Friday, June 10, 2016

~ ~ colorful ~ ~

I am sure enjoying being outside...
working on our backyard outdoor space has been so much fun.
 I'm trying really hard not to crowd this space...
I have a tendency to get too much stuff going on and things get crowded.

 ...aren't these pretty petunias....
not sure what the little yellow ones are but I love them...
Today, I did some potting...and a little re-potting...

I bought a  red Hibiscus and put it in this larger pot...

and added the petunias to the pot...

it's so much fun to play around with flowers....

dig in the dirt....

 create a pretty arrangement for containers....

I am so in love with all the colors of summer....

I don't use such bright colors much in my house...
but for outside...
I love them.

I wanted to share this painting, on your left, of a young ATHENA,
done by one of the grandgirls, ANDREA. (she is an awesome artist)

A more mature Athena still has 1 brown eye and the other is blue....
and she is the sweetest Great Dane, ever. last thing...

...a new rug

 Mr. Sweet and I both really love this rug...
it seems to ground all the different patterns and colors....
(I am the worlds worst on mixing pattern and color...I'm just awful...if i see something I like, no matter the color or pattern, I want it )
from Walmart and not expensive at $78 for an 8x10 rug.

bye bye for now...XOXOXO


  1. You outdoor space is very cheerful!

  2. Hi BJ,
    I love the painting! Loving your colorful playful gardening! Me too with Petunia's this year - Purple and White, it's my Purple year oh and there is Lavender. With city gardening mine is more European ... Quiet and serene many Boxwoods and flowers in containers and urns. I enjoy visiting a colorful profusion of flowers that makes ones heart smile like your gardening style. Great post and happy planting.

  3. BJ, The painting is very good. I love the way you are getting your outside area together. The new flower pot is very nice. I like that you are putting pops of red about. Blessings for a fun weekend, xoxo, Susie

  4. Bj I love this outdoor space, so inviting, and utilitarian.

  5. I've always found two different eye colors so interesting

  6. love your patio set up. the new rug really does bring it all together.

  7. Hello BJ!
    Your backyard outdoor space is lovely!
    The new rug is beautiful!
    I agree with you, Andrea is an awesome artist! Athena looks adorable!
    Wishing you and yours a nice weekend. :)

  8. I love the fabulous color in all your posts, BJ! This is no exception -- it just makes me happy!

  9. BJ, your outdoor space is so pretty and colorful! I am sure you enjoy this space immensely! I would never get out of that swing...that's my favorite thing to do.

  10. I like the rug! Good choice and at a nice price, too.

  11. Everything looks so pretty and welcoming. I love the "Potting Place". Great choice on the rug too!

  12. I had to smile when I read the part where you said you tend to get too much stuff going on and things get too busy(story of how things happen around my house). Also, the trouble with mixing patterns. You'd think at my age I would've have learned to stick to a theme of sorts. Nope, if I love it (which seems to happen more than should be normal), I just add it to the mish-mash. Maybe I have a sub-conscious fear of things getting too mundane or boring(ha).

  13. What a lovely painting! Certainly captures the Great Dane. :-)

    Hooray for colorful flowers! We have them in the front, this year.

    But in my back patio pots, I went for pink and light and dark purples. For a change. :-)

    Gentle colorful hugs,

  14. The rug is perfect. It does the job and doesn't steal the show. Leave lots of space in front and behind the swing. After all you'll want to reach for the sky with your feet ;)

  15. That rug is just perfect in its place. We have been digging in the dirt too but the darn rabbits eat our plants faster than we can plant them. Life is a crazy business but we learn to give and take. Your outdoor space is sweet and I think you have made it perfect. Have a great weekend.

  16. Great rug goes with everything. Pretty flowers. Have a good week.

  17. I love outdoor rugs! I even have one out on the driveway where we sit ! I'm in the market for two matching rugs for the upper and lower decks by the side of the house! They just seem to tie everything together!
    Love all the pretty co,ours in your garden!

  18. your porch looks fantastic! Love it! I love bright colors inside and out as well. And like you....i tend to overcrowd rooms.....wonder why we do that? your flowers look so pretty!

  19. purty! hopefully you'll get to enjoy it all weekend! happy day!

  20. Love watching your outdoor space come together under the pergola. I was so inspired by your earlier post, I was ready to go outside and then those pesky Seattle rain clouds appeared and started dumping crocodile tears. . .keep the posts coming, I can pretend vicariously through you! xxx J.

  21. Very nice space BJ. Love how it is all coming together.

    The small yellow flowers look to be Calibrachea..... I just call them mini petunias.

    God bless.

  22. Lovely! Hope you enjoy it very much this summer!

  23. Hi bj, It looks like you are all set for summer outdoors. I love all the colors you have used and the rug does set everything off. You live in an awesome place. No wonder you love it so much.

  24. BJ, your outdoor space looks comfy and inviting. I love all the bright colors and of course the black and white. '-)
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  25. Your outdoor area looks like it could be on an HGTV show!! Love the new rug!

  26. BJ,
    I love yor colorful outdoor area! So pretty!! As you know, I am a lover of color too!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  27. The chairs have an afterlife. I'm reeling from all that beautiful color!

  28. Your outdoor space looks very nice and your plants are all looking good. With all the work you have put into this space enjoy it. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  29. Thank you for visiting my blog & I am following you.
    Your backyard is very inspiring & looks great!
    It's great to meet you and thank you for following.
    All the best, Mimi

  30. Great outdoor area, BJ. I love being outside too and I have the same crowding problem...Christine

  31. Love the rug AND the potting place:) Enjoy your week dear friend, HUGS!

  32. BJ,
    Your out~of~doors space is lovely,d ear friend!
    I adore black and white and green combinations!
    Glad you're enjoying the Potting Place!
    I have a "black" thumb (and fingers and hand). . .
    if it weren't for "Mr. Ed's" green thumbs we have no Gardens at all!

  33. I love your bright, open, airy space. (Just be sure to keep it open!)

  34. What great summer colors! The granddaughter is really talented. That's a great patio set for a lovely rest.


  35. BJ I love your back yard. And oh I do love your potting table. You have everything fixed up so adorable. I have some beautiful purple petunias and have so enjoyed them Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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