Sunday, September 18, 2016

Aren't they pretty...

....just browsing the WWW can come up with some gorgeous rooms
and tons of inspiration....
most of these came from Better Homes & Gardens site.

I still would love a SLEEPING PORCH...

Just as certain foods can take one back in time,
sleeping porches take me back to the times I was a little girl
and visiting with my dad in Dallas.

My Aunt Myrt had the BEST screened in porch
and she made it into a SUMMERTIME guest room.
now I want a VACANCY sign...isn't that the cutest !
...just plain white with red letters...and hanging with tiny chains...

who wouldn't LOVE to have windows like that one.....
and aren't her pillows beautiful....

What a cute idea for a room without a closet...
pretty sure this is a guest room....
not enuf room for a LOT of clothes and shoes.

...another beautiful window and window seat....
I love the look of the olden coffee table in natural wood.
(and yet, I am playing around with the idea of painting MY coffee table...)

Such a CLEAN looking room...
does anyone actually LIVE here....? entry way ??
and would I switch places with the table and the bench..?

....a happy room

...using natural elements for furniture 
(as in a tree stump for a table)
or brown wood for walls
isn't my style but if it was,
I'd probably like this silver metal headboard a whole lot better.

Now this is a cute and inexpensive way to carve out a 
darling little patio...

If ever I was to find a cart like this one,
I would throw a hissy fit for it.
Things like this make a room really come alive.....
I'm just so in love with it....

 and here's another adorable cart/wagon used on back porch...
it belongs to Anita
she has such a cute house...
you might like to take a look.
cute cute cute....
I'm not sure what this room might be...
maybe a corner of a small kitchen..??
All I know is that it's adorable and don't I just love the
color of the table....!

This deck, no question, shows some really cool ideas for

...a really cute centerpiece for a tiny table..
I've always loved a dining table right up to windows..
My Aunt Myrt's little table was right by a window and I just loved it...
I loved her more.

Our table sits in the middle of the room
but we have lots of windows in this room....

...another idea for using pallet wood...
not my style but I am not knocking it as others LUV this style and that's

isn't this olden DISPLAY shelf so cute....

I bought a display rack from a local store that was going out of business,
and paid 5 bucks for it..

I used it as a bakers rack for several years...
and sold it when I found a hutch I wanted for that spot..
bought the rack for $5 and sold it for $50....
(boy, don't you just LOVE it when that happens)
only trouble i want it back....... BOOO HOOOO

Old wooden crates make adorable porch furniture.

Since I'm not a fan of RUST...
I would spray paint this in a washed Aqua color
(maybe a color close to those blue jars)

 THIS is my little RED cart I bought in CANTON
2 or 3 years ago...

I've used it all summer underneath our pergola,
holding colorful pillows...
I have a whole post in draft on this cart alone...
sorry....but you'll be seeing it again SOON.

I have nothing THIS eye-catching
and you can bet your left arm that I am on the lookout for an olden 
metal lunch box to paint this VERY COLOR BLUE...
oh, and some metal FROGS...
and more olden pots....

I really need a blue metal lunch pail...
Mr. Sweet has had this room full of them over the years...
and now that I want to paint one, they are no where to be found..
Garage saled off, I am sure.

The above looks like a MEMORY BOARD of sorts...

I had enuf treasures from both sides of our family
that I made both DAVID and STACY
a shadow box titled

These photos were taken several yrs ago and are not the best...

and, yep...
my mama was the cutest FLAPPER you ever saw....
both of our kids love these ROOTS Boxes and are really proud of them.

 If you have any thing from your family, especially small things like these
that could be lost over the years,
you might like making one of these boxes for your kids or grands.

hang onto them with all your might...
they really are what makes you who you are today.


  1. Bj, So Many wonderful ideas. I too would dearly love a sleeping porch.. I love window seats too. Love your memory board. The simplicity of the raw board with springs to hold candles, so clever and cute. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Very cute post today. I saw a lot of things I would LOVE to have.

    We are currently selling our house (modern) and hoping to move to a more vintage home.

  3. I love the boxes of family history you made your children, BJ. It's important to honor those who came before us. All of the sleeping porches are so charming and would tickle me pink. How nice to have memories of having slept on one! ♥

  4. Oh those boxes are a wonderful idea. I have so much of those kind of treasures and never know what to do with it. Doubt that my particular two would be impressed, but I am thrilled that your particular two are! Shows that they know the value of roots. Is there anything more romantical than a sleeping porch? (Most especially one with screens!)

  5. I love all these cozy rooms! I would definatly enjoy a porch bed. I like the little changing/closet nook too.

  6. Loved, LOVED the sleeping porch ideas . . .
    In fact this post is loaded with "tweaks and things!"

  7. That sleeping porch would be wonderful!!!! MAybe I could try and fit a day bed into our gazebo! OR get another gazebo for slesping! Ha!
    Amber is going to make a headboard for their guest room using pallets. I see so many clever ways to use them....I just don't HAVE any!
    We saw Sully this afternoon and you were spot on!!! I enjoyed the movie even more with the knowledge I gained from your post yesterday. I told Louis Dean about the river boat captain playing himself. He was impressed!

  8. The shadowbox is just precious, BJ! I wish I had pics of my parents and grandparents. I'm one of seven kids and those pictures went willy nilly, and not to me. :(

    I love so many of these pictures. I had to laugh at the pic of the room that you said no one lived in. I feel that way a lot when I look at magazines and some blogs. I'm sure your home is very similar to mine. When I try to uncluttered I just make neater piles and arrange things in like groups!!!


  9. So many beautiful ideas bj. YES ... on the sleeping porches, but with the mosquitoes around here, we would not get much use of one. I have a cart like the one you would throw a hissy fit for. It is a time-worn apple green and I have it on my front porch. I brought it in the house one Christmas ... decorated it and filled it full of our presents. I had had surgery and not able to put up a tree. I would love for my daughter to take it to her Ranch house for blankets and throws just like in the picture. I hope you find one for yourself. Search Antique goat cart.

    1. ANTIQUE GOAT CART...!!! Thanks so much for this info...I had no idea....coming over to your site now.

  10. Oh I love the roots boxes! So unique and a keepsake that you can never put a price on.....treasures they truly are. Is that a Mother's ring in the box? I love old fashioned mothers rings--my children gifted me with mine on mother's day many many years ago. I still love it. Do you wear one?

  11. I love the rooms too. They make the room come alive which should always be the point. Some great ideas.

  12. There are some beautiful rooms included and yes, sometimes photos reveal a "too perfect" look. :) I like a home that looks lived in! You know, growing up we had a screened in porch and we (kids) would sleep out there in the summer time. I loved it! Would love to have one now. The shadow boxes are beautiful!


  13. You made my head spin with this post, BJ! So many cute ideas that I am going to come back later with a cup of coffee and give myself permission to spend a few idle minutes (half hour!) and study it more closely! Happy week ahead~

  14. So many great ideas in this post! The Roots Boxes have me thinking . . . .

  15. So many ideas, my head is spinning.My fave is the battery rack turned into a mug rack. I love it so much! I also love your Roots boxes-that is an amazing idea-I have to do this. I wish I could have met Aunt Myrt!!

  16. I love this post, bj! You chose great rooms to show us, and interspersing your home into them is great! Love your dining room/kitchen area. So pretty! And those shadow boxes!!! Wow! I have just recently put the little dress I have that my mother made for me from a flour sack, in a shadow box. Maybe I need to add some old photos, etc. Then my daughter would have them, or my grandchildren, even later on. Great ideas!

  17. Girl, You Do beat ALL for finding ane creating and showing wonderful stuff. I just want to enter most of these pretty scenes and arrangements and just DWELL. The shadow boxes are simply exquisite---what a sweet remembrance of your dear Mama---now we know where the SASSY comes from!

    And a silly PS to yesterday's comment on Sully---we didn't go to the movie yet, just went out for lunch at a town several miles away, then just sorta rambled the countryside in this almost-turning season. But I remembered the most WOW thing about his being at the Academy with my BIL---I was at his GRADUATION! Sully was a year ahead of BIL, and of course, BIL and Sis weren't married yet (The tradition still holds from EARLY military school days---they were not allowed to have a wife, a moustache, or a horse---or in modern times, a car).

    So Sis and I traveled to CO in BIL's Junior year for June Week---a big week of festivities and banquets and formal dress balls, with me as her chaperone. And part of the celebration was that we went to the graduation of the cadets. And so, unknowing of the great deeds to come, we saw an unknown Sully walk the stage and throw his cap in the air. Tom Hanks is even wearing the RING.

    It was the most incongruous set of coincidences which took us there at that moment, but I'm honored to have been in his presence, albeit WAYYYY in the far back rows.


  18. This post is just packed with inspiration! I would love a sleeping porch too...sure brings back memories of days gone by. My Aunt Vi had one. Hugs!

  19. What a great post. We had a sleeping porch when I was growing up. Great ideas and great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. Hi BJ, this is such a great post! LOVE all the wonderful photos! A sleeping porch? YES! I would love the house to go with it too! :) Your memory boxes you created for your children are such beautiful keepsakes! I would love to do that for my children but I don't have all the ephemera to use. Some of the photos that you shared of the perfectly staged rooms you do have to wonder if the rooms are really used. But oh, so pretty to look at! Have a wonderful day! Sonya

  21. Hi bj, This post really had my attention. I loved everything you posted. Especially the 'root boxes' you gave to Stacy and David. Like you, I loved the look of some of the rooms even if it wasn't my style. We had a sleeping porch on two sides if the farm house we lived in in MI. The porch had windows. I bet it was well used when my mother's nine brother and sisters were raised on that farm. The farm house had 7 bedrooms. It is still there. We drove past it when Carmen and I went to MI in August.

    Have a wonderful week.

  22. Great post. Lots of cool ideas! Have a good week.

  23. Well, I don't usually say a post depresses me but this one does because every single room is so fabulous and then I look around mine and know they'll never even get to first base! But there is still plenty of inspiration and maybe it's time for me to go declutter a shelf or two! A neverending saga!

  24. Oh have mercy, that sleeping porch! Between rain and cold and snow, it isn't practical for Michigan except in the summer, but it does look heavenly doesn't it?

  25. They are pretty and oh so dreamy. Love those sleeping porches. Ahhh to have one of those. Beautiful post bj. Really enjoyed this.

  26. My gosh, bj, IF I could talk PH into screening in the back patio...what a perfect room it would be. Oh but then I already take naps out there in the lawn swing. Such cute idea's. I loved all of them. Sending love!

  27. Oh my goodness, BJ, I love all the photos you showed us. I hope they inspire me to do something, anything, to perk things up around here. Our home is comfortable and I love it, but I do need inspiration from time to time. Love that little impromptu closet made with the door and the rod. So clever! And I love the idea of sleeping porches. We have he space for it in our screen porch, and during this summer of recovery, I have slept in the library with the door to the screen porch open - so it was ALmost like sleeping out there. Don't you just love window seats? And I even do like the corrugated steel headboard, although it would take a lot of metal grinding so you didn't cut your fingers off when you handle it! Fun post today. I enjoyed all the cute ideas! Thanks. - xo Judy

  28. They're all too clean and neat for me to have lived there, lol. I remember sleeping on a porch but that was in a small town up north many years ago. Not sure I'd feel safe enough to fall asleep these days, but I sure love the look.

  29. They're all too clean and neat for me to have lived there, lol. I remember sleeping on a porch but that was in a small town up north many years ago. Not sure I'd feel safe enough to fall asleep these days, but I sure love the look.

  30. Wonderful inspiration! Love the first sleeping porch!

  31. So much to see and enjoy on your blog today--thanks for all the pretty pics!

  32. BJ I enjoyed seeing your gathered inspiration photos. Me too... Have always loved and wanted a sleeping porch.

  33. That porch would be awesome for mid-day naps. If you could go to sleep with so much light that is

  34. BJ I love all of THESE things. I WANT all of these things! LOL! Back to repenting over my covetousness. LOL!
    Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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