Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Now, I know it's all about AUTUMN right now..
I am not meaning to post about CHRISTMAS just yet...waay too early...
but I just wanted to show you my GoodWill find
 before I forgot that I didn't post about it by Christmas... 
Remember....I'm olden ..
and my memory is even older, I think...
it doesn't work very well any more.

Sooo, pls just look at it...
and then forget it because I'll probably 
want to show you where I hang it for the 

I've been wanting a faux red berry Christmas wreath for a long long time...

This is an 18" wreath from


No way, Jose, am I going to spend over 50 bucks for a
Christmas wreath...
Social Security frowns on things like that....
I've been
 RED BERRY WREATHless all these years.

and then I found the PITIFUL PEARL of Wreaths at ♪♪ Goodwill...

 and when I say PITIFUL PEARL...
I mean it.....

but, I could see that with just a tiny bit of TLC, she could be pretty again...

she could add
RED CHEER in a corner of my dining room....

First off, even tho he is a cutie pie,
I removed the tiny Christmas Clown...
he just might live somewhere else
 in our
 Christmas Summer House....
 O, and some of the precious little red berries were damaged..

 hmmm...shall I just remove all the damaged ones...???

use red nail polish to cover up all the little white boo-boos...?,
keeping all the berries I can possibly save to ensure a full and luscious

 I wanted to keep all those little berries .....
♥ ♥ ♥

after all...
this little salvageable wreath was only
$2.52 .... 
so I am thinking to spend a little time to bring her back to beauty
will be well worth it... 

The next thing I needed to decide was
if I should remove all the leaves on this RING OF RED... 
some of the berry wreaths have leaves...
and some don't.....

 I decided to keep those little holly leaves...
they just look so Christmasey...
♥ ♥ ♥
after that decision was made, 

like faux Christmas trees that's been stored for a year,
this little wreath was pretty smashed...  
 required lots of FLUFFING.
and hugging and talking to and then.....
she REALLY perked up.

...isn't she a beaut !
The moral of this RED STORY is to look closely at things that don't make a 
first good impression .....

they just might be hiding behind that layer of dust...
the crumpled look of being in storage...
the damage that just MIGHT can be repaired for no money at all..... 

My "new" berry wreath isn't quite as pretty as the one on the left....
but dang close.  
and the main thing....
I LUV IT...:) 
 It's so much fun to get something you've wanted for a long time...
and SAVE MONEY doing it...!

Ruby Tuesday
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  1. I think you got as great deal! You sure can't beat the price and I really like the holly leaves. I wouldn't have thought to use nail polish to fix those berries, but it worked great! Don't you LOVE a bargain?

  2. It looks pretty to me. Mind you, it is too early for Christmas. Who cares though after such a great story as that.

  3. Oh BJ, you did an amazing job on that wreath - she looks wonderful. I have one also and I have to fluff it up every year. Good find and for only $2.50, that was a great deal. I love looking at Goodwill and SA. On Tuesday at Goodwill they mark things down and you get a senior citizen discount. I got a walker that has a seat for $10.00. All it needed was good cleaning and tender loving care.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  4. Hi BJ. I actually like your re-vamped Goodwill find wreath better! The green holly leaves with the red berries are totally Christmas and winter looking. Great idea to repair the broken berries with red nail polish. It looks great!! Have a great week. Pam

  5. ODD--the past two days, when I press the "comment" button, it takes me to another site that covers the whole screen. I arrow out and there you are, but it's strange and it happens only here.

    Your dear little wreath IS SMASHING! All that TLC and sprucing up from loving hands, and she's ready to shine.

    The Store one is pretty, with its regimented lines, all going in one direction like wind through wheat, but it was just made, thrust into a box and sent from who-knows-where to hang with its clones on a store shelf.

    Yours, on the other hand, was washed and fluffed and polished and made one of the family, with the little berries all shined up and let to do their thing---some together in little huddles of comfort, some spreading out to test their wings, and quite a few of the FLY-BE-FREE sort who just get out there and live life to the fullest, like you in your red lipstick and sassy ways... Just perfect.


  6. I'm with you -- it's fun and not so hard to fix up some challenging berries versus paying a bloody fortune for a new wreath. You did a terrific job. I have to say, I'm pretty good with the sharpies and my acrylics in the repair department, too but you have me beat hands down! It's wonderful.

  7. I like yours better, B.J. The priciest items aren't always the best. :) I think the leaves on yours are so pretty, and the nail polish was a good idea! I have some berries that are damaged like that, and I thought about coloring them with red, permanent magic marker. You're all set for Christmas, now. ;)

    Have a great day!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  8. BJ, Kudos to you girl...that's the best deal ever. I like you dumped the clown and kept the leaves. Perfect. Now I want one. LOL. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  9. Score Girl!!! This is fabulous and what a great deal.

  10. Like you Bj, I have always wanted a red berry wreath, but I am not going to pay that price for one. I am always looking out for one at a reasonable price. Lucky you, you found one. That's my kind of deal. I like yours better that the $51 one. It shows your love.

  11. Love it. What a great job you did refurbishing it. You sure found the perfect shade of red nail polish! I like your wreath better than the $51 model, too. Looks great. Thanks for sharing!

  12. bj you gave that wreath some love and now it looks fabulous! I too love the red berry wreaths but not $50 worth!

  13. BJ, I like your re-vamped berry wreath better because it has all those sweet holly leaves. Nail polish works wonders sometimes, doesn't it? Great job and I'm on the hunt for a berry wreath too. Like you, I don't want to pay such a huge sum for it. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  14. All it took was a little "bj love" and it looks great. Maybe I need to shop GW more often. I have some berry floral picks that need a little red nail polish ... thanks for the tip.
    Audrey Z.

  15. Fantastic! What a beautiful job you did on it! I bought my plastic holly-and-red-berry wreath at a garage sale 40 years ago for twenty-five cents. I've used it every Xmas since and it has been worth every penny, LOL!

  16. Excellent save...I think I saw that wreath smile. :)

  17. I haven't hit GW today, and Tuesday is always my day to go. We've had a lot going on. They stay open til 9 though, so I might make it yet. Love how you fluffed up your wreath!

  18. Your wreath looks better than the expensive one. The red nail polish worked great on those berries. I have some red berry picks that I touched up with red craft paint, nail polish definitely looks better, made them look juicy. The holly leaves on your wreath set it off so nicely. You did a great job fluffing and refinishing, and de-clowning it.

  19. BJ,
    Love is all that was needed, dear friend!
    Your red berry wreath looks amazing!
    Thank you for sharing that by being a "frugal" shopper
    we can usually find our heart's desires on a budget!

  20. Oh you talking my grounds here. I love the good will! We call it the GW Outfitters.

  21. Oh I think yours is ever so much prettier! And the price was right. What a great tip...red nail polish. I don't think there's a thing wrong with your thinker, Dear Lady!

  22. Great find and even greater price. Will be beautiful for Christmas!!


  23. A fantastic deal. Your fluffing worked well!

  24. Brilliant job, BJ! Great idea using the nail polish! Your wreath is lovely and I love the price, too! ♥

  25. Actually I like YOURS over the $51.00 one. You did a GREAT job. Nail polish --- GENIUS!!!

    I'm guessing a little mousie tried to have a berry treat.

  26. Wow, BJ, great find. Look what a little bit of loving (and red nail polish) can do.

    God bless.

  27. WELL DONE, bj!!!

    She looks every bit as her boring overpriced counterpart. I love the silk green leaves - gives it a wee bit more panache!

    Isn't it nice to salavage something and have the look for so so so so much less? Whoo hoo!

  28. Smart idea with the nail polish . . .
    Perked that little red berry wreath perfectly . . .
    Bargains are such a treat!

  29. Oh my goodness...you clever gal! I would've thought of red acrylic craft paint, not nail polish. But it worked wonders. I just finished the wreath I made for our daughter, Irene....and had it shipped a couple of days ago, and I blogged about it this morning.

    I DO SO LOVE your find at Goodwill. What a difference in price. An exceptional value to be sure.

  30. Hello BJ, the nail polish was a great idea. I love your wreath, what a wonderful find. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  31. Ingenious Bj, and I like yours a whole lot better than the crazy expensive one. Thanks for visiting, and I agree with you, the lemon pound cake would be hard to beat.

  32. Beautiful:). A little TLC gave you a pretty wreath for Christmas. Enjoy your day dear B.J. Hugs

  33. I think yours is as pretty-I love the leaves on it. The nail polish fix-brilliant! Well done, bj.

  34. Bravo BJ! I love it! Amazing job of revitilizing a used wreath! Have a lovely day sweets!

  35. Great job of redoing your wreath. I like it better than the expensive one because of the green leaves. You did a great job of fixing it up. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  36. Wow, what a great idea! I have a few right now that needs that same TLC! Thanks for the wonderful tip! Pinning

  37. WOW Bj, you gave this wreath some great Christmas love!!


    1. Dearest Cindy...being the airhead that I am, I can never find how to leave a comment on your blog or your Google Plus pg..AND...you are a NO REPLY emailer...how's a girl to get to you..??
      Hope u come back by to see this..I saw your beautiful job on the metal piece...great job.

  38. Oh BJ I love your makeover wreath and she is simply adorable. You can't beat that price and look at what she came from???? You go girl! My kind of buy! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  39. Looks like it's in pretty good shape

  40. That is an amazing transformation. Great job. I love the holly leaves too. So cute.


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