Thursday, June 16, 2016

~ ~ PAINTING...with a TWIST...

one of my grandgirls, JESSICA, mother of CATE THE GREAT
just called and said
"hey, Memaw...get ready for a night of 
we are all going to PAINTING WITH A TWIST 
tonight at @ 7:00 and bring your

I am sooo excited to be going with grands and DIL, Kathy...

"but, Jessica", I say...
"I have not an ounce of talent...

remember when I tried to paint a dish at CLAY CAFE
and got so flustered ....?

and it turned out looking sooooooo dorkey...?"
...only me would choose crooked little houses with funny little roofs..

and the only reason I just LUV it is because it doesn't remind me that I am talentless....

it reminds me of the fun time I had with my girl, grandgirl and 10 friends....

even DORKY things can make awesome memories...


JESSICA SAYS..."you don't need talent, Memaw, to have FUN."
and I say...
"What will we be painting (as if it matters )..?"

"this cutie pie COW"
and I say....

I dearly love painting of cows...

I bought this painting from an Etsy shop last year and just love it so much.....

Now, I love wine...especially BLACKBERRY WINE....
but I never drink more than 2 small wine glasses at a time...

but....who knows...
maybe with THREE glasses...
I just might get a little talent going on...

we are gonna have a blast and i HOPE i do my cow painting justice enuf to
share a picture of it with YOU....
and, if you NEVER hear about it again...
then just know....
                                                           I don't wanna TALK about it... 



  1. Personally, I LOVE the little houses you put on that plate, and I really mean that. If you sent it to me I would display it proudly. I think you have a lot more talent than you think you do and I CAN"T WAIT to see the cow painting. Do you know how lucky you are that your kids and grands want to do things with you! You are one awesome family and I hope you all have a blast. Have glass of that blackberry wine for me ;)

  2. BJ, I am excited to see your painting. I hope you get photos of everyone's paintings. I love your dish. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I think your dish is just so adorable, bj! An now I can't wait to see the painting of your cow. What fun to be with fiends and family, and that's what matters the most!

  4. Ha! I'm sure it will be fun enough to share! Your family is a lot of fun bj but that's no surprise since you are always looking for a good time or some good food!

  5. BJ,
    Wine or no wine, dear friend. . .
    You know we want to see your Cow Painting!
    Have an amazing time!

  6. You have much more talent than you give yourself credit for BJ!! Can't wait to see your cow.

    Have a great time.


  7. Drink your wine first and it will not matter how your cow looks. Not familiar with this. Depp is sure got himself in a lot trouble. That's what happens when you get a young chick. You will have fun painting.

  8. Hey BJ those little houses are endearing and enchanting. Sounds like you are in for a fun time, lots of laughs and I bet your cow will be truly delightful. Will look forward to the art reveal and recap of the evening.

  9. Sounds like it's going to be a blast-and-a-half! Actually, I quite like your little houses plate -- it has personality!

  10. I bet your painting will be Moooo-velous !!!!

  11. I saw your Facebook post and it looks AWESOME!!!! A little always helps loosen up the the art process! I know since I started serving wine on Tuesday Art Class, we get a lot more done! Ruth Ann is like you, she only drinks tiny glasses!
    I happen to love your clay dish!!

  12. Oh this is great! I hope you show us your picture... no matter how much wine you've had! :)

  13. Sounds like it will be a blast. Hope to see your cow.Have lots of fun.

  14. Of sourse you had to be in on painting cows. It sounds like a blast and a fun time with your girls! Have fun!

  15. If we don't hear about it again, we will never know how many of those itty, bitty glasses of wine you consumed and what a creative elixir it was. . .waiting to see the finished product. Eagerly waiting. . .may have to sip some wine myself just to pass the time while waiting. . . Hugs, J.

  16. BJ, I really like your painted dish. My neighbor had one of these and what fun. We had food as well. It's something different


  17. you are going to have a ball!!! i went to one recently and had a blast. and you will have a wonderful memory of the day!!!

  18. That place is so much fun - I went last summer with friends of mine and we had a blast! Took my wine, some chocolate to share with the group, and LAUGHED and LAUGHED throught he fun with my old friends. Wish reminds me, we need to schedule that again!


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