Thursday, March 10, 2016


The Beach Boys put on a concert here in our town last week
and my sweet girl, STACY LEIGH, bought tickets...

My youngest grangirl, DEEDS, is a 14 year OLD soul..
she loves 50 and 60's music...
she loves olden clothes...
she loves strolling thru antiques stores...
she loves THE BEACH BOYS...
and so does her MEMAW...
so we were out-of-our-minds thrilled that we
were getting to go....

We have a 50's Ice Cream and Sandwich Shop here...

So this was where we started our fun night...
Chicken Salad Sandwiches and Vanilla Milk Shakes...

These are so good and JUST the way they were made when I was a senior in high school in 1956

My girl and I love going to this place...

we went just before going to the PAUL McCARTNEY concert last year...
here we are, Brooks, Brynna, Moi and Deeds going to see Paul McCartney...

...lovin' that black and white floor...

...if there's anyone out there that was a teenager in 1956 might remember that THE color was PINK.....

So, here we are, in line, waiting for the doors to OPEN...

 OOO...they were so so good...

YES...they are olden now...most in their 70's....

but listening to them, when I closed my eyes..
THIS is what they looked like to me. 

 John Stamos and Mike Love
...seeing John was an extra treat for me because I didn't know he would be there.
I knew he did some concerts with them but this was a surprise for me.
He's just as adorable as he can be....

After the show,
Deeds wanted to see if she could catch a glimpse of them getting on their bus...
so we joined the GROOPIES and stood out there almost an hour before we were told that THE BOYS had left in a lemo, heading for the airport..

That bus back there was for all the stage hands...
we had fun and it was a night neither
 Deeds or her olden Memaw
will ever forget...

Love Peace and 


  1. Bj,
    Looks like you had a great time! I have been fortunate to see the Beach Boys twice in concert. Would have loved to have been able to see Paul McCartney but I have been fortunate to see Elton John twice,Neil Diamond 3 times, Barry Manilow, Sting, Rod Stewart,Cher, Janet Jackson, Josh Groban, Michael Bubble',Simon and Garfunkel and many more because of the Arena that is only a 5 minute drive from our house!! We are going at the end of April to the Barnum and Bailey Circus because they are the last shows to have the lephants in them before they reite them from performing forever.....
    Thanks so much for stopping by! We will miss our Sally, won't we?

  2. I love the Beach Boys! Looks like you had a great time making memories.

  3. Oh how fun. What a great time. I'd love one of those milkshakes! What a fabulous adventure. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Looks like you all had a good time. I love John Stamos. The 50's music is great. Here I am celebrating my 80th birthday today but remembering the 50's. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. Love all the pic's of you and Deeds special night. Loved seeing it from your point of view. She will always remember that night. Wish I could have come along with you all!

  6. How fun! I love that Deeds loves the olden stuff. A girl after my own heart ;)


  7. How special for you. Pink, definitely pink back then.

  8. awwww, what a great time....everyone looks so happy!!! they were here at the shore last year, in a sort of outdoor amphitheater. we went there for a bike ride and ended up at a concert. certainly fun and they still sound pretty darn good!!!

  9. I love the Beach Boys. So good to have all your grands to keep you young.

  10. I love the Beach Boys. So good to have all your grands to keep you young.

  11. Hi bj, I love the Beach Boys. Looks like such a fun night for all. Your Deeds is adorable and so refreshing to see she loves the old groups!! What a special memory made for you two together.
    What a plus to see John Stamos too. Great photos!!
    Have a nice weekend. xo

  12. Somethings we just will not outgrow. Glad you had a great evening with your guys and family.

  13. That is an awesome time with your Grand and so much fun. I love the Beach Boys!!

  14. How fun for you and your girl!!!! Love all of the pink.

  15. Great fun with your girl. She is keeping you young.

  16. What a fun night you must have had!!! And yes I remember the 'pink'! Bless you

  17. What a fun time... you get around you know! Their sound is so unique and so fresh and so much fun. Now I'll be singing their stuff today.

    1. Oh. This explains my mother's love of pink. I grew up in a pink house for crying out loud!

    2. So did I, mama had our house covered in pink siding.....

  18. BJ, I'm so glad y'all went to the concert. It's fun seeing your pictures. I've been in love with the Beach Boys since I was in 5th grade and got the Endless Summer album as a birthday gift. My best friend Rochelle and I just dreamed that we would drive to California in my dad's Pinto and go surfing with the BB. :)

  19. Your post is a wonderful Blast from the Past. What great fun, BJ! I love the Beach Boys too. What you said about your granddaughter's being an olden soul is exactly how I would describe my youngest daughter, Stephanie. She'll be 40 in a couple of years, having been born in the late 70's, but her romantic heart belongs to a different era. She was heartsick about Downtown Abbey's coming to a close and has always loved the same old classic movies as me and the newer romantic ones from more recent decades, like The Holiday and Something's Gotta Give. We rode up to Ashville, N.C. yesterday with them to the Biltmore and she was streaming Pandora with Otis Redding and Otis Redding, to name just a couple. At least one of my 3 granddaughters, who were traveling with us, thought she was being tortured. Secretly, I think she was diggint it too! That little soda shop is an absolutely perfect way to start the night out with your beautiful grand girl. We have to make memories with our beloved grands while we still can. My grands do a little dance they named "The Mimi" which is supposed to be how I dance to that "good old rock and roll!" It warms my heart to see that you are doing just that. I am with you, girl!


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