the white pergola. 

and sometimes....

it just wanted a PHOTO SHOOT

Really...those bottles I've just picked up here and there...
if they have a cute label, 
I stick plants to root in them...
or a pretty flower.
♥ ♥ ♥
I just LUV blogging...
so much fun posting on just about anything.....
even little PLAIN CARTS..  


  1. BJ, I love those goat carts too. The cart your mother gave you is wonderful. I would use it plenty also. The red cart has been a good help for you this year. I like how it looks with the cup holders. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I also love goat carts. Don't know that I will ever get to own one.

  3. We'd all be in line for a low priced goat cart. love it.

  4. You've elevated your plain cart up a level by your talent at styling. It's a keeper. Sally

  5. Those carts are adorable. when we go to the vintage shops, Im always drawn to small tables.

  6. Darling! Your pop bottles are giving me ideas!

  7. My Mom had one of the workhorse carts. We used it to haul groceries home cause Mom did not drive. Yours is quite pretty when I remember hers.

    God bless.

  8. Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!


  9. I like all your carts but I have to tell you, that wicker just got me in the heart and soul. I keep looking for a tea cart that calls to me and so far haven't found one (in my price range!) but oh, how inspiring!

  10. Love those carts, the tea carts are precious:) I need one of those metal carts for the Yellow Daisy Festival! Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  11. Some great images, dear Lady...
    A British show that I watched as a small kid was the first time that we saw a Tea Cart...

  12. Oh I love it Sissy! Momma gave me a wooden tea cart like the one your friend has. It's in the new dining area.
    We moved on Mon and Tues. Settling in now! I loved your post. You are so creative. You got the creative gene.
    LOL.! I've never seen such a fancy Bag Lady cart. It is so cute with the rack on it!
    Thanks for linking. Of course come over everyday.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  13. Very pretty tea carts. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Your red cart is a real workhorse, and pretty, too. Tea carts can be so useful.

  15. Dear sweet bj, I love this post and you have convinced us all to shop for a little plain cart and give it a coat of bright colored paint. I love all the carts in your post and do hope that someday soon you will come across a goat cart and at the perfect price. Dreams do come true you know :)
    Keep Smiling!

  16. All about CARTS . . .
    I Liked each one . . .
    Oh my! On that Goat Cart with blankets . . .

  17. Watch out now. Don'g get 'carted' away ;) Each one is special and as always you make them pop!

  18. I have the identical cart to that first one, bj. I just put it into storage until the house sells. Hubby wanted me to get rid of it but I said-NO (a lot of emphasis on the NO). I have used it for a lot of different things and have thought about painting it several times but could never quit bring myself to do it.

    Love your little work horse of a cart, too. It is handy and I actually think it is pretty cute. xo Diana

    ps. Are you SURE you aren't drinking the contents of all those 'cute bottles'???? lol

  19. I could have a lot of fun with any of these great carts you shared bj. Thanks for the shoutout. I really love that wicker one that your mama gave you!

  20. Love all your carts bj. I love anything with wheels. I usually add them to large pieces of furniture I am working on so I can move it around. (then I take them off) ... Your little read cart is really cute and so handy.

  21. Oh I just love this post.....absolutely adorable! Love the wicker cart....then saw the more "modern" one....decided I fell in love with that one more! ha ha LOL What pretty pictures you make, I love them! Bright and colorful.

  22. Oh I just love this post.....absolutely adorable! Love the wicker cart....then saw the more "modern" one....decided I fell in love with that one more! ha ha LOL What pretty pictures you make, I love them! Bright and colorful.

  23. Love to visit here and enjoy your photo's and words.

  24. I love carts too- anything on wheels!
    I love what you did to your Cantart!
    You have outdone yourself!
    Thank you for sharing this at TOHOT.
    I am so glad you are here.
    White Spray Paint

  25. I would roll over and die for a goat cart too!! Did we talk about this already? They have a reproduction one at Hobby Lobby that's less than $100...that's a lot better than the real thing.

    Love your Canton cart.

  26. I love your red shopping cart. Have you seen the gorgeous shopping cart liners on Pinterest? I have a vintage shopping cart - rather plain. No color but I have plans to make a beautiful cart liner that will spiff her up quite nicely.

  27. I do love that wicker tea cart. Every single thing you put on it looks fabulous. The goat carts arte adorable, if I ever see one I would snap it up too.


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