Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Chicken Story

Hi, all...

After an entire day of errands, shopping and other things,
it was getting late as I headed home and
I KNEW there wasn't anything I could fix QUICK for our dinner.

I'm not a big CHICKEN fan...
chicken salad and certain pieces of the chicken FRIED
are about the only way I like chicken.

and OCCASIONALLY, I like Kentucky Fried Chicken

As I pass a KFC on my way home from "town",
I decided that would be a great dinner to take home.

When I walked in, I had a feeling things weren't going to be going well...

People were standing all along the back wall,
waiting for their orders...with half-mad looks on their faces.

hmmmm......nothing else close by to pick up food...
and I was dog-tired...

The young lady at the register smiled,  "welcomed me to KFC"
never giving a single sign something MIGHT be wrong...

 "2 thighs...."

"6 biscuits..."

"1 extra crispy breast"

"mashed potatoes and gravy, please."
I paid my bill and started to the
waiting line...

Before I started to turn and walk away,
I heard heavy breathing behind me... 

An olden gentleman, with a dangerously red face
began demanding his money back...
then, another fella said, "DITTO, I want my money back, too."

About that time the very young manager came out and said,
"FOLKS....we don't have any chicken "

WAIT.....WHAT ????

Here we all are, in a CHICKEN PLACE...
and NO CHICKEN...???

Still no clue why the girl at the register keep taking orders
when there was NO CHICKEN

The young manager said they had been extra busy and while they
had FROZEN chicken, someone forgot to take it out of the freezer.

I was so glad they didn't poison us all with half cooked, frozen chicken...I was willing 

Me: "no thighs or breasts ?"
Very young manager: "no, ma'am"
wings or legs...?
"oh, YES ma'am..."
Me...I'll take 2 wings and 2 legs"
So relieved I wasn't asking for my money back..he put in an extra leg...(lol)
Me..."no regular recipe breast"
"no, ma'am"
Me: "but....I don't like any other piece of chicken...
The very young manager is beginning to sweat and eyes darting all around...
Me:....O...I you have Chicken Tenders ?"
OOO.....YES, MA'AM" as sweat trickled down his young nose...

"BUT we have no biscuits...
and we DO have potatoes....but no gravy"   
Me:."cole slaw??"
By this time I was feeling so sorry for him,
I wanted to go to work there....just to help him refund money...

So, I ended up with 2 wings and 3 legs for Mr. Sweet...
an extra large  order of Chicken Tenders for me..much more than I had paid for...
a large container of mashed potatoes, minus the gravy...
and no where did I find the cole slaw...

and the sweet little manager gave me a LEMON CAKE free of charge.

It's a DELICIOUS cake..

I love lemon
and this little cake is flavorful and moist and
just plain goood.

 even the icing, drizzled over the cake is delicious.

I even called him the next day to tell him I LOVED the cake.

So, you can take my word for it...
if ever you are asked
 "will you take a little lemon cake instead of biscuits?"
Be sure to YES, SIR....and THANKS."

XOXO, bj

NOTE:  I didn't intend this post to make myself look good..
I did nothing to LOOK good...I just rolled with the situation...
the post was intended to show the humor in 
KFC not having chicken.