Saturday, March 26, 2016

A tiny bit of Easter ♥ ♥ ♥

Since both of us have been sick most of the week,
I am, at this point, unsure what we will be doing on Easter Sunday.

Looking back to Easter, 2015, I had pneumonia and Mr. Sweet had a chest cold.
It must be the time of year when a lot of germs are circulating all around us
and us, being of a certain age, are more apt to catch them than young folks...
*heavy sigh

 Since I don't know if I'll have Easter photos or not,
I am sharing some of my Easter paper plates and sweet napkins...

 ...if we are able to have family over,
there's coloring books

and ice cream cones...

I'm pretty sure we are missing Easter but I'm also pretty sure
we are bound to feel better soon as we think we couldn't possibly feel worse...

well, I guess we COULD, if we were chocolate bunnies....

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  1. hope you both feel much better very soon.

  2. Sending lots of hugs and good thoughts to both of you and hope you are feeling better soon. Rest.

  3. I hope your feel better enough by tomorrow to enjoy the day. When my kids were little, someone would be sick every holiday!
    I spy that cute blue silverware again! lol! boy did I search for that. Finally I talked to a manager of one of the dollar generals around here and she told me that that color was from a couple years ago she thought. they have red now. I didnt buy it.. but now Im thinking maybe I will it would be good to have for summer!
    Feel better soon! And I hope you have a joy filled Easter!

  4. The paper plates are so adorable. I do hope you feel better soon, BJ. Have a Happy & love-filled Easter. Hugs, Deb

  5. Hang in there and hope for a quick recovery for you and yours. Warm Easter greetings!

  6. It is bad enough for one of you to be feeling poorly, but both, not good. There are so many germs and allergies in the air, it is a wonder we all are not sick. Take care and rest. May a big Easter bunny hop your way with feel better goodies.

  7. Hope you and your husband are much better soon! The plates are adorable! Take care and have a Happy Easter! ~Rhonda

  8. Hope you are well soon,Bj. Being sick anytime is no fun, especially when it's Spring time.

  9. There's nothing more frustrating than being sick on a holiday but looks like you two have it all planned out. I love the idea of ice cream cones on Easter and being prepared for the little ones! No matter how you celebrate, I wish you a wonderful and happy Easter -- and wishes to feel better soon.

  10. Loved this post bj. Such pretty Easter decorations. I hope you feel better real soon. We will be having a quiet time too. Happy Easter :)

  11. Hope you both getting to feeling better real soon. Take care and have a Happy Easter. Your plates etc. are very nice. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. I'm sick also but hope to feel better and make it to church with the family tomorrow. I hope you both are up and about soon. Big Hugs and Happy Easter.


  13. So sorry that you are not feeling well but you manage to keep your blog cheerful and festive so good for you! Wishing you healing this Easter.

  14. So sorry to hear that both you and your husband have not been well. Hope you will get well soon. Your Easter post is very cheerful with so many pretty photos to show us. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  15. I am so sorry that you had pneumonia, B.J., and I hope that you have healed fully! Your post is bringing me such joy, as always! Thank you so much for sharing, and Happy Easter to you. Blessings.

  16. I hope you feel better especially on Easter

  17. I'm praying you guys get better soon -- you can't miss all the fun with your family! Sally

  18. Praying for you both! I say Easter can be whenever you need it to be. Sending love...

  19. I hope you both begin to feel well soon, BJ - being ill over Easter is no fun at all. Your Easter plates are so pretty with those lovely florals.

  20. BJ often in Spring many people get sick, but two years in a roll - YIKES, my heart goes out to you. Whatever you post is always special because it comes from your sassy heart and brightens my day.🐥, xoxo, Vera

  21. HI BJ! Oh, I'm so sorry you both have been sick. There's a stomach virus going around here and I'm hoping it won't catch me. I wish you a blessed Easter no matter what! Love your header.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. BJ,
    My heart goes out to you and "Mr. Sweet", dear friend!
    During our tour of Germany, many years ago,
    I booked a Tulip Tour for the four of us during Easter.
    I was so~o~o sick!
    "Mr. Ed" kept saying, "Oh that smells heavenly!"
    as we walked through miles of Tulips in Holland!
    Of course, not only did I feel BAD, I couldn't SMELL a thing!
    In spite of all, have a blessed Easter, dear ones!

  23. I hope you both feel better, and Happy Easter. xoxo Su

  24. I love the fun you have with your camera. This time its the 'fun' ones with the black/white and aqua.

  25. So sorry you all are under the weather! Get well soon. Love all of your sweet Spring dishes and silverware!

    Happy Easter!


  26. Happy Easter my friend. Praying you two feel better soon.

  27. I am so sorry you and hubby are sick, BJ! Hope you feel better very soon. I adore those turquoise handled utensils!

    Warm hugs & Happy Easter!

  28. Very cute post. As always. I hope your feeling better soon.
    XXOO and Happy Easter!

  29. Hope you get better soon. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  30. The weather here is awful (one day super warm and the next is cold) so we all don't feel good....
    I wish you and your family a wonderful Easter, and hope you feel much better!!

  31. The germs, sneezes, and tissues are out of control here at this old house! Ugh. Hoping this passes soon for us and for you!

  32. I am "coloring you be well" . . .
    Hope this has been a beautuful Easter Day for you . . .
    (I am playing Bloglovin catch up right now!)

  33. Beautiful plates and napkins. I have such a soft spot for flowers and nests. Hope you're feeling better!


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