Monday, March 28, 2016


Eggs have never been a favorite food of mine...
very, very seldom for breakfast...
sometimes for dinner....
I LUV many egg dishes....

As soon as I felt like spending more than 10 minutes in the kitchen 
while I was sick and puny and weak,

 I gathered eggs...
well....not exactly GATHERED eggs as that would mean
I went outside to the chicken house and put all my eggs in one basket...
since I don't have a chicken house or even a chicken,
got eggs out of the fridge....

and made the BEST Bacon Cheese Frittata....EVER !

  I didn't use a recipe...
but just in case you haven't made one before, I did add 
PIONEER WOMAN'S recipe above....

the awesome thing about this great tasting dish is that you can use anything you'd like...
you name it... 
Mr. Sweet wants me to add scrambled, cooked sausage to our next one and that DOES sound really good.

 let's see...
i used 6 eggs, 
whipped very lightly (too much whipping causes problems with Frittatas)
and sit/set/sat them aside....

 chopped onions, 
*the secret to this wonderfully, highly flavorful dish is to
 caramelize the onions...
Anaheim peppers (my very favorite in the world)
chopped celery
a FEW slices of Jalapenos peppers...
put all in a skillet, with butter, and cook til tender..
The flavor comes from having all the veggies COOKED before adding 
to the egg mixture. 

The very first one I made years ago, I didn't know to cook the veggies first..
just added them, raw, to the eggs and baked...
NOT. VERY. GOOD.  NO FLAVOR to speak of....

add the cooked veggies to your egg mixture...
i added bacon pieces, (Oscar Meyer, in the package)
shredded extra sharp cheese
pepper jack cheese.

pour into Pam'd baking dish or skillet

 i baked mine at 400 degrees for about 15/20 minutes...
until eggs were set and top  LIGHTLY browned... 
(we know over-cooked eggs can become rubbery) 
so watch it carefully.  

Hoping all is good with you...
xoxo, bj 


  1. I’m like you, I don’t like eggs and I don’t eat eggs, except for the ones in recipes of goodies. Jim sure would love to stop in and visit you, he would be in egg heaven with these eggs dishes.
    Pretty photos...........Happy Day!

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe with us. Looks delicious. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  3. I like eggs - the perfect food. I don't think I've ever made a frittata, but it sure looks good. Thanks for the tip about cooking the veggies first. I'm so glad to read that you are feeling better!

  4. Thanks for the tip about cooking the veggies first before adding to the eggs, BJ. I would not have thought of that & can't wait to try it. I'm trying to eat more protein, so this dish fits the bill perfectly. THANKS!

  5. I think this just might be our supper tonight!

  6. We love Frittata here too! I make a bacon, onion and potato one (and yes you have to cook the onions, bacon and potatoes first. Yours sounds really good!

  7. I am with you about the eggs. I love a good omelette stuffed full of veggies, and I like frittatas. I am going to try this one this week. Beautiful pics.

  8. I'm not much of an egg eater either, but this does look work a taste! Reminds me of a quiche my sister made.

  9. Glad you felt good enough to cook. We love egg scrambles here! Sounds like many of my favorite ingredients in yours!

  10. Oh my goodness, that looks good! I do love eggs fixed mostly any way and we eat a lot of them since both my hubby and I are both are eating low carb. I love the versatility of adding in anything you like...bacon or sausage would be my go-to ingredients too! Thanks for sharing this and glad you are feeling better!

  11. That does look really good. A great way to get in some veggies and use up what's in the fridge. Now I'm getting hungry!

  12. blessings.....
    Oh that looks positively divine.


    “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information, but makes our life in harmony with all existence”-Rabindranath Tagore

  13. They look yummy. Hope you are feeling better. Hugs

  14. Wonderful preparations. I like it.

  15. Oh, YUM!!! I think this will perfect for our Quad Wednesday Dinner!!! Add a pan of fried potatoes and I think it will be a big hit! I have a bag of onions, peppers and celery in the freezer already sauteed in butter! My eggs will be from the store but I DO gather them fresh from the hen house when I am down at my step son's ranch! I don't put them in a basket, though. I use my apron pockets! Usually I am riding a bicycle from the camper down to the hen house and pockets work pretty well!

  16. Your posts are so creative! You inspire. This post reminded me of Run A Way Bride.
    Julia Roberts' character didn't know what kind of eggs she liked. I loved your post.
    Thanks for sharing! Have a great week! I have a great Mothers devotional that I'll be sharing tomorrow. I hope you can come by and check it out!

  17. BJ I am happy hearing you are feeling better. I love eggs and Frittatas are a Saturday breakfast for us every week. Always different ingredients and always satisfying. Yours looks like it was excellent.

  18. Thank you for this lovely reminder of what to do with left over veggies from the Easter feast. There will be a frittata for breakfast tomorrow morning.

  19. Boy oh Boy that looks and sounds good BJ - I could easily eat a plateful right now!
    Chicken is on the menu for us tonight however, I will make this one for breakfast on Saturday.
    The addition of the jalapenos sounds great!
    As we're both still working, the weekends is the time for our relaxed and enjoyable breakfasts!

  20. I love to make a frittata. I do it similar to what you say. Though sometimes instead of eggs, I use an egg mix that is southwest flavored. It is good with turkey sausage.Yum xoxo Su

  21. This looks delish BJ, I'll definitely be giving it a try.

  22. I think I will try this for a lil brunch!

  23. This looks so yummy...I will try it! Thanks for sharing!
    Wishing you a happy new week.
    Helen xox

  24. I love eggs. My grandmother used to make us bacon eggs and toast every single morning for breakfast when we were kids. It is a rarity when I don't have eggs for breakfast. We need to get new chicks this spring and I will be so excited to get the fresh eggs. Funny story, I always have chickens that lay brown or blue eggs and that is what my girls grew up with. I'll never forget when my oldest was about 8 years old, I purchased white eggs to color for Easter. She found them in the fridge, opened the carton, gaped in wonder at those white eggs and turned to me and said, "what the heck are these?" I had to explain that eggs came in white too!

  25. Eggs are SO my favorite! This recipe looks delish -- I think I'll have to give it a try for sure. (Half the eggs I dyed this year were raw so I won't have to worry about not seeing the last colored egg for a bit!)

  26. Sounds like a winner . . .
    Looks like a WINNER even more so . . .
    Happy you are feeling less "puny!"

  27. Oh, Sweet Girl!!

    You just take my heart with your lovely com(PLI)ments!! I took liberty with the spelling, for it IS a nice compliment that you think anything I write might be worthy of a BOOK. How very kind, for the words just pour onto the page, with no censoring, no proofreading, usually. What you see IS what you get, because that's just how I talk. (The days I've been reading poems, especially Dr. Seuss to the GRANDS---the whole family just hoots at how I can't turn off the Seussian for hours after).

    And it was a surprise to see a comment that far back---what a treat when I'm just taking a break this busy, SUNNY Tuesday!

    I'm just so grateful to have found you and your bright, witty, elegantly beautiful home-place, where I always feel welcome and find interesting and fun things to see and ponder. There's just a kindred spirit, and somehow, I can remember how you were as a teen---such fun at slumber parties and sock-hops, and when we were young mothers, with so much to do.

    So glad you're up and around, and hope you had a good EASTER, after all that bout of illness. Happy Tuesday!


    PS---the fritatta looks SUBLIME. I made crustless "quiche" like that for weddings and parties for thirty years, with an eight-to-twelve eggs/tall can of Pet Milk, little mayo in the batter recipe---all the same veggies and flavorings---300 for 30 minutes, cut into LOTS of little squares for parties, or nine-to-twelve for breakfast. I well remember making sixteen of those big pyrex dishes, one at a time with a whisk, for a wedding brunch. Couldn't play for church next morning--my arm was numb.

    And unlike my Sis, who has a colourful flock in her San Antonio back yard, MY chicken-house has SAMSUNG on the door!

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  29. Looks very yummy. I never would have taken you for a person who doesn't really like eggs. I love them and could eat them every single day. Poached, fried, scrambled. Do you like Eggs Benedict? Delish!

  30. That looks delightful. We just had eggs last night - migas made with eggs, leftover onions and peppers from fajita night, with cheese and tortilla chips! So good. I served with refried beans topped with homemade pico de gallo. Eggs are so good!! Also, a great excuse to have biscuits...


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