Thursday, June 2, 2016

~ A beautiful, cloudy, rainy day ~

OOO, how I love cloudy, rainy days...
When it's this kind of day, I actually feel better than any other time.

I've never known for sure if it's because my Aunt Lillian always loved rain, too...
and I always loved my Aunt Lillian....
When it's a cloudy, luscious day,
I go around 

lighting candles...

ummmm...they smell so good.

and turning on lamps....

and then, I want to BAKE...

something sweet....
and tasty....

 I found grapes and blackberries on sale on the weekend
and I really needed to use them in something

Searching Pintrest and other sites,
I looked for a recipe using grapes and blackberries
and came up with


...mixing the fruit and adding sugar and cornstarch...

 pour fruit into 8x8 baking pan...

mix your crumble (topping) and

 cover the fruit...
dots of butter...
sprinkle of cinnamon....

right out of the oven...



well, Mr. Sweet...
was it good...?


Now for my review...
I've never had GRAPES in a crumble or cobbler
and I would have loved this recipe more, using raspberries and blackberries.

Mr. Sweet, on the other hand, said his mother used to make
Wild Grape Cobbler
and it was his favorite.
He loved this one....

Recipes from all over the world seem different...
and, what one likes,
another doesn't....


  1. This is a keeper of a recipe!

    I hope you're enjoying the rain without any of the danger I've been hearing about in Texas.


  2. Oh my! My plate would have looked like Mr Sweet's. We are having the rain too yesterday and today...sure was needed. I love setting out on the porch while its raining.

  3. That looks delicious. It rained a bunch today!

  4. Hello, dear Lady.... hope that you and yours had a pleasant holiday weekend...
    We had a short thunder-storm this afternoon... great looking dessert !!
    Hello from Marshville.

  5. Rainy days tempt me into the kitchen too . .
    That "crumble" looks and sounds delicious . . .

  6. Lighted lamps on a rainy day is so comforting.

  7. BJ, I love this post. Mr. Sweet is a man of few words...just give him a spoon. LOL. I loved that it made him think of his mom's recipe. I bet your kitchen smells good all the time. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  8. Never even heard, of this kind of a Crumble.

    But what Crumble, could anyone resist???? Not a one!!!!

    Love, love, love Crumbles and Crisps. All that deliciousness, without too much work.

    Win, win, win, win, win...

    And so happy for you, to have a perfect-for-you day! They do help!!!! Big time!!! :-)

    Crumble hugs,

  9. Yes, first time I've ever heard of using grapes in a pie or cobbler too. But with today's seedless grapes, they may be used more often!

  10. Next time you need a dose of clouds come on up to Seattle. . .we'll take care of you ~ might even cure you! ;-). xxx J.

  11. Your cobbler looks delicious. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  12. What a great idea to light candles on a dark rainfilled day and bake. This looks so good. Happy Friday.

  13. You crack me up, BJ!! I wish it would rain here. If we go more than a week, my lawn starts looking dry.
    One of my Ernie's patients used to make him "grape kuchen" & it was WONDERFUL!! I think I have the recipe, too.
    You've inspired me to go dig it out. Your cobbler looks delish, too!

  14. I like to bake on a rainy, gloomy day, too. Oh, I like to bake all the time.

    I hope you aren't getting too much water though I suspect by now you have had more than your fill. I keep thinking of my Texan friends with concern. Stay dry!

  15. Your cobbler looks delicious! I like a rainy day once in a while...but we have had too many lately. Ha. Sheila

  16. Looks yummy! I remember when I worked in an office and it was rainy, we would all wish we could go home and watch black and white movies all afternoon. I haven't been doing that, but at least I'm catching up on things around the house that I never seem to get to...

  17. Oh my. I've never thought of baking grapes that sounds incredible. It's been raining non stop in Oklahoma I'm so over it. It's finally going to dry out tomorrow. The flies and skeeters and ticks are unbelievable.

  18. Just too many stormy days around here ... not like cloudy with a slow rain. I can see why you enjoy a nice rainy day ... that gives you an excuse to bake. But I bet you don't need an excuse, because you love to bake. Never thought of baking cobblers with grapes, but sounds good. Looks like Mr. Sweet might have even licked the bowl ... just kidding. I know he enjoyed it.
    Audrey Z.

  19. That cobbler looked really good! And I love the way you light candles and turn on lamps (cute lamps!) when it rains. As everyone knows, we get lots of rain here in Seattle, so I'll try that next time and see if it helps brighten up the gray skies!

  20. Well there you go, you learn something new every day. I would never have thought to cook grapes! It looks delish.


  21. I feel the same way about a rainy day. I think it's boils down to your experiences and how you chose to deal with them when you were younger! That cobbler looks way too good!


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