Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sunday Fluffing

Hi, Everyone...

I got a little restless on Sunday...
it was too hot to do ANYthing outside and I actually have a couple of projects I'm wanting to do and they need to be done outside.

So, I cleaned my wall of bookshelves in the bedroom...

 This is a whole wall of shelves and I love 'em so much,
I'm trying to figure a way to get them into my coffin when I "go..."

The only thing....
it took most of Sunday afternoon to take out every single book, knick-knacks
and photo frames,
dust them, EVERY ONE and rearrange for a 
fresh, new touch
for that wall of shelves.
You know the kind of things you do that no one else notices but YOU know it's all clean and makes you feel so good. 

I like mixing in a few other pieces with books...
and, when we made the big move a couple years ago,
I lost two hutches...no room for them....
(our dining room is larger but has walls of windows....which I love more than hutches.)
so I am a little shy on places to put some of my....uh....CLUTTER  COLLECTIONS.

Mr. Sweet installed the bookshelves in our olden home when we bought them and when we made the big move a couple years ago,
he disassembled them and moved them to our new home.

The Angel of Thrifting
was with me one day when I walked into my favorite thrift shop and there, leaning up against the wall were these amazing bookshelves..

I was very thankful they didn't just throw them away.

I nearly tore up my wallet getting the $80.00 
out to pay for them. 
( photo was in our olden house)
Having less wall space in the large living room,
we installed the shelving in the master bedroom....
and I LOVE IT.

I have several bookshelves in the Summer House but
the WHITE WALL of SHELVES is, by far, my favorite.

 I'm listening to all this amazing 50's and 60's music and dancing around so much while working on these shelves,
I began to "glisten" (sometimes known as "sweating"...)

and when LITTLE RICHARD came on, books started flying all around the room...

...I found this book at the thrift shop the other day....
it's next on my reading list, I think.

I have 2 more blogger-written books that I am anxious to read.

Summertime is busy enuf with outdoor activities, I seldom pick up a book....
Fall and Winter
are the best times for reading for me. 

"Whenever I want to laugh, I read a wonderful book,
You can open it anywhere.
One I read recently said, 
"Dear God, thank you for the baby brother, but what I PRAYED for was a puppy."
Maya Angelou

 but it surely does feel good to know everything in my shelves
is dusted and clean.

NOW....to the other side of the room...
X0X0, bj


  1. I love books so large bookshelves are a dream to me!Yours are very pretty and you have them arranged so beautifully. I had to donate so many of my books when i moved west, but even so I had 25 boxes of books to move and happily I am slowly rebuilding a new collection ;)

  2. I actually do laundry far more than Daisy does. I cook my own food though I rarely cook for her. Though the term "cook" is subjective anyway. I tend to really hate the close-up smell of meat, so that's one of the reasons why I let her do it.

  3. Hi B.J.,

    I LOVE bookshelves, and I think books and the other things we put on the shelves, make an ordinary house a HOME. Yes, cleaning them thoroughly is a job, but I'd never want to live anywhere without bookshelves. Yours are very pretty! :)

    This was a fun post! Hope you have a great week!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. You have a real library BJ! How I'd love to borrow a few books! ;-D


  5. Bj you're right this wall is wonderful!

  6. BJ, We do love when our homes are clean...for me any more, it just not so fun to clean...but I do it...cause you know that Teddy Bear isn't going to even notice...unless there was dust on his snacks. LOL. I love your shelves...I have three white ones in the basement. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. I have always loved that wall of shelves, and you style them so beautifully! Love everything you do :)

  8. I LOVE the Toile covered chair and ottoman!!!!!

    Be still my heart!!!!


  9. I love a good clean. You're right, it feels so good to look at an area you've completely cleaned and know it's all put right. Your music choices certainly helped! I love listening to music while I work. Makes it so much more enjoyable. Love your picture of Melania. She seems to have such a gentle spirit. I think she'd make a lovely First Lady.

  10. Crankin' up the music is the only way to go. I just told my daughter recently 'Alan and I are getting a room ready for your visit'. She knew exactly what I meant. (Alan Jackson)
    Love your wall of shelves.

  11. I love your wall of white shelves! I am always looking for ways to display my clutter er I mean collections!!

  12. My hubby calls it putseying, but I know it as real work to organize and clean and I love doing it. Makes me feel accomplished when I sit back and admire the results! Love that bookcase. Gives me ideas...

  13. Love your white shelving -- a perfect way to display books and treasures!

  14. Everything looks spic and span. I love the book cases you photographed. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. the bookshelves are so pretty, you have lovely arrangements!!!! a big job but i'm sure it felt great to finish it!!!!

  16. Everything looks wonderful BJ. I am hoping that my bookcases did not get too damaged from the flood. I don't know what I would do without them.

    God bless.

  17. AWWWW--so welcoming and comfortable, that lovely nook beside the books! I recognize so many favorites---the RDCBs---I can still recite in my head the titles on a lot of them, from top to bottom---weird quirk, I know, but they were a great treasure to me. And I saw Latane's book right off, even in the distant picture, and the Childrens' Treasury, the Delft, the Pink transferware, the Imari plate, as well as your working away to Ol' Jer' Lee and Roy---what a familiar, happy place that is.

    Stay KEWL, faraway friend,


  18. Hi BJ! Oh, I love your wall of shelves and honey, do you know how to dress them! Love all of your books but I love all of the other things you've poked in there! You're so good at this!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. I LOVE all of those shelves! And you did a great job arranging them all. How nice to have in your bedroom.


  20. Wow BJ looks fantastic! Cleaning and staging bookcases is a real commitment of time and energy. Enjoyed your post.

  21. It looks amazing. Love your bookshelves-great thing to do on a super hot day!

  22. I'm in love with your bookshelves, too, bj! What a great idea to clean them with the A/C on and listening to music! Your sure know how to style them!

  23. The bookcases look fabulous! You have gotten more than your $80 worth out of the shelving. Nothing like a little Roy Orbison to speed things along. Those fellas just provided your sparkle! We have am Amazon Echo and have lots of music on it. The best thing is that there is nothing to store.

  24. BJ, what I'd give for a wall of bookshelves like this. I added a wall of shelves in my office when we added that room several years ago, but it's a small space and small wall of shelves. You know we are two peas in a pod when it comes to loving our collections.
    Yes, cleaning and dusting makes us feel clean. ;-)

  25. Wonderful bookshelves. You have everything arranged so it all looks great. I love your collection of Blue Delft! It shows up pretty there on your bookshelves.

  26. I so wish I had a wall of bookshelves!!! I miss the 2 pieces that Joe made in the other house. MAYBE, if and when he ever gets all the other projects he has on hiis list done, I can convince him to make me some!!! Love how you have yours decorated too!!!!!

  27. Wow. What a bargain. I would have snatched them up too! I have a new blog. I hope you can come over
    Since blogger/google stole my comments I moved over here ...mychristmasjourney.blogspot.com

  28. Love, love, love your bookshelves!!

  29. Your selves are beautiful. I have no shelves in my house. Im afraid I will clutter them.

  30. Congrats on getting that wall of books dusted. We have a wall of books, too, and it really needs dusting. If I can get it done in one afternoon, I will be pleased! Mine is too crowded; time for another wall? hee, hee I love my books!

  31. Thanks for coming by the new digs! XXOO

  32. Great bookshelves bj . . .
    I like mixing momentous in with my books too!
    Smart thing to keep those shelves and have them now in your "today home!"

  33. BJ,
    Amazing wall of books, music and amazing decorative pieces, dear friend!
    I love this bookshelf that you found and "Mr. Sweet" revised for you!
    Enjoy putting your feet up and reading another book!


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